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  1. You're the only one having a hissy fit here.
  2. To make this easier on you, BK is currently considering just saying "screw it" and sending out 32 recruitment messages (1 from each member) to every player in the game. /s
  3. Yes, throwing in a joke "join bk" at the end of the post is the same as sending three simultaneous recruitment messages. Thank you for pointing this out so that the people can be informed when evaluating this thread.
  4. I know 95% of players don't care about recruitment, but this annoyed me to the extent that I felt the need to post here. The Lost Empire is currently sending each new player in this game THREE (3) simultaneous recruitment messages. This is extremely annoying for a number of reasons. Getting a ton of messages right when you start a game like this is annoying, but it is a fact of life. A lot of alliances want to recruit, and we have to make new players aware of our existence. But surely we can have some sort of unspoken agreement that we will only send one message at a time, both as a courtesy to other alliances AND the new players whose inboxes we are filling. Even if you are doing it because it is working, which might be the case since you have a lot of members, I still think you should stop. Because if it is working, then heck, why doesn't everyone send out 3 messages? And you can see how this starts to spiral. Even just stagger it FFS. I wouldn't be posting this if you just sent a second message after an hour or two. TL;DR: Sending out 3 simultaneous messages is annoying and inconsiderate both to other alliances and new players. Howabout no? Thanks for listening. Join BK. I will not be taking questions at this time. Check out my book "Recruitment Atrocities" on shelves this fall.
  5. Congrats to Roq and thanks for the merger!
  6. As the real leader of Roz Wei, I call of this declaration, or whatever it also. I also disband us.
  7. I'm not the leader of the Black Knights. kthx
  8. Definitely not worth that price.
  9. ROFL. So we can't vote for our allies, or...? I mean just pick your own winners if there are just going to be new polls until we get the results you want.
  10. I too am shocked and appalled that this anonymous internet poll has not gone as expected.
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