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  1. According to the rules of the game the ban should be permanent. They got off light. That being said, I did enjoy the drama surrounding war and I do wish it had ended differently.
  2. People think that this action will kill the game. Congrats Alex, you just kept me from leaving early
  3. Why not remove the voting system completely? Why vote if the only options are "yes" or "yes"?
  4. It wont really be an inconvenience at all if they are a part of an alliance or start with a food boost. As to whether or not Prefontaine's suggestions are better... well, that's all up to opinion.
  5. I certainly think that a change in the way having 0 food is needed. I have been in favor of it immobilizing certain aspects of military (because an army marches on its stomach) in addition to reducing resource production significantly (its hard for citizens to work on empty stomachs) and a more severe income cut. As it stands going to zero food is more a minor inconvenience then something to avoided. It would certainly change the way that people looked at wars.
  6. LOL no. I have never been mercy boarded by your AA. I have been raided (and almost poached) by you, but I have never went to mercy boards. Guess again if you care so much.
  7. It seems that you neglected to add some math in that last post. Where did you get that 60mil? While I agree that the credit could be better, I think your estimate is only accurate if every person is paying money to buy credits. As many people merely buy them from other players I would be interested to see where you get such a large sum.
  8. No, Ive been lurking around for a while. You seem to have a weird obsession with insulting them. Could it be you care more about the microverse then you want to let on?
  9. It is easy to make accusations. Unless you are prepared to back them up with fact I suggest you turn your attention to doing something better than insulting "a nobody in a micro that's on its way out". Such a thing should be beneath you, especially if you truly believe what you say
  10. Then please do clarify what you are talking about, because I am afraid I don't understand your point. As to the rumor that Alex is rich, I don't believe that we have had hard facts as to how much he actually has/makes. Note: Even if he was rich it wouldn't make economic sense to run this off of his personal paycheck if this is his hobby (as it seems)
  11. That is fine, It doesn't change the fact that what I said is true.
  12. 1. Alex needs to pay for servers to run this game which explains the reason such a system exists in the first place. 2. This game is not supposed to be a P2W, which means something must be locked behind a paywall. How else would Alex get the money to run his servers (see point 1). 3. Addressing prices: In CN the minimum donation price is $30 for all the cosmetics/perks. Compared to that the prices here seem much better. 4. I don't know why you brought up NPO/GOONS as they have little to do with your topic of Credit prices, but why would he care? If the biggest spenders are in the AAs that are killing the game then he looses very little in the short term doesn't he? With these two points in mind what price would you suggest should these items should be placed at? If not these items, then what should be payed for? How would he pay for the servers if he didn't lock anything behind a paywall?
  13. The response of someone who either doesn't care about the topic about which you are talking, or someone who has no evidence. In either case you should not be making such claims because you either don't care enough to be accurate, or can't be accurate.
  14. Oh really? Lies? How do you know that? Who told you those were lies? It is easy to call "liar liar" but harder to provide evidence that they arent lies.
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