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  1. But what if they’re switching protectors and not actually planning to have multiple protectors? XP
  2. "We have identified a problem with the esteemed members of what was once Nuke Bloc" Wonder if the rest of Nuke Bloc and their new friends will show up. Also, gonna have to enjoy all those nukes, maybe the gas prices will rise up because of this. or maybe because of severe levels of escalation. Maybe. Who knows. X3
  3. As ties break, new ties are forged. One path ends, another begins. Let us see where our new path leads, shall we?
  4. When you expect the war to get bigger and pixels to burn, only for that hope to be dashed by a filthy, repulsive decision that everyone despises in a game about burning pixel huggers. Forever denying glorious war slots to make fame and fortune on. FYI happy birthday to @Buorhann
  5. Of course. Though one can argue that by being neutral instead of joining in an optional aggression pact, and having talk it out with out allies prior, that FA wise we have conducted an action that counters the words that accuse Vanguard of just being an IA pet. Time will indeed tell what bed that forms, but the Council decided Neutrality was the best given current circumstances. Had IQ been attacked rather than the attacker, the situation would be very different. However I understand your point of view. Actions can have unintended consequences.
  6. But at the same time, it disregards what conversation could've gone behind closed doors. Perhaps IQ and Vanguard talked about it weeks before the war happened. Perhaps it was merely days before it occurred. Either way, perhaps the FA game was going on in the shadows the entire time and led to a result that kept the bonds stable. Plus, you must recall, the connection with IQ in terms of offensive wars is an OPTIONAL aggression pact. Meaning Vanguard has the right to refuse to enter an offensive war if they do not wish to partake in it. We aren't obligated to join an offensive war in that case, and per the pact we may decline joining it as is the independent right of Vanguard. Frankly put, by being neutral instead of joining when we could just decline it also shows that Vanguard does indeed have its own independent thought and isn't an extension of IQ under a different name. In a way, by being neutral it tells everyone that we don't follow IQ into every single fight they start like a collared puppy. Which is what makes it more funny to see people upset that Vanguard is sitting this one out instead of following IQ into the fray. Going from complaining how Vanguard is just an extension of IQ to how Vanguard doesn't want to follow IQ into a Great War where IQ is an aggressor. When you think about it, it's a paradox. Strong bonds also require mutual understanding. If you cannot understand each other, you cannot form a strong bond. Without understanding, those very suspicions and questions you talked about can come up too. Which can break down the bonds. If our allies cannot understand us and we cannot understand them, then the bonds were doomed to break from the start. No?
  7. I think I found them, but I'm not sure. They kinda parachuted in and asked which direction TKR was. Had to drive them a couple hundred miles to the nearest neutral port city. I'm sure they'll return to you in a short, orderly, and timely manner.
  8. Yeah. ESA was my first real alliance I joined in PnW. I figured I'd keep it on to remind myself of the very first alliance I joined. Even if it decayed and died years ago. It's a memoir of sorts. It also helps remind me that this community ain't bad and that you can foster some decent friendships here and have a blast of fun even when people start a Great War with the official CB as "Balance" and you have all the cloak and dagger stuff. It's nice. So yup, still flyin that ESA pip and I'll probably continue to fly it till the forum kicks the bucket and dies. Who knows. Mayhaps one day it shall change. But for now it shall be my public memoir of old times and my first time as a High Gov member on PnW. Somewhere, this one's Foreign Affairs' skill shivers at the indecent CB. Desiring for more complex reasons to start a war. Heh.
  9. Oh noes. My secret is revealed. Now I’ll have to resign from TUE and form an outcast alliance. 3: ((Hiya Anneal!))
  10. 1. lol, love the video. 2. We can host peace talks then! Switzerland for live! Unless the Italians invade. Then we get pasta. Or pizza. Who knows! We're just TOO NEUTRAL ON IT.
