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  1. Happy holidays, everyone!
  2. The OP has technically been fighting us for a severely limited amount of time compared to other combatants yet he's complaining about the lack of peace. That's the point. KERCHTOG is a separate entity, it has nothing to do with their side fighting. There are ongoing talks with that side since the first term has been met, so it's not really factual there's no real progress. There is progress, despite if it's not as much that was desired from them. Progress is still progress.
  3. I'm actually curious to when people from Chaos/Ketog started "moaning" about the war compared to when these select alliances started "moaning" about the war. I understand that there's a possible discrepancy regarding the fact some may have fought on a different side beforehand, however, I would say there's a discrepancy regarding their actual "fighting" they actually did compared to similar tiered alliances. Not to mention, Ketog/Chaos have done it longer and I don't really recall them complaining as much about it but perhaps my memory is foggy. I certainly don't remember them complaining this soon, but I might be foggy about this as well like I said earlier so who knows. If I was to put it simple, I would argue that certain alliances that did fight before had "easy" schedules and are complaining while others had "hard" schedules and continue fighting without complaining. Sort of puts into perspective who are the real McCoy and who are not imo. I put "moaning" in quotes because that could easily be seen by different people as different ways, so it's not exactly a one size fits all thing. I would definitely count this OP as moaning though, I don't think any reasonable person would disagree lol.
  4. Well we got slayyyves apparently, so that's something.
  5. There were several overtures made to help TAA out in their first war. There's very little that can be done when membership fails to heed to instructions and leadership fails to set up consequences for failing to follow said instructions. Realistically, that will result in any alliance not doing well in any area of the game but most importantly that will result in poor war performance which can be seen here by TAA. Not sure where the cower remark comes from either. The coalition had an agreed upon strategy and failure to follow said strategy would result in repercussions, for TAA that was the potential to be dropped which was conveyed to TAA. They failed to uphold their side and seemingly gave zero effort to fix the issues that were outlined to them thus they were dropped. If you're unwilling to listen to advice and implement policies as a new alliance then that lays on the head of the leadership of the junior partner.
  6. It didn't happen due to that, you just want to orientate the discussion onto it. Time will tell, as it has so far.
  7. I can't wait to see how this ages. I won't get warned when I bring it up, right? Like when we rebranded then got back into top ten etc?
  8. You have to pull off more than 11 wars to join, sorry. (blitz wise)
  9. Can't nobody tell me nothin' You can't tell me nothin' Can't nobody tell me nothin' You can't tell me noithin'
  10. I am aware of GVH, he's the same person who slandered me in numerous servers so I felt obliged to show his true colors
  11. Yeah, so what were you saying again?
  12. Vack - 1 Leftbehind - 0 Class is now in session, Vack is your new daddy. I'm not sure if myself and Hades originated this idea per se but as far as I know, we were the first to do it.
  13. I am not really one to type something like this but I really hope it receives warm welcomes from the community. Cino who is my second in charge is currently going through health issues and I'd appreciate if people would lift him up in their prayers. It would really mean a lot to me, please lets lift his name up and pray for healing in the Lords name.
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