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  1. Seeker

    Arthguardians of the Galaxy [Prot]

    Vack - 1 Leftbehind - 0 Class is now in session, Vack is your new daddy. I'm not sure if myself and Hades originated this idea per se but as far as I know, we were the first to do it.
  2. Seeker

    Prayer, Please.

    I am not really one to type something like this but I really hope it receives warm welcomes from the community. Cino who is my second in charge is currently going through health issues and I'd appreciate if people would lift him up in their prayers. It would really mean a lot to me, please lets lift his name up and pray for healing in the Lords name.
  3. Seeker

    Victory Royale!

    You asked me why I'm doing this, but even if I told you why I doubt it would change anything at all. But lets assume it does. My goal was to prove that if you willing to take risks in your verbage (that was removed from the forums due to unknown reasons) then there would be a reciprocating force against it. It wasn't impressive to voice yourself against an alliance who didn't benefit from putting you down while you profited from denouncing us. What I want is to provide an environment where people join lower ranked alliances that actually understand the game effectively, a noble cause. The end result of this war isn't optimal to those goals but it does ensure my alliance eliminates possible threats that have been illuminated via various deleted threads.
  4. Seeker

    Victory Royale!

    It was fun, time to call it a wrap! Butterknife
  5. Seeker

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    Well I certainly don't tell them the truth!
  6. Seeker

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    Oh yeah, I meant to add to the original post but I forgot; the wax sealing to officiate the document says "With Love". It's hard to see, almost impossible.
  7. Seeker

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    You'd be amazed what I can do in 40 seconds.
  8. Seeker

    Bittersweet End

    Legally speaking doxxing someone under the age of 18 is a criminal offense and would most definitely be pursued to the most extreme extent; if they are willing to play stupid games then I can assure you they will definitely win stupid prizes.
  9. Seeker


    I would suggest you not join someone that is a micro alliance, like you're currently enrolled into at the moment. I'd say most top 25 alliances would help significantly more than any alliances that are below that threshold. I definitely wouldn't join an alliance based on their current standings in rank either, it's just shallow way of viewing alliances. You have a ton to learn and joining someone established will give you a better understanding of the game so you can make better judgement calls. Ask a ton of questions even if some may be "dumb" it's understandable that you are new and everyone starts somewhere.
  10. Seeker

    Bittersweet End

    Doxxing in itself isn't illegal however threatening to dox someone unless they "pay" something falls under extortion (which is illegal). It could be illegal as well if the information was obtained illegally (duh). This situation could very well be referred to as "Cyber Stalking" which is a criminal offense. It really depends on the state but typically "Cyber Stalking" would be classified as the following. harassment, embarrassment and humiliation of the victim emptying bank accounts or other economic control such as ruining the victim's credit score harassing family, friends and employers to isolate the victim scare tactics to instill fear and more As others have stated previously, you need to get in contact with your local law enforcement especially if they are calling your phone (or girlfriends etc) and making threats. It's unfortunate someone is trying to toy with you over a text based internet game but the important part is ensuring that there are consequences for this behavior including but not limited to in-game ban and legal ramifications.
  11. Seeker

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    He stated afterwards he wasn't in government? Just cause he's the vocal person on the forums doesn't insinuate anything other than he likes to shoot the shit. (which a lot love to do). Nobody involved the "Paradise Bloc" besides yourself so not sure why that's being brought into the discussion. Sure, I was explaining you were inactive which happens. I wasn't trying to shame you, I was just stating facts hehe. It's brought up because it's a statement of truth? Is there a reason why it shouldn't be brought up?
  12. Seeker

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    Honestly, I don't remember him ever mentioning the suicidal stuff or anything of the sort. I remember him saying that you were off the hinges and a bit over the edge regarding certain issues. I didn't take that as suicidal, I would have definitely not taken that lightly given that I happen to be a Marine IRL and we have 22 kill themselves per month and I have had my own friends do it/contemplate it. I don't take it facking lightly. Not at f##king at all. So banish the thought it was brought up.
  13. Seeker

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    Which government member are you referring too? He leads the alliance with back falls in case his decisions result in unwise decisions. Nobody is fooled by this measure, it's pretty expected at the least. Lets not try to paint it otherwise. Ashland plays a part of our milcom but he's not government by any measure. He may have been previously labeled as such in Discord but that's purely due to convenience, not to try to bring forth a role he runs. He hasn't taken over FA, you're just making assumptions. I don't feel you deserve a place unless you put a path to require you to be a part in it. Essentially, you weren't active enough to play your part and you're blaming them for not conforming to it. The people I have introduced since you have literally not have an issue regarding their opinion being taken seriously. You keep manifesting this into a real life issue despite acknowledging that I was more than willing to help you whenever you had an issue IRL. I don't see why this needs to be brought up in all honesty, I was more than understanding and I was willing to ignore inactivity due to it. Why is it being brought up? I wasn't saying you didn't have a reason, I was stating you weren't active which is a factual thing. If you can't be active then you can't lead. It's not that complicated. Lets be honest, you were equally sized to rumble with us. We just happened to take you guys out, there's nothing more than that. No high horse necessary in regards to that. If anything your past history as t$ has discounted that entirely, to say otherwise is purely ludicrous. By t$ logic it's fine if a member wants to rant all day long as long as it's not in a governmental role. (Which others can definitely gather by the past threads/logs) I don't think anyone disputes there was some issues regarding you and Thalmor I will agree regarding this, Thalmor was professional regarding your departure from KT. The suicidal and unstable part is a big surprise to myself.

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