  11. ((Credit of writing goes to Phoenix from Polaris. Posting with unified Vanguard approval.)) Alliances of Orbis, The leadership of Vanguard declares neutrality in this war. We will not raise up arms against our friends in TKR, nor will we fight alongside them against our friends and allies in IQ. Vanguard will remain completely committed to neutrality in this war, and all military build up seen is purely defensive. If we are attacked, we will strike back with extreme prejudice against anyone who takes it upon themselves to bring the fight to us. Take note, that should anyone strike Vanguard at this time, our immediate and only goal will be the complete and utter destruction of our enemy's military forces and their complete and total surrender. For those who wish to fight in this war, we bid you good fortune in the wars to come. For those who do not wish to fight, but have had the fight brought to you, we wish you well. If war must come, let it come with an honorable ending.
  12. The Orders of Old now collide, each vying to purge the other and establish their Hegemony and Ideology. A Great War to once again put down in history on the mountains of dead and the ruins of great cities. Who will win? If there is a winner still standing that can truly proclaim victory beyond a Pyrrhic one. Time will tell. The Great Spheres of Orbis have marched their young, their wise, their old, and their foolish to this war. Many will die, few will return. Either a winner will be crowned, or once again it will be a bloodbath that changes little. So prey tell, who will the true victory be? No one truly knows for now. But it's certain that the losers are the citizens of those nations now embroiled in conflict. Their lives forever scarred once again, another scar to the heart and brain. Another war that will not be forgotten. But arise and salute those brave to march to war, for good or for ill. For they, at least, march knowing it could very well be their last march for all they know. To defend what they believe in and to defeat what they believe is wrong. Let the next Weltkrieg begin.
  13. And thus the next Weltkrieg began in Ernest. The months of peace had come and gone. Replaced with another global conflict. The world shuddered at the millions of young soldier boys were marched off to war once again. Knowing many of them would never return. The finest war machines assembled and launched to crush their enemies. Cities will burn, farms will be raided, rivers will be red, and through the ashes either the old order will remain or a new one will form. Or a status quo once again will emerge like a Phoenix against the odds of death itself. Only time will tell young Phoenix. Only time will tell what you become. Formed by the millions sent to die to shape the world on a new course. This is the Weltkrieg of 2033. (Orbis year)
  14. Congrats on your foundation. I see this is based on the Sassanid Persian Dynasty. For those that don't know, the religion at that time wasn't Islamic, but was instead Zoroastrianism. So, unfortunately, KT cannot use Islam CB. 3:
  15. July 15, 2026 Echelon City; Nuclear Aftermath. Approximate death toll: 90,000 Radiation status: Severe Evacuation protocols underway. Local Imperial Guards mobilized. A grave day befell one of many cities of the Imperium. Sometime ago in an earlier conflict not long ended, the city of Echelon suffered nuclear attack. The attack wiped out about half of the population, leaving the rest scrambling to survive as the radiation set in. The Imperial Guards have been mobilized to control the situation, put down any heretic preachers, distribute food, and terminate any infected wildlife that may mutate and pose a severe threat to the local population. By the Primarch's command, order was to be kept and the survivors protected and fed. One Imperial Captain took a long look around the city, sighing to himself as he took in the destruction. His radiation suit protected him from any harmful effects, but the civilians themselves had to be evacuated and treated before more loyal citizens of the Emperor were lost. Yet seeing such destruction made his heart revolt and made him question their cause. Who started this global conflict. Why did they do it? Who will win in the end of this massacre? When will the farms begin to grow food again. 