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  1. This war will be fought with nuclear weapons... The next, with rocks and sticks.
  2. The Empire of the Hand would love to negotiate a tributary deal. We would give you quality advice and oversight in exchange for a modest weekly fee of 10% of your alliance bank
  3. Basically I want to address two points that I think would drastically improve how resistance works. 1. This game is persistent - You can be attacked when you're not online and conceivably go for multiple turn ticks without being able to log on and address it. 2. Players can circumvent beiging while still "winning" the war, basically ensuring perpetual war and an inability to recover. 1. For the first 24 hours after a war is declared, resistance doesn't decrease with attacks. This allows people to return and at least attempt to respond while still giving a blitz advantage. 2. After those first 24 hours, resistance degenerates at a rate of 2.09 per turn tick. If I did math correctly, this should auto-beige a person within the 5 day timer. However, if you get auto-beiged, you lose no loot and suffer no infra damage. So basically if you can make it 5 days without getting beiged by the attacker, you can escape and recover. For reference, it only takes a minimum of 10 ground attacks to beige someone, or 2.5 days worth of MAP's. Credit to @Frawley for some inspiration here.
  4. I'd rather just have balanced gameplay than attempt to create "realism" in my MMO persistent browser-based nationsim game. Frawley I do actually appreciate you raising the issue of the staring contest, however I feel that removing the reward for the victor (bank loot) in a close war is not the answer. I also would like to point out that if you're getting beiged, regardless of closeness, your military is probably shot. Beige exists as a way to allow military to recover and is arguably the only mechanic preventing this game from being a complete steamroll of the losing side in large wars. The fact that the playerbase can simply circumvent this by halting attacks at the last minute is more of a problem to me than anything else.
  5. It's capped. Mine's -115% plus winter giving -20%. Population is 628,163 0 soldiers. Food production is -628.16 tonnes per day.
  6. Rather than making me waste MAP's on rebuilding resistance, why not simply have resistance regenerate a small amount per turn tick? If a defender is inactive and gets hit, he's screwed. Why do attackers get to pause the war until their next available loggin time?
  7. I'm sure this idea will trigger people but I think it was a cool idea from another world. Basically every color sphere votes once a month to elect 3-5 senators that can then issue sanctions on their color and color-sphere-wide messages among other things. So I guess translated over to PnW, senators can issue or lift color-wide embargoes on a nation (preventing Red sphere from trading with X nation, for example). Ban them from playing baseball with their sphere. Issue a color-wide mass message. Alliances controlling a senator receive a 3% income bonus. Other bonuses. etc.
  8. Can we get some sliiiiiiight moderation of Alliance Affairs please? Just moving topics to Orbis Central is really all we need to control the spam.
  9. As a pirate, why would I raid nations with 75% taxes and a freshly looted bank?
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