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  1. Congrats to Roq and thanks for the merger!
  2. As the real leader of Roz Wei, I call of this declaration, or whatever it also. I also disband us.
  3. I'm not the leader of the Black Knights. kthx
  4. Definitely not worth that price.
  5. ROFL. So we can't vote for our allies, or...? I mean just pick your own winners if there are just going to be new polls until we get the results you want.
  6. I too am shocked and appalled that this anonymous internet poll has not gone as expected.
  7. This changes everything.
  8. Dang. You guys certainly kept things interesting. It will be odd not having you around.
  9. All infra should just be free once you get to 18 cities, and all players with 20 cities or more should get paid to build infra.
  10. Well that would be a good example of how to shuffle things up to keep the game interesting. I'm sure your side could do a much better shuffle and actually come out ahead, unlike us, since you are vastly superior to us in every way. However you guys seem to be too into your circle-jerk, so I don't expect much.
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