'Are we all going to starve and die?' He thought to himself. The war made his loyalty waver a bit, but not enough to discourage him from his service. His duty was to protect and aid civilians, that was enough to put his heart at ease for the time being. Relenting, he returned to his local command tent to see the progression of the evacuation. Thanks to the chaos, only 40% of the Survivors were evacuated so far. It would take weeks, at least, to finish the evacuation. Maybe longer if civilians are still trapped under rubble and in subways. Before he could rest, a report came in. Another Imperial City was nuked. It wasn't owned by the Primarch he served, but it was another city that was bombed by nuclear hellfire. No doubt only making the crop situation worse. The Imperium had a strong food supply. But how long would it last? How long would it need to last? He shook his head and closed the priority-1 warning of the nuked city. It wasn't his area to observe, he already had another nuked city to evacuate and civilians to protect once brought away from the severe area of radiation to the refugee camps established in the event of such catastrophe. It looked like a new regiment of guardsmen came in, at least. If nothing else, they would help take a day or two off their likely timetable of evacuation. 'Still,' He thought, 'Now that a Nuclear Winter has begun, when will the leaders of this conflict sit down and make peace? Or...will they continue to fight until everyone on the opposing side starves to death?' He didn't like that thought. Not one bit. But he had a job to do. 'Perhaps I should keep that question unanswered. It would do my morale, nor the morale of my comrades, no good right now.' After checking the reports one last time, he stood up and left the command tent, heading to sector Z-7 where another group of survivors were found. Scared senseless. They needed to be cordially convinced to evacuate and leave behind what they can't carry. The time is July 15, 2026. 2:33 PM, local time. But to many civilians, the time is the first year of the Nuclear Winter. Year 1 of Disaster Day for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dead souls. Souls that never even knew such a global conflict would see them all dead in pools of their blood. A war to conquer until one side can't take the madness anymore. ... Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.
  16. As battles were waged throughout countless lands in countless nations, a terrifying report was brought before the Imperial Primarchs. Although theorized, it was not expected to occur. But now, reports flooding in from every city that grew food in not just the Imperium, but in every other alliance and every other nation as well, brought the worst-case scenario for many. Total crop failure was reported. Not a single piece of grain was surviving through its growth process. Most of them dying before they can even sprout. Several cities were already in rioting panic to get as much food as they could for themselves. A nuclear winter has come. Total food production failure has occurred and now only those with the most food shall survive this apocalypse of war. No food can be grown any longer. The radiation of countless atomic bombs has finally destroyed the agriculture sectors completely. In time, food will run out if the bombs continue to fall. In time, if the radiation continues to climb, nations will begin to wage war on each other just for their food stockpiles. The first wave of nuclear snow has fallen. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
  17. Darknight


    Confirming the IOM's end that we did agree to the terms of the peace treaty and the 90 day NAP is in effect.
  18. Today the Imperium of Man is responding to an unprovoked attack by the leader of Zodiac onto the leader of the Imperium, our God Emperor, when he returned safely to the Imperium. Which was followed by a number of unknown spy attacks onto many Imperium members. Given the attack by the leader of Zodiac and the quickly followed-up spy attacks on a mass scale that shows alliance coordination, the Imperium of Man is considering this an officially unannounced declaration of war by Zodiac onto the Imperium of Man. Therefore, the Imperium will take all measures necessary to defend itself from this act of warfare by Zodiac. Which has been started without any diplomatic communication from Zodiac and thus is seen as unprovoked aggression onto the Imperium. The Imperium of Man is now in a state of a defensive war against Zodiac as a result of their leader's direct attack on our leader which was then quickly followed by spy attacks attacking aircraft bases and Imperium spies tasked with defending the Imperium from spy attacks. The Imperium will take all measures to defend itself and to defend the people living within it until the last Guardsman falls dead. Should it come to pass.
