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  1. yeah I hate it when I'm addicted to the internet too.
  2. its had pretty much every kind of skullduggery and dramatic flourish this world has ever had to offer. if youre bored by this, aint nothing gonna excite you.
  3. the thing I like about this war is it finds a way to never jump the shark
  4. immortals has not yet begun to fight. no word on when that will start.
  5. Not sure what's sadder, short bus awards or complaining that someone wants to waste their time drawing them with crayon and markers.
  6. when yall find out all the terms have been in @TheNG's posts in the form of anagrams all along youre gonna freak
  7. liberty is the obligation to tyrannize oneself as you amply demonstrate
  8. ya everything was going really well until..
  9. "rollo" is a hard acronym to work with.
  10. not all of us have your gift for clarity
  11. noctis will be taking over for both sides of this negotiation, we will no longer be tyrannized by the incompetence of these negotiators.
  12. Oh good, we've moved on to you are or aren't relevant pwns. Now we get to find out who the big strong browser game dorks are.
  13. the cool thing is no one is losing
  14. I'm just glad someone is finally taking a stand and will bring TKR to heel once and for all.
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