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  1. Arkiri Arch

    The True The Vanguard Declaration of Neutrality

    No one cares or wants to hear about your OOC problems.
  2. Arkiri Arch

    The True The Vanguard Declaration of Neutrality

    I see you are a man of culture yourself, may I interest you in a cup of Pola-Cola?
  3. Arkiri Arch

    The True The Vanguard Declaration of Neutrality

    Hail Polaris! @Kriegskoenig Great work on this neutrality treaty!
  4. Arkiri Arch

    Shifty News Network-Sponsored by Viewers Like You

    Yes I would like to make a donation from the bank of Polaris.
  5. Arkiri Arch

    The end of the 498 Day War

    Kadin emo
  6. Arkiri Arch

    Let's Dance!

    TKR and friends = ~850k KT/TGH= ~400k Very rough numbers from start of war. Stop acting like you accomplished something by blitzing us and wiping our mil, an ape with that kind of numerical advantage could do the same thing. The real part of war is coming up.
  7. Arkiri Arch

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    "Arkiri the Hateful" Im just happy Im used in a DoW, Welcome to our endless lands traveler, you may burn our villages but our horse archers will always send an arrow through your chest when you least expect it.
  8. Arkiri Arch

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    The Commie Cucks march on the poor homeless man yelling obscenity's at the wind... Who will win, the half naked social crusader or the drunk old man throwing his fists at God?
  9. Arkiri Arch

    Let's Dance!

    Fall to the Scourge of God
  10. Arkiri Arch

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    You're missing my point. You asked for the log and Buor told you where it was, then you told him he's talking about a situation that doesn't involve you. I just gave the actual log. Kastor told you "As I told your colonizer leader, keep my name out of your mouth." Meaning no, he didn't say it to you, he said it to her, but you should heed to his words also. I hope its clear.
  11. Arkiri Arch

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    "Provide logs of you telling her that." "Oh you're talking about a situation where Kastor is not referring to me at all and is completely irrelevant to this situation." Ok.
  12. Arkiri Arch

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    Kastor, TCW's dad came, he said to hit TCW and he'll let you frick his wife.
  13. Arkiri Arch

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    "Pantheon is back in the game" When was Pantheon ever in the game??
  14. Arkiri Arch

    Kanye & Trump

    The fact this isn't 5 pages by now and locked for OOC blows me away, guess it hasn't been discovered yet. I know that the Roz situation drove away several active right wing posters cause they got tired of being censored by the leftist mods. I agree that the media tries to separate us into groups and divide us. That way its easier to manipulate us.
  15. Arkiri Arch

    Orbis Tele Network Hacked

  16. Arkiri Arch

    Onward! For the Revolution!

    mmmm Feed the Social Revolution! Kill all who disagree with us!
  17. Arkiri Arch

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    How in the hell am I not on this? I think you and your associates are complete idiots who can't form logical arguments without throwing in personal attacks, baiting, or even flat out lying then ignoring proof, like you are doing right now. "Who in their right mind asks for porn" Gtfo until you can learn to read a thread, where its already been posted in the last 3 pages.
  18. Arkiri Arch

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    >Be Roz >Fed up with biased mods >Finally decide to get banned, since Alex said he would ban him if he did one more thing >Post the exact same thread that got him 3 warn points and a ban threaten >Alex cucks out and says no I wont ban you >Tired of all the SJWs who take something minor and run with it to demonize you and want to quit playing >Ask repeatedly for Alex to ban you >Mfw the cuck says no >Ask around discord if people want porn links in game >Idiots from Fark ask for it then spread it around >Demonized for some idiots willingly asking to be sent porn, who end up (maybe?) being teenagers >Criticized by more idiots on the forums who believe these poor sweet innocent teenagers have been ruined by seeing porn Do you o actually believe they've never seen porn before or shouldn't be seeing it? Or are you just taking an idea that makes Roz look bad and running with it just so you can ostracize someone who doesn't agree with you? Slandering someone because they have different views or opinions.
  19. Arkiri Arch

    The Roz, Triumphant! Once Again!

    Just waiting on this to get deleted, Roz you have balls of steel. Waiting on these SJW cucks to demonize you and insult you while saying how "sick" and how sexist you are because you role play a character. If you couldn't tell because you have the reasoning skills of a new born, Roz's character is a womanizing "mans man". You know, like satire, he is taking the character traits to the extreme for the comedic effect. Alex seems to have a strong bias against you, and its obvious with his reaction and threatening to ban you over a post that literally just uses porn stars wiki pics, with making jokes of how conquerors would get women as prizes for all of human history. (If you couldn't tell, that's the entire premise of the post)
  20. Arkiri Arch

    Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    >Called Buorhann Kastors "Massa" directly infering kastor is a slave to buorhann >asking if kastor was in the sunken place You have said racial things, twice, and just in the topics ive seen. Me and you made our peace before though, thats why when I quoted you in this topic here I said I wasnt calling you out, but the situation im describing perfectly describes this situation here. Hypocrisy. All I can say to Durmj, you're a troll just like us.
  21. Arkiri Arch

    Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Oh? So queen M can say something much worse than I can?
  22. Arkiri Arch

    Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    If Queen M can make a slave joke Better whip them into shape, Buorhann
  23. Arkiri Arch

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Im preparing to see the mass genocide, starvation and abuse of your members!

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