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    Micro not even in the top 100? At least The Immorals are fighting within their own skill tier.
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    Here is our declaration of war: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A0q7e7HALUkXM3lVMvptWzRAEwwoAhjae_Hx3zuKnU4/edit?usp=sharing
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    PnW is a great game that I’ve spent countless hours grinding, raiding, farming, politiking, and most importantly forming a core group of friends that has transcended this game. jk. Alex please don’t nerf raiding.
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    So, just to clarify. The number 113 alliance, with eight members, and an average score of 442 and a total score of 3,562.02 is declaring war on the number 6 alliance, with 187 members, and an average score of 1,252.05 score, for a total of 234,132.44 score? I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there's a clear ending here.
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    The Celtic Commonwealth hereby declares its existence! The Celtic Commonwealth Government Leadership Taoisich: Teutates Tanaiste: Joe Anderson Celtic Council Councillor of Humanity [IA]: Tacticus Councillor of Finance: Teutates/ Joe Anderson Councillor of War: TBD Foreign Secretary [FA]: NSharpy Alliance Info: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7411 Discord: https://discord.gg/kwTwS5y The Celtic Commonwealth is protected by House Stark.
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    We were going to wait until the next global war to attack their shit bloc but I guess you jumped the gun.
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    Well despite the odds good for you for standing up for your self as an alliance.
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    Fear not! We have successfully destroyed the North Point menace. All things are possible through the Light.
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    Players of Orbis, With this latest update, Sheeps has now made it possible to delete nations. My first thought the second I heard this was... someone is going to try to force city deletions on a defeated enemy as punishment. We just ended the most contentious and damaging war this world has ever seen, I dont think its a stretch to say that if IQ had the ability to demand people delete cities, they would have. So in a show of unity, and a small attempt to avoid the crap we all went thru a few months ago, I would like to put forth a pledge that no matter how heated things get, or how much we may hate each other, demanding city deletions will never be part of a peace term. I have spoken to a few alliance leaders privately and they all agree, so if you are in a position to speak for your alliance and or bloc please post below that your alliance/bloc agrees to never use city deletion as requirement for peace. Below is a list of alliances/blocs that have agreed, I will update it accordingly. Bloc Alliances: -The Hedge (Grumpy, Guardian, TE, NP) -Rose, Camelot -Quacksphere TKR/TS/HS/CTO/COA/OWR/SK -TCW -Swamp Block: The Fighting Pacifists/Ampersand/The Immortals/The Lost Empire/The Federation/Fark/The Regiment/Deathly Hallows/United Socialist Nations/Spartan Union Alliances: -The Wei (TW)
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    Who are you guys again? Dammit epstein lol
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    Sorry to interject in the AA forum, but I would like to add to the discussion. First, I am very happy to see everyone on board. It seems that toxicity in the game has been reduced significantly in the past month or so, and I'm really happy to see that. Pledges like these to fair play are really great things. I had the same concerns as you all, which is why I just updated the rules to explicitly forbid this type of thing. Although forcing people to delete and re-roll has always been a possibility in peace terms, with the addition of easy city deletion I think this does become a more substantial issue and one that needed to be addressed. While I was at it, I threw in a clause for trying to make people quit, which is also something that we've seen in the past. I want the game to be as fun and fair for everyone, and I'm glad that you all feel the same way by making this pledge. I hope we can continue in this spirit of mutual respect and fairness in all aspects of gameplay.
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    Top kek Hizu's got this, ignore all the haters
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    How the hell does a news server scam someone? You're an expert on scamming people, could you explain?
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    You don't like our theme? Maybe the child part hits a little too close to home for you?
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    First the scots, now these things? Yikes. Orbis needs anglicanization. ????
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    Welcome friends! May your stay be as long one!
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    My money is on The Immortals to be victorius!
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    Signing TI's death warrant I see.
