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  1. He's down voted every single message yet. What do you hope to achieve @The Godfather? You aren't changing my opinion by down voting me.
  2. Fire? Bring it on; Fury? Not as much as ours; Bounties? Save your money. You will only help us with the bounties.
  3. So the system you are proposing is a version of Protectorate agreement, except it is only between individual nations: where one nation agrees to protect another nation from hostile activity?
  4. If I am reading this correctly you are asking for a system that makes for a nation to be drawn into a war unless they are fighting a defensive battle? Why would such a system be needed? Isn't it just common sense not to attack a person that you don't want to fight? Could you clarify what you are talking about?
  5. It is a good idea, but there are a lot of bugs that I think need to be fixed with the system before anything new is added in (eg the multi-attack glitch).
  6. See the quote below. VPN can get around verification, but it is also a security measure that many people use to protect their information. I would say that VPN in and of itself is not the problem, but the way it is used. This will hurt normal players that play on the go more than it will hurt multi players. Also how is someone supposed to be able to identify the IP address that they are going to be assigned at, say, a McDonald's? Are they supposed to appeal for an address that they will only use once? You don't know that?
  7. So these are the forums of legend... Hello, you can call me Lancer. This is the second (or is it third?) nation simulator game that I have played. I figure that I've played too long without a forum account, so here I am.
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