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  1. AkAk

    How long will this war go on for?

    I don't care why they joined or who they will be fighting, having new blood in the game is great.
  2. AkAk

    How long will this war go on for?

    So no minispheres. Got it. We are stuck in the same dynamic that has killed off other games with no possibility of trying something new. Got it.
  3. AkAk

    How long will this war go on for?

    Because words mean things and promises that are broken will matter when people are trying to decide future treaties.
  4. AkAk

    How long will this war go on for?

    The definition of toxic.
  5. AkAk

    Pro BK and NPO Thread

    I think one of these posts every month should be required for the mental health of the players.
  6. AkAk

    The Axis Accord Withdraws

    You've heard it takes two to fight but what you seem to be forgetting is that it takes two to peace as well.
  7. AkAk

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame

    I didn't read it. Is Lordship still gay?
  8. AkAk

    Declaration of War

    NPO's current score graph
  9. AkAk

    War Stats: Global War 14

    Church of Atom doesn't seem to be in there yet.
  10. AkAk

    We are here for the Whales

    Yep. The stats wouldn't look as bad except for stats. Excellent point.
  11. AkAk

    We are here for the Whales

    No guys, t$ is saying it's just a coincidence that Guardian and Grumpy are destroying anything that moves in BK's formerly upper tier when t$ decided to declare. The timing is just unfortunate for appearance's sake.
  12. AkAk

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    So does @Alex or anybody else agree with me that the market crash seems to have been caused by this 'feature' of spawning resources out of thin air? Considering Nova was nuking people 3x back in January and the market started dipping that exact week:
  13. That one example of the nuke exploit was January 19, 2019. The market crash started almost the same week according to my weekly price records. I also have a bit of a concern that Alex fixed an exploit that he couldn't actually duplicate. How is he supposed to test the fix if he could never duplicate it?

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