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    Um excuse me, sorry to interrupt but by this logic, shouldn't this also be a dec on E$? Not saying thats a smart or intelligent option, just trying to mimic your logic Also am i the only one whos never heard of this alliance OR all of his allies?
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    You must new here? Fortunate favors the bold.
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    Can’t wait to see who’ll win this war...
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    Well North Point(especially the government) still exists so there is that toxicity-sphere. I have noticed too that most of the time when a bank is stolen (like when NR stole billions; Dusty's multi scams; Coup & Runs; Steal, Store Elsewhere, & Deletes; etc) that it is most of the time it's an NP associate. It makes me think what they are up to because it happens quite a bit. But on the other hand yes it has gone down rapidly in the past months which I proudly congratulate you good sir Alex.
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    I now have an account here
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    Make sure to post an RP post in the subforum. It takes a bit for the map in this post to be updated, so it helps if new people post after applying to show they're serious about participating.
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    Investor Contact: Leopold von Habsburg Media Contact: Partisan SYNDICATE, INC., ANNOUNCES COMPANY PANDEMIC MEASURES AND EXECUTIVE BOARD RESTRUCTURING Company Retreat, Diocletian's Palace, Spalato (de facto provisional Corona HQ) NASSAU, Bahamas (de jure), April 10th, 2020 – SYNDICATE, Inc. (NYSE:SCC) Amidst growing global pandemic crisis, the executive board has escaped a lively corona epicentre from Bahamas and decided to spend the rest of self-imposed quarantine measures in the Company retreat at Diocletian's Palace, SPALATO. Diocletian's Palace came into possession of the Syndicate during the breakup of Yugoslavia. It is rumoured, but never proven in court that the Company acquired this wonderful location and converted into a luxurious Company retreat by bribing the local government with 300 liters of gasoline. Amidst the global chaos, attempting to maintain social distance and abide by Company imposed quarantine rules, the incumbent Executives have grown ever more irrational. It is rumoured by the Retreat's staff that Mr Leopold, incumbent COO has been heard yelling in an inarticulate language at present wall paintings in his quarters. Later, it is believed that this language is known as Austrian German, deciphered by a staff employee, the laundry boy Pablo. Attempting to alleviate and de-escalate the situation, the Executive Board has introduced Resolution 138, calling for mandatory NO PANTS policy for all incumbent board residents, regardless if meetings were to be in person or via Skype. Furthermore, while Company shares continue to plummet contingent to the global trends amidst a growing pandemic, the Board has felt obligated to increase security amongst its employees now working from home, with no pants on, and forthwith hire a rising star of the Company as Chief Security Officer. It is rumoured by close confidants of the CSP, Mr Partisan, that he has been infected by a disease. Mr Partisan, a known hypochondriac, fearing influenza infection, has frantically invited a certain Mr Shiho to decipher the disease. After close examination by Shiho Nishizumi, it has been established that Mr Partisan has contracted syphilis on one of his many encounters around the world and will be treated accordingly. It is believed that Mr Shiho has gained such trust with swift action on Mr Partisan's behalf, and gained enough favour of the leading figure of the Company, that has prompted the aforementioned Mr Partisan, otherwise known in the red-light districts as "The Snake" to promote Mr Shiho Nishizumi to the position of Chief Security Officer. The motion to pass the resolution 139, the no underwear policy, has been shut down by the rest of the Board, and its proponent, incumbent CFO, Mr Theodosius, has been left devastated ever since. The board will continue to monitor the global developments and accordingly increase preventive measures in the future. The board once again implores its employees to stay safe and take all precautionary measures to protect themselves from the rampant pandemic, and syphilis (amended by Mr Partisan 15:36). Signed, the Board, Partisan, Leopold von Habsburg, Theodosius, Shiho Nishizumi
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    So does this mean I can't run my old banner ad telling people to quit and start again with my nation referral link on it?