  19. Official Imperium Recruitment Announcement. Please Stand By... Welcome Citizen, the God Emperor wants you, your family, your friends, and your (Possible) enemy co-workers to join the mighty Imperium Army and it's Inquisition to serve the Imperium well and grow the Nation of Humanity! To subjugate the Xenos and grow the power and control to assure Human suitability and dominance, along with our success. Only through your loyal service and dedication can the Imperial Guard raise banners on every piece of land and keep every Human being safe from harm from the Xeno threat and the threats that lie within. Join our fleets, our navies, our mighty Space Marine houses. But I'm sure you must ask, dear citizen. What can we offer you in return for your loyalty? What can we give you, arm you with, to help you fight for our God Emperor and to help defend the innocent civilians that make up the Imperium? Terra, Capital of the Imperium. Home of the God Emperor. Citadel of Humanity. For those who stay loyal to the Emperor, maintaining the necessary forces, and economic growth can see consistent city funding and, when necessary at times, funding during military campaigns to protect the Imperium from harm. Yes, that's right. As long as you pledge and keep your loyalty, maintain a force to defend the Imperium, and continue to grow the cities and worlds you have been given charge over, you will see additional funding to expand those cities, those worlds, and found new ones! However, be warned citizen. Treason and disloyalty after taking such pledges can be punished by banishment and/or death. So make sure you are confident in your decision! As long as you are with us, we will do our best to spread the light of the God Emperor to your lands. Along with his divine protection. Consistent City Growth as funds allow. Provided you continue your activity within the Imperium and maintain the forces necessary to defend the people you're entrusted with. Military Support during wartime when possible via funds; a reward for loyalty and dedication. (As a side note, we play games together. You're welcome to come hang out and play some video games if you desire. Be you a member of the Imperium, a visitor, or even an enemy.) Treason is punishable by banishment and potentially followed by death. You have been warned, good citizen. So what are you waiting for? Join the Imperium. And slaughter the Xeno threat. Today. This ends the Official Imperium Recruitment Announcement. If you are interested, please contact your nearest local recruitment center today. Applications may be expedited for those that turn up at the official communication hub and contact the proper authorities within the area. Official IOM Discord: https://discord.gg/XRCfXeb For additional information, please contact a Senatorum Imperialis within the official communication hub. Additional information, that is not confidential, may be provided and any diplomatic interests may be addressed to Kotori Itsuka (Darknight on the Forum) within the communication hub. God Emperor: Arnout The Primarchs Ramon Kotori Itsuka Foltest Chapter Masters Prince StennisElmonia Wilhelm III White DeathGrakkus DragonK (This official announcement is subject to possible changes in the future as the Imperium grows and ages. Along with possible corrections in the future. Edited on Feb. 26th, 2018 due to leadership changes and leadership additions.) The Emperor Protects.
  20. Yes, well, due to circumstances the Protectorate status was ended about a week ago. but TECHNICALLY it was true at the time the post was made.
  21. Well, one could say I'm a bit late to do this. Although it never required. But I'm doing it anyway. Hello everyone, I'm the head of FA for Northern Realms, which about a week ago decided to rename to The Imperium of Man. Fully embracing our Warhammer 40k spirit and ideals. We are currently a protectorate of The Knights Radiant and, aside from removing about a dozen or two leeches that wouldn't even grow beyond 5 cities despite all the grant money you could want for low-costing cities being shaken at them, the only REAL thing we may be known for currently is indirectly starting The Compass War after responding to a raid on one of our active members from NSR with a full-scale counter-attack. Which, apparently, caused Major alliances to accelerate their own plans to hit NSR which appeared to cause the Compass War to trigger early. Let's face it, it was gonna happen. We just made it happen sooner by accident. So, praise our God Emperor and all that. You can call me a religious skeptic so it's a little ironic, in a way. Awkward and probably strange introductions aside, we do continue to look to grow both our own alliance and our friendly connections with the community. As friendly as you can get when every major is armed with enough nukes to send Orbis into a mini-ice age and then some. If you can wait the oh-so many hours it takes to launch a single nuclear device. If you're looking to drop by in our Discord, feel free to do so. Just obey the rules when you arrive, failure to do so may result in immediate execution by the Inquisition or a very upset and strongly worded letter. Whichever reaches you first. But hey, stick around, we play some video games like Rainbow Six Siege and Warframe as two examples. So yeah, that's about it. Protectorate, accidentally started a war that got us on the PaW wiki as NR, we have a discord, play games, etc. Thus I will now leave you a picture of some of our fine marines patrolling the Imperium to keep the people safe: Now if you wanted to know about me. That's another unnecessary and unimportant because I don't matter enough in Orbis story.
