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  1. AkAk

    Slot Filling

    NM - non discussion forum
  2. AkAk

    Slot filling

    I am not familiar with previous rulings but if that's the stance Alex is taking then I would say it's unfortunate as this type of slot filling undermines basic war mechanics.
  3. AkAk

    Slot filling

    In my opinion that would require willfully ignoring all politics and common sense. I think Alex is smart enough to not have to go by a rigid set of guidelines that doesn't take anything else into account.
  4. AkAk

    Slot filling

    Not launching air attacks. Seems obvious. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=44&display=war
  5. That wasn't a threat. He's trying to help you by giving you information you weren't aware of to avoid a potential nightmare. EDIT: I see you understand. Cheers.
  6. AkAk

    Terms for KETOG

    This is the first time our side has seen terms 3 and 4 and there's still 6 more that are unknown because they're probably still being written and/or thought about. I'm guessing the last 2 or 3 are literally blank placeholders still.
  7. Ah yes, the 'communism is a fine idea it's just never been done correctly' crowd. Cringe worthy doesn't seem to begin to cover that line of thinking.
  8. That should never be a thing.
  9. Sounds like you *might* need new leaders. Just sayin'
  10. 11/16/2019 10:47 PM His excellence Youngd of Qwefty declared a Attrition war upon Supreme Leader AkAk of Ak-Dovurak. Youngd's justification for the war was, "frick you". Haha well in here it changed the magic word to frick. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=551100
  11. Talk technicalities if you want to but it's against the spirit of the game for sure. I imagine it takes a lot of the fun out of things when you suddenly have 250 billion or whatever and you know you outsmarted Alex to get it. I don't really see the challenge in that.
  12. Smart people used math and broke Keno winning 100s of billions in the process. The rest of us paid.
  13. This appears to be a classic case of winning the war and losing the peace. Continuing to fight without a peace option is a much more respectable play over negotiating in bad faith. Just admit you're trying to drive out your opposition from the game. This peace process is a farce.
  14. Who could've seen this coming?
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