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  1. Hello, I am here to comment once again. From my last comment I can see how it sounded like I was hating, but I was just trying to get the point across that a DoE right now for you guys, isn’t the greatest decision to make. Sincerely: Mr Rodgers
  2. This is true, but last time I checked he wasn’t a dumbass and randomly declare existence for his micro for no reason
  3. Congrats I guess, idk not one to be excited about stuff like this
  4. RISE OF THE EMPIRE, so when do you guys strike back lel ( Star Wars Reference)
  5. To: All That That Care Hello I’m here to say you should join Sons of Anarchy, why you might say well because we treat people with respect and won’t step past personal boundaries in general you should just join, JUST JOIN or we will spread anarchy on you, SO JUST JOIN!!! DO IT!!! And if you don’t and want to comment saying no watch this first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLUkgRAy_Vo Sincerely: Mr Rodgers
  6. There was to much dialogue so I skipped it, but in my opinion this bloc is a recipe for disaster
  7. Hello I am here to ask everyone that sees this what you think on the space program and the moon projects and what you think could be improved on it, that is all and goodbye Sincerely: Mr Rodgers
  8. Hello, I think personally that there is not enough stuff to compliment the space program. The space program should include more weapons and by doing so would make the game more interesting. By creating this whole space idea and space project has given Alex an opportunity to make the game really amazing and lively. And as of space weapons I mean thing that shoot from space that can also be taken down by, per say hacking it so it wouldn’t work anymore or something like that. That is all I would like to discuss with every and goodbye Sincerely: Mr Rodgers
  9. Will there be a chocolate fountain at the party, and are you having a party
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