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  1. Nations who are on the loosing side of war can use the fact that they can't be turned to beige by their opponent as a general rule can easily use this to their advantage. When fighting a war by attrition, which is what most large scale global conflicts are on here, nations are going to be stuck in awkward or loosing positions. Part of the war process in this game is dealing with that and working out a way to try and overcome it. We've seen this war nations who spent the entire first round being locked down and having their nations taking some hefty damage, but then coming in round 2 and winning against opponents. Nations can use utter failure attacks to wear down opponents for when counters come in to assist them. Being stuck on the loosing side for a round in a war is not an issue that needs to be fixed; it's something players need to overcome.
  2. I can't believe Arch actually one, but makes me feel better knowing that he mucked up the first attempt and managed to cut himself in the process
  3. #RollBezzers2k18 I believe in you UPN!
  4. Welp, cheers to all our allies and friends for being there for us and making the last year great. I can easily say its been one of the best year in pnw I've had so far. But now that we've conquered magic, it's time to conquer space. o/ Durmstrang o/ CoS o/ Seb (kinda have to give him a shout out I owe him like 3bn)
  5. So that's where all the BK members have been going?
  6. I give it 2 weeks before BK merges into NPO
  7. I see how this could be utilized by mid tier nations to annoy the hell outta people like me, and I like the idea of a new useful project to buy. Seems like a decent update
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=15294
  9. Goomy


    I think this system will server to benefit unaligned players and smaller AAs as well. This means that if you are in a micro alliance that doesn't have the fund to build you up past say city 5, you still have an opportunity to grow. Private banks should still be allowed to operate outside of this system as many managers enjoy the running process, this is an addition to the existing choices which will be a great benefit to, and help maintain, small nation growth and interest in the game. It should be possible for this system to encompass Alliances as well, taking a predetermined amount out of their turn-ly tax revenues to pay for the loans. This will be useful for both small and large alliances alike that need funs.
  10. Y'all should settle this in a civilized manor, in court! https://discord.gg/P46S3F8
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