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  1. lol hoes really this mad over a browser vidya, gg
  2. the amount of disrespect ffs
  3. The Medellin Cartel cancels their one of million protectors with Fark immediately due to disrespect.  We wish you you the best in the future. Chapsie is the best and tried
  4. Hello friends. Please consider join my new M.R.A. (mass-recruitment alliance (this is an alliance where all do join up, as many as possible to join0) blue sphere alliance, Woodstockia. We have a protector treaty, its just a secret so please dont' attack us. FOr applying please contract Rob Geebivi, leader of Woodstockia nation and alliance on the discord*. Thanks ! Our DIscord Server: (where you can appliance) ☺️ https://discord.gg/5j5EGRx thankyou!!!!!☺️ *an application for community
  5. welcome back friends, who ready for round 4
  6. Look at what Resplendent started... :/
  7. Goodbye from everyone at Resplendent! Edit: This ship sucks
  8. Welp, wish my VIP expired yesterday then.. lol
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