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Let's be honest this was leaked weeks ago....


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Yes we did this for the comics.


o/ BK

o/ Zodiac

o/ NPO

No one will expect us!


I am looking forward to this too.

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2nd, 4th, and 6th Adelphotes Princeps of Cornerstone, Ambassador to Black Knights, 4th Grand Pilus of Cornerstone, 2nd Chaplain of Cornerstone, 5th Questor Princeps of Cornerstone

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4h into DoE and chill and Bezzers signs a treaty with a new bloc.


Looking forward to Working with y'all

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"LMFAO nazi Goomy is the best Goomy" - Kyubey  "Goomy is Perfect" - Ripper

Some sort of gov for CoS




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Well isn't this a surprise? Good luck with this.

"If a person is satisfied with everything,then he is a complete idiot.A normal person cannot be satisfied with everything."~Vladimir Putin


"Every human being makes mistakes."~Ian Smith


We do not know what tomorrow will bring. We are not prophets. This is a step in the dark. We can only proceed into the future with faith.~Pieter Wilhelm Botha

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This is awful but congrats to everyone involved.

Goomy: *Hot Goomy is 5 miles away from you and looking to have some fun*

Guilo: O.O Click bait is sooooooo tempting

Aoi Toori: Well its Goomy, who wouldn't?


If Dillon A McCann is Ted Cruz then doesn't that make him the zodiac killer? Rip zodiac #EndofZodiac

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