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  1. Yes.Creativity is good but for f***s sake this is a nation rp.Not a fantasy genre story book.
  2. No.. Modern roleplay can get boring, but that doesn't force you to make your rp seem as if it's right out of a fairy tale book.Things are so bad that by the time I left,the middle east was a magical fertile paradise.We need a common year,timeline and rules that WORK for this rp to start making sense.
  3. Official nation name:Union of Pakistan Population (P&W numbers): 145 million GDP per capita (P&W numbers):$7,000 Population density (sq. km):215 Form of Government:Unitary Parliamentary Republic Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don't have one): Describe your Nation IC:TBA Describe yourself in OOC terms:A casual, normal roleplayer. Have you read, and do you agree to abide with, the rules? (Yes/No):yes (You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!) Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map):Pakistan, Kashmir Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you want to be used):
  4. I'm going to withdraw my claim here, since I don't have enough time to keep up with the Rp.
  5. It was only inevitable that this would happen.Seriously.Alliances with a far right theme just tend to be wiped off the map quite quickly.I agree with Buorhann in a sense,"It was for de lulz jkjk :DDD" is probably the most ridiculous defense ever when being accused of racism.I don't think this witch hunt is good either.I mean what happened to the good ol' days when people could form their own, independent opinion, without something being shoved down their throats?
  6. I said they were broke, not bankrupt.You said they weren't despite that so obviously being the case.
  7. Good luck on the new system and name folks.
  8. I never​ said Zimbabweans actually did that lol. The statement that most Venezuelans shop in Columbia is just false,for plain and obvious reasons.Venezuela isn't that democratic when you look deeper.
  9. >Implying Venezuela is democratic in practice No amount of lols can do that justice. Except they don't. Which is why we have this thing we call "The Venezuelan economical crisis",that's like me saying " Zimbabwe can elect a new leader cuz democracy and most shop in South Africa".
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