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  1. Welp i bought the Telecommunications Satellite project and associated upgrades in my first city but my commerce is still capped at 115%
  2. I wasn't accusing him of anything. I was asking a question.
  3. Why do you think he agreed to be the middle man? Why was a middle man needed?
  4. For every action there is a reaction.
  5. Well it seems like this little game is chugging along quite fine despite what IQ promised when they all rage quit after Alex knocked them for cheating:
  6. AkAk

    My Duty

    Here's an idea: Ask Alex first. Get it in writing. Be very specific about your ACTUAL plans and let him know if they change before going through with it. That's all NPO ever had to do but they, of course, knew Alex wouldn't approve of what they ended up doing with the tax farms. Being transparent isn't an idea they think is important. They would rather cheat and then lie about it repeatedly.
  7. Now we will never know who won the war. https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics
  8. lolololololol From Alex: Yep, super innocent of any wrong doing!
  9. Alex has already banned several accounts over this apparently.
  10. Goodbye forever Nobody Expects This nation was banned on 2020-02-06 18:03:12 for: Conspiracy to "destroy the game", accusations of child pornography in Google review. The ban is permanent. Visit your nation, or go to the search page. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=63098
  11. AkAk

    Take a break

    Poker Poker Poker
  12. "make exchanges of real-life money or goods" Do you really think a translated comic that people who don't play PnW go to the trouble of creating a PnW account for and then log in every 15 days for, doesn't constitute goods? Really? You must be trolling. Again, NPO didn't lay out exactly what they were doing back in November when they talked to Alex because they knew it was wrong. That's also why they covered up all evidence once they knew Alex was investigating this last month. They knew it was wrong. If they wanted to make sure they were obeying this specific rule they would've ran this scheme by Alex in detail when it was dreamed up. But they didn't because they didn't want to run out of money for this war that should've been over months ago.
  13. You honestly believe that Alex knew in November (2 months after it started) that NPO was paying players IRL with translated comics to set up a tax farm in the game and was ok with it then? Really? Fascinating. Any objective person would agree that such a set up violated a rule that was implemented back in November of 2017: https://politicsandwar.com/rules/ Real-World Transactions for In-Game Materials Politics & War has a limited donation system to prevent the game from being "pay-to-win." In addition to limits on Credit usage, it is against the rules for players to make exchanges of real-life money or goods for in-game materials, including but not limited to: in-game money, and in-game resources. Examples of this type of behavior would include: sending someone real-life money for in-game money or in-game resources, purchasing someone a Steam game for in-game money or in-game resources, sending someone a gift-card for in-game money or in-game resources, and any other sort of real-world trade for in-game goods. The punishment for real-world transactions for in-game materials will be a complete nation reset upon first offense, and a permanent ban from Politics & War upon a second offense.
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