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  1. Talk technicalities if you want to but it's against the spirit of the game for sure. I imagine it takes a lot of the fun out of things when you suddenly have 250 billion or whatever and you know you outsmarted Alex to get it. I don't really see the challenge in that.
  2. Smart people used math and broke Keno winning 100s of billions in the process. The rest of us paid.
  3. This appears to be a classic case of winning the war and losing the peace. Continuing to fight without a peace option is a much more respectable play over negotiating in bad faith. Just admit you're trying to drive out your opposition from the game. This peace process is a farce.
  4. Who could've seen this coming?
  5. Hmm, I wonder if the terms aren't as simple as Sphinx was saying last week or whenever it was? I, for one, would be SHOCKED if they were fibbing when they said all the other side had to do was admit defeat and then terms would be revealed. Sphinx said this earlier on Seb's Peace thread:
  6. You lost me at 'the war is ending soon'
  7. Have they given them any other terms yet?
  8. I nominate this for best Inst post of all-time.
  9. AkAk

    peace talks

    So terms for peace have been revealed? I would think two days would be plenty of time to know what they're asking for. Assuming they're negotiating in good faith. Which is probably a massive assumption.
  10. AkAk

    peace talks

    So one side admitted defeat days ago. Has the other side presented their terms yet like they said they would?
  11. AkAk

    peace talks

    I'm honestly curious on this point. I thought past wars were settled in a friendly spirit. What are examples of past harsh terms?
  12. AkAk

    peace talks

    The less people involved in those chats the better.
  13. AkAk

    peace talks

    The very fact that your side won't make your peace demands public lends credence to the idea that they're onerous. i.e. - if your demands aren't crazy then why not release them to the public and by doing so put pressure on Coalition A's leadership to accept them? Or are you telling us to play 20 questions with you and NG? If we happen to hit upon a real demand will that be confirmed by a wink and a nod?
  14. AkAk

    peace talks

    Exactly how much time would be wasted in typing out your initial terms? I guess I'm confused about this talk of wasted time considering every thread that's created talking about the end of the war goes on for weeks.
  15. Why would anybody ever sign a treaty with NPO when they just do what suits them regardless of paper?
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