  22. News Update: In the latest news update, nations across Orbis have managed to devise a strategy to rebound and save most of their Commerce markets while figuring out how to bring them back to 100% efficiency. Many Governments have also announced further attempts to reduce the sudden pollution spike in order to decrease the number of civilian deaths caused by the now named "The Orbis Winter Plague." Market activity has also returned and international trade has begun to flow again. However, several problems are now being seen by countless nations: 1) Prices have inflated. Rumors indicate food has about doubled in PPU prices and many raw material goods are priced near 1000 PPU or higher. Some going past the 1500 PPU line for buying prices. 2) World GDP has fallen. With a global financial collapse of Commerce and Raw Materials, which has weakened the Manufacturing sectors, overall world GDP has taken a dire blow as almost every single Government reports a significant drop in Gross Income without a decrease in expenses. This has led to many Government projects, such as new cities, to be set back. When will your Iron Dome be made now? 3) Warfare is More expensive. With the costs to sustain a war-like industry now even tougher, warfare has become even more expensive. As costs on the market have risen overall due to inflation, the costs to replace lost combat units or even feed soldiers has gone up. For nations importing strategic resources rather than making them, it's more expensive to replace units. For those that make their own strategic goods by importing Raw Material, it's become more expensive to make those goods. 4) Food Production Has Dropped. Due to soil quality dropping around the world thanks to Global Warming, literally every farm in Orbis is reporting reduced crop yields. This is what led to Food Prices doubling so far. The fact that food production from the farms is, by current belief, permanently reduced will no doubt force food prices to remain on the rise until a solution is found. Winter has also made an untimely arrival along with the continued use of nuclear weapons, further crippling the unstable food market and threatening to cause famine. Currently these are pressing issues for many nations of Orbis and their alliances. Whether these problems will be quickly eliminated or see the total destruction of many nations remains to be seen as alliances tighten their belts and push back their long-awaited war plans to survive Orbis' harshest winter yet. We will try to bring you more information if possible.
  23. Emergency broadcasts are going off all across Orbis today as Economic collapse appears to be occurring within the Raw Material Sector of the Global Economy. Furthermore, pollution has spiked into new levels bringing rampant disease that has already killed millions despite efforts to contain it. Prices on the market have spiked, to the point where one person found iron being more worthwhile to sell than steel in the initial collapse. Initial rewritten food sales have doubled their prices, and overall world food production has permanently dropped following an increase in Greenhouse gasses and the loss of rich soil land due to rising rivers such as the Nile river. Commerce has taken a major hit as countless industries stall or free-fall. Stock markets are suffering blows and Governments are reporting drops from 25% to 50% of Gross income. Raw material production within the world has sharply dropped as demand for the production of manufactured goods continues to increase. Some experts now speculate this Orbis RM collapse may lead to the next world war. A war over resources. Others predict the market will quickly rebound and find new tactics to circumnavigate these new disasters. Regardless, one thing is certain. Every alliance and their nation has suffered unexpected blows, being forced to spend more money on their raw material sectors just to support their current manufacturing areas alongside with construction of additional commerce and recycling buildings just to keep their economy afloat and people alive. Disease is rampant to the point where some cities report at least 10% or more of their populations have died. This makes it a terrible plague from the Middle Ages, bringing death and destruction in it's wake. Despite the best of modern medicine and hospitals, many are dead which has further collapsed economic growth. How will Orbis respond to this new disaster? This Economic Collapse of Raw Materials? Rising Pollution, crumbing agriculture, disruption of global commerce and trade? This is a question that the Governments of Orbis will have to answer if they wish for their nations, alliances, and blocs to stand the test of time. TL;DR: Everyone got royally !@#$ed by a surprise update and is scrambling to not die off from unexpected economic collapse while their people die from unexpected pollution spikes worse than a nuke-fest. (Because it's permanent.)
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