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  1. jaguar

    Too good to pass

    See you soon Pre! also BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
  2. jaguar

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    Honestly this is my first time that I've been on this side of whale hunting and I can say it's hella fun seeing them fall down one by one!
  3. jaguar

    Welcome Home

    Cya losers
  4. jaguar

    Whats the aim here?

    Grats lads!
  5. jaguar

    Resource disruptions for all resources

    Sheepy needs to stop ignoring this issue and do something about it, a major component of his game is not working properly
  6. jaguar

    Hi strangers

    Welcome back!
  7. jaguar

    Resources: A dying game dynamic.

    Sheeeeepy, your attention is needed here
  8. jaguar

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    He's even worse than I thought lol. Now that whole commumity hates you LPS, you extending VMs is just you buying time before something that is inevitable happens. You're screwed m8. Btw don't think that your alliance needs to be in state of war for you to be rolled, your allliance and allies will have approximately 0 nations after the war able to save your fat ass lol
  9. jaguar

    War Awards Nominations

    Meh. I'm sure you guys faced these odds in the past too. The thing is, not many of you were online when they blitzed you, I know me and everybody else in Hogwarts were schocked by that. But you have done good in Mensa style once we took some pressure of you. YW. Meaning I know what BK is capable of but failed to meet in recent few wars.#bringYosoback
  10. jaguar

    Spies v Spies

    I second that, I managed to kill 18 spies in first attack in every nation I targeted. That's just insane.
  11. jaguar

    War Awards Nominations

    Alliance Categories: Best Fighters: The Knights Radiant (awesome performance) Worst Fighters: UPN (as always) Most Surprising Entry: Hogwarts on Zodiac Best PR: TKR Worst PR: BK (you've !@#$ed up your FA for real, your fighting has been getting worse and worse too) Playmaker (In other words, who had the largest impact): TKR Most Improved: Pantheon Failed to Meet Expectations: BK Best DoW: / Best Blitz: Hogwarts Worst Blitz: SK I also think this nomination lacks best rookie alliance in which case it would definitely be Zodiac. You guys have been able to hold Mensa down quite good and who knows what would the outcome of the war be had we not rolled you.
  12. jaguar

    Resources: A dying game dynamic.

    This thread needs more attention.
  13. jaguar

    The war so far - v3

    They will beat you up in 3rd round!
  14. jaguar

    My nama Jeff

    Wb kimmy

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