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  1. this is the sexiest forum post i've seen in a long time ive busted twice now thank you toxic
  2. I guess just keep going till they are all zeroed. You might get a reaction if you wait for them to rebuild then hit again.
  3. PIT Radio hosted every other Tuesday 9PM EST. https://discord.gg/adhpQUa3ef Recordings available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbfWVilnRoGiIbETMbVOt2w
  4. Bit late, but anything to say about the OOC false allegations made by you against Nokia Rokia which through irl friends of his in this game cause him issues irl?
  6. you got a bank and a micro to merge into you now, gotta go for a top 30 next
  7. The Coal Mines, all of its life it has been in and out of treaties with a lot of time spent paperless with the occasional rolling. Its been around since 2019.
  8. I've seen what you put in people's dms.....
  9. you coulda been with us.... pissing off an two entire coalitions together
  10. all of this, over a prot of a prot switching sides... maybe next time we'll just straight up declare on both coalitions so there is no confusion I'm allergic to making good decisions.
  11. jesus, y'all get real upset when we counter one of your (BK's) raids
  12. I should have been more specific with what I was saying, but whatever, post is pretty much dead now, I'll just take the L.
  13. mostly just wanted to zero xavior, be a lot easier if people didn't beige 99% of TLE
  14. After commandeering TLE's unfilled holes our boys in HLV got hit by BK, so we countered, now this happened. I thought they wanted to raid our last $2 but in reality they were jealous that TLE is getting attention from us instead of them. Don't worry guys, after everyone else finishes inside them the beige will be lifted and we all can go in for round 2. Guess now its like we're actually in a global. TL;DR The Coal Mines recognizes hostilities with Black Knights
  15. lol, they are already dead, just joining in on beating the horse
  16. The 220 Days War Xaviorfall You know, I had this whole anti-communist essay written for this, but Nova Roma rebranded so it wouldn't make sense to put it here. It was specifically for them too so I can barely recycle it, but I am still using this beautiful picture of our lord and savior Ronny Regan. Originally we were going to hit these guys and have fun with it since we are friends you know. Maybe just peace after one round with the surrender terms be to return to the light and delete the "Socialist Union" from their name. However, the status quo has changed. Our long time friend/rival Simmons was couped and quit the game because of it. He was our favorite person to pick on and Xavior took that away from us. That sin is unforgivable. What is even more unforgivable is the fact that Nova Roma was deleted making all of us waste our time getting a blitz set up. We had every remaining member ready to be slotted, separate discord chats for all of them, and it was all for nothing. So, since NR "officially" merged into The Lost Empire, and all of our members are bored I guess we're going to join the dogpile and beat up TLE. Someone must be held responsible. I know that many of you dislike Simmons, but if he ever returns to the game, give him a second chance. He deserves it after all the work he has lost. TL;DR The Coal Mines declares war on The Lost Empire CB: FOR SIMMONS
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