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    First, I'm not intervening more than I've explicitly stated ahead of time. That is why I added these two specific rules to the game and publicly announced them. Second, NPO and co. had courted me for a long time. They got special access to things like the API so they could build their stats trackers. Arguably that is unfair, but IMO it benefited everyone and was worth the slight special treatment (extra API calls.) I also worked with them to improve the API to make their stat tracker better, less resource intensive, etc. Now, I'm not saying I did anything like bias moderation decisions in their favor (obviously) or give them any unfair advantage in gameplay. But, I worked closely with many NPO gov members and would have considered them "friends" before I began investigating the GPWC ordeal. I do my best on a daily basis to not give preferential treatment to people I consider "friends" or to people who spend money on the game, and believe me, I get many messages about people demanding special treatment because they spent $X or people threatening to not spend any more money unless I do things that they want, including changes to game mechanics. You can see this for yourself if you look at many of the suggestions threads or announcements that I've made, where people have brigaded the comments with "this will kill the game, I won't spend a dime if you do this / don't revert this" etc. I believe that this game is only fun because of the players, and if all the non-donators quit, the donators would quit too. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I think I'm one of the most unbiased admins you'll find because I understand the game needs to be moderated fairly across the board, and people can't get away with things just because they gave me money. As for that screenshot from Discord, you're misinterpreting what I'm saying. I was stating that the player agreement is not enough on its own. It is not, in my opinion, self-enforcing. Anyone could deviate from the agreement and decide that they want to mandate city deletions, and unless everyone bands together to stop them, they'll get away with it. I don't think we can rely on allies turning on each other, or in a situation where players are already getting out of a long war having the tenacity to stand up to such demands, thus the need for an enforcement mechanism (the rules, and me) to prevent mandating city deletion being a thing that happens.
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    For the record, I agree with Thalmor, Sheeps is setting himself up on a slippery slope. I assume he made the new rules because his intention was to make his life easier when people bother him about deleting cities, and probably didn't think about other uses of the city deletion mechanic. (I love the little guys that are buying and selling cities to hit people, nice job by you guys) I tried to do this politically so that we can police each other, the second Sheeps gets involved we all know the outrage machine is going to go into full affect, and you will get people whining and crying, threatening to quit the game, and actually quitting the game. So while I do appreciate you Sheeps moving quickly and making these rules about forced city deletion, and forcing people from the game, I think in the long run, you are setting yourself up for failure.
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    Hehe, I think it would've been better if we'd solved this politically... The new rule is fine if used sparingly but it just opens up such a can of worms if we apply it frequently. ? Great declaration though, happy to stand in solidarity with you all.
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    The question of how the in-game rule can be enforced has been brought up, which is why this IC declaration is a perfect companion. Neither the players or the admin will stand for toxicity, and if Alex isn't able to step in, the playerbase will. I am so glad that its universally agreed upon.
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    In nationsgame (the game i used to play) it was a game enforced option to demand destruction of a building to end a war
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    Thanks Alex, keep up the (sometimes controversial) work.
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    IQ be like: Why did I remove dem downvotes!!!! We in CK will never demand such terms. This plus, if anyone asks something like this, you better add another alliance on your Enemy List.
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    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m4D9oXJ3-yNLhqQSkGpFj4efPF1x__-6rdCqGVvHCs4/edit?usp=sharing This was too long so made it into a doc file. Hope you enjoy it! tl;dr: CK exists. Thanks to Anna and Evernt for helping with this.
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    What is this promotion of patriarchy I am seeing!!! @Basebond @Borg. Time to let da women lead us! @DyanaHoney if you ever need advice on how to deal with male politicians hit me up. #make Dyana emperor again! Little side note; Take example on Arrgh, a true matriarchy. Me and the mad lads paying our respects for this honorable union between raider tribes. May Rum and gold unite us all and protect us from the evil.
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    This thread aged really well ?
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    What's right is right, regardless of if it costs me money. This was not a decision I made lightly, nor a decision I particularly wanted to make. However, it is necessary to maintain any sense of fairness