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  1. You chickened out faster than I could turn on my Baseball bot.
  2. Micros don't get to feel special. I say we cancel the awards while there's still time.
  3. Alliance Categories Best Micro Alliance - None. They're micros, what do you expect? Worst Micro Alliance - All of them. Most likely to succeed (Alliance)- None. Most Controversial Micro - Kingsglaive Most Honorable Micro - GGFU Most wanted disbandment - All of them Worst FA (treaties) - All Best FA (Treaties) - None Fastest growing - Micros are growing?! :surprised pikachu face: Best Flag - Demacia Worst Flag - Everyone except Demacia Best Theme - Kingsglaive Worst Theme - All? Best Micro War - "War"... smh Most missed Micro - Bring back Sean Anthony Best New Addition (Alliance) - The next micro made after I post this. Player Categories Best Micro Leader - Me. Worst Micro Leader - Sir Reknott Best Non Lead Government - Morningstar Worst Non Lead Government - Also Morningstar Most Controversial Player - Nokia Rokia Best Micro Couper - Also Me. Best Micro Post - Nobody cares about micro posts. Worst Micro Post - All of them. Dumbest Micro Leader - Sir Reknott most likely to succeed (Player) - Also me. Most missed Micro leader - Viva La Sean Anthony Best New Addition (Player) - My 84th multi. His nation is "Roquentin"
  4. Just waiting for the disbandment.
  5. Still haven't sued GPWC for copyright infringement, mate.
  6. What facts were those? Did you even read the post?
  7. Can I know what brainwashing techniques IQ uses on it's members? Sounds like quite an effective trick. ;D
  8. KERCHTOG and T$ have already surrendered. It's your side that won't let the peace talks move forward. I'd link you the surrender posts, but you're not worth it.
  9. Can I buy 100k of all warchest resources for $4 PPU?
  10. Lol no wonder KERCHTOG doesn't want to accept the terms.
  11. So, all this time the treaty was still active? Consider me shocked.
  12. Guys, slow down. Theres too many Roqbots to downvote and KERCHTOG members to upvote. take it easy.
  13. Hassan


    So you willingly let Marberman join your alliance AND get heir?
  14. PnW was the reason I found Discord. PnW was the reason I made such great friends online. It's why I started learning to code. This is by far one of the best games I've ever played. Thanks for creating PnW, @Alex! ❤️
  15. The GOONSpam has even reached the p0lls
  16. @Rosa Cossette D'Ellis Message received, when do I start?
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