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  1. This is giving some massive CN war system vibes.
  2. It is exactly because it is stupid that we should talk about it. At this point the only way to play without risk of strikes is let yourself be taxed 100/100 and do nothing... Wait...
  3. The price of infra does reset for each city and if anyone tells you otherwise they are trolling.
  4. After the way the last GW ended it doesnt surprise me that peace is lasting as long as it is. I'd say the war is unlikely to start until the global NAP expires.
  5. Still chugging along I see. Glhf
  6. Dumpster fire waiting to happen? Joking aside how about "The Gathering"?
  7. Sorry, I wasnt clear. What I meant to say was one alliance could completely take over their color if they were a larger alliance, if the only voting the masses could do was for a senator. All they would have to do is insure that their senators got the most votes out of all of the candidates. Given that in CN the senators have significant power over all of the players in their color, this could put a single alliance in a position that is quite powerful.
  8. This would certainly be an interesting mechanic.
  9. If this is implemented than a single alliance can take over all of the seats of a color (which is what happened in CN incidentally). If voting is to be added let everyone be included in the voting.
  10. I'd downvote this if I could, but since they are removed I guess I'll have to upvote to show support. What's the point of having an upvote if you dont have a downvote? Either bring back the downvote, or lose the upvote. I shall now return to lurking.
  11. According to the rules of the game the ban should be permanent. They got off light. That being said, I did enjoy the drama surrounding war and I do wish it had ended differently.
  12. People think that this action will kill the game. Congrats Alex, you just kept me from leaving early
  13. Why not remove the voting system completely? Why vote if the only options are "yes" or "yes"?
  14. It wont really be an inconvenience at all if they are a part of an alliance or start with a food boost. As to whether or not Prefontaine's suggestions are better... well, that's all up to opinion.
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