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The Imperium Responds to Unprovoked Aggression


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1 minute ago, Agedwizard said:

Your leader returning from Terminal Jest you mean, which zodiac was at war against... lol


The spy attacks against all our members sounds more like the reason

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Why the blatant lie about why Zodiac declared war? Just enjoy the war instead of adding unnecessary political spin.

o/ good luck to both sides  

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"LMFAO nazi Goomy is the best Goomy" - Kyubey  "Goomy is Perfect" - Ripper

Some sort of gov for CoS




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Just now, TheNG said:

Shame that the stunts of an idiot gov had to take the rest of the alliance down with them. Oh well, let's see how well the Emperor protects....

To be fair, this wasn't even my idea 

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6 minutes ago, LeotheGreat said:

What are you even talking about? This is a micro that gave us a valid cb, was dropped by their protector, and has no ties. Not even close to what we reference when we talk about paperless ties.

Someone has to give it a swing man, give a Ho a break.


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