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  1. What are the children's ages that received the porn?
  2. Roz wanted to get banned because he disagreed with what the mods wanted to do with his legends so he went way over the line to make sure the mods obliged in the banning. This had nothing to do with his past.
  3. This is a final farewell from Roz and as such I hope it is allowed to stay up. It is my wish that Roz Wei continues as it has, an alliance not afraid of conflict and a friend to all who would have us. Paperless can be a tough road to hoe and at times it felt like it was only us and Arrgh out there going it alone. That has recently changed and it's great to see as there's nothing worse than boring stagnation for months at a time. Here's to new beginnings and new adventures in the land of Orbis.
  4. Lets preface that the mods and Admin being who they are, this could well be deleted or locked, even dishing out warns to the one posting this. Shameful if they do, but the corrupt are going to be corrupt I guess. Sorry for no formatting or anything, just handing this to someone so it won't have the extra touches I like to do. Anyway... “The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.” - The Roz Such is the way of things. Those that shine brightest, go out soonest. I always put effort into my RP of the Son of Heaven, the Roz. The smartest, coolest, strongest, and most sexually gifted perfect man that there could be, in this generation, the next, or ANY generation. With this came a lot of hate... seriously boyos, the marks here are really easily played. One in character post and you have nuclear heat with them forever... good to see kayfabe is still strong somewhere. Played the game for nearly 4 years and the alliance for nearly 3 (just shy of a full 1000 days). I was never one who worked well under others. There are reasons for this but I'm not going to bury anybody, my own personality is like that. Yet I felt it suited me as leader as I always strove to take into account others, so they would not feel as I had done in the past (not simply here, CN also). The alliance was set up, you know, with the recoloured Kazakhstan flag and the Chinese characters for police inside the sun as that was the closest thing to Roz I could get... the name is based off Cao Wei, the state Wei ruled by the Cao family. It had a nice ring to it. We went Paperless straight away, we at the time being just me and Mayor, though we had some support from Arrgh which we never did get to use hehehe, but still, all good. Paperless had fallen out of favour at the time but it was what I chose as I didn't want to be bound as so many others were. Our first test was Cobalt who wanted to run us out, wow, it was that long ago and then in the end it was Cobalt, as Duat you could say, that got rubbed out by us... fitting? Never did make it a part of the LoR but would be a nice narrative certainly... there was also a famous Rose feud which ended very nicely. Rose developed very nicely I must say, they are certainly now what they dreamed they could be in the past. Well done. The Legend of Rozalia is named as such as there is a Legend of Cao Cao, and doesn't Legend of X sound great? I made it at first to detail my tale, the backstory of my time before Roz Wei, in the GPA, against the villains Grillick and Don Juan primarily though other villains were present. One thing that happened here in this starting point was that there was a guy called Spiro. Not too liked but we got along fine. I helped him out and then soon after I too was out of the GPA as he was. Ummmm... lets keep this in mind for later on. Anyway we got into a bunch of wars. Wrecked in a lot of them though we always stuck at it. Not the sort to give in as people should know especially now, be it in game or the moderation. I fight and fight until the end. And well... I could give an entire history lesson here but I'll not bore with that. Along the path to this moment we got a lot of content for the Legend of Rozalia, which ultimately is the only thing in this game that matters. Hence why with it's banning, I will be banned too. No point continuing. In the end I helped some guys out against some progressive characters, and in the end I end up banned before those guys by this other band of progressive characters. Remember that bit at the start with Spiro? See, told you to remember it. It ends how it begins... and the lesson is to help no one.. wait... no... the lesson is to always be true to yourself. You know, that Mel Gibson quote... you know the one. No not the rant against the Jews, the one in Braveheart. The enemy here, which I like to refer to as slime may get me banned and get their little victory. However they will lose in the end in RL and the fact I did not bend will always hurt them. The Roz bows to no man. Only bowing that occurs is when women bow to me, a man, oh crap, damaging Admin's job prospects apparently with that message so uh... Big Boss Man of... whoever... I'm the guy who said the women okay, don't hurt Alex more than he already is. AkAk is taking over Roz Wei. If it remains Roz Wei I don't know... up to him how that goes. AkAk. Been with the alliance a long time and always been a solid hand. There were times you were the only officer who stuck with the alliance and so were the only person I could confide in for such matters. Thank you. Mayor. It's been a while mate since we last spoke but I always appreciated you coming along at the start. You moved around, always doing what interested you. Thank you. Kastor. I don't care what anybody says or those spots of bother that we did get into... you're great. Always helped Roz Wei along and someone I always hoped would stick along, but knew had greater things to get to doing hehehe. Thank you. Henrich. Our relationship isn't as long as the above but I really have always enjoyed your wit and ability. Great guy. Thank you. Sorry I don't have all that much to say... weird I know, and yes this isn't much. Did you see some of the LoRs and my political posts? I wish them, the other members who are and have been in the alliance, and all the friends we made along this long road the best of luck in their lives. May you all live charmed lives where you become multi millionaires with two wives, 8 children and a massive house. I also wish luck to even all the haters and losers, but to a much lesser degree of course. I hope that you are fortunate enough to win a tenner on the lottery or something... maybe find a coin on the floor... something like that. Now I will end it on the all important motto: Dick hard. Dick Often. Such is the Way of Roz - The Roz, the first and final lesson.
  5. AkAk

    No More Food Production for a while

    September of 2016 I believe. It's been too long.
  6. Farmers deserve time off too. Is this only the 2nd time it's happened?
  7. AkAk

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    Nuke bloc peeps are so pleasant to deal with.
  8. AkAk

    New Year - New Arrgh

  9. I'm in for next time.
  10. Did this happen or not?

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