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  1. I'm fairly certain that's impossible to do. So no, that's not what was occurring. He's more than free to DM whoever he wants, I have zero control over that and do not care. If he wants to join my server, it's my right to allow or not allow him to be there. I don't want him there so he isn't allowed. Anyways, I'm out. Good luck in whatever you guys do, in-game and IRL.
  2. You came into MY DMs, I had/have zero interest in ever talking to you again. It is well documented how I feel about you along with the various former members of VE that currently reside in your alliance. The expectation that I should be cordial in private is just blatantly absurd and unrealistic. I don't owe you any form of good will. Of course, I am not mentioning how you failed to care for these members after your departure (an argument could be made you didn't care before as well), people that care about an alliance actually stick through it through thick and thin. If they feel it's going down the wrong direction they take action within the alliance to remedy the situation. I understand you're a self serving individual so it's of no surprise that you decided to abandon the alliance you helped form, just don't come around acting like you cared after the curtains are pulled whenever your actions proved otherwise. Cino has already deleted along with the vast majority of our membership. I did like you as well, I am not going to get entirely too political but the times we did share together as allies before the debacle were good. It's unfortunate this is the end result. We will survive elsewhere, just not here.
  3. I'm sorry it's not fast enough that the community is dying? Continue proving my point. @Alex Enjoy dealing with this type of community!
  4. You're still going on about it.. We will and we are, enjoy playing the game! Not sure what you benefit out of this other than to show your a$4$ LOL.
  5. I thought ignoring you would show that people aren't interested in making the discussion about something else other than the actual topic but evidently you don't care. Maybe take some time for reflection? Or not. I don't care in the end, you seem to be part of the problem based on this comment.
  6. We will always be Groot, piggy. Thanks for everything you did even if you didn't stay a member, you were someone who contributed immensely to getting our high government playing. I can't thank you enough for being you and open to members that had no idea on what was going on. Continue being you and being a positive influence on others. It affects people more than you realize. It's GoG! I enjoyed spending time with you and I *really* enjoyed reading all your post LOL! Ask roq! LOL. You were awesome, I wish you the best in the future!
  7. This is what people should be doing. Mad max is a class act despite being an !@#$ all at the same time. I enjoyed my time with you, despite our differences you're a solid guy and I appreciate your company. I wish you luck moving forward in whatever you do whether in-game or IRL! Thanks, Max!
  8. Well. This isn't a topic about that now is it? That's why it wasn't brought up and expanded upon home boi. Thanks, I enjoyed playing with you despite our differences, I think we had fun?
  9. Yeah, I actually suggested taking anything that GWPC away entirely and either kicking or banning them all.
  10. Nobody was financing us, I know that's hard to accept but we actually built our warchest to support ourselves.
  11. That's war and those situations can be resolved in many different ways, you shouldn't be so disingenuous lol. It does take a while to take out top tier nations especially when people leave coalitions etc, it knocks the timeline back again and again. I personally didn't think it would take as long as it did but things happen so it has to be adjusted. I enjoyed our fight, I learned a lot during it. I am sure you did as well so you would be better prepared next war with whoever you inevidently encounter. I would appreciate this thread to not be an argument regarding it. I enjoyed our time together, I hope you enjoyed fighting us! I understand the picture your painting but at the end of the day, we believe that we don't have a home here so we are taking our ball and leaving.
  12. It's been a running theme this entire time, it's been like this ever since I joined where people troll non stop and essentially force people to quit whether you want to admit it or not. It's a toxic community, that's why I never actively participated on the forums because I wanted nothing to do with it. Why would anyone want to play the game when that's the precedent that @Alex fails to moderate? I doubt it will get better, it hasn't got better in the last few years I have played the game despite people being aware of it. Marx said it best to @Alex, maybe he should read it a few times to understand that it's more a widespread opinion. Stop making everything about you. I don't really appreciate it and I don't think anyone else does either.
  13. One thing I can accept is how professional House Stark generally acts, I hope you keep that going forward my friend. Good luck.
  14. One thing I can accept is how professional House Stark generally acts, I hope you keep that going forward my friend. Good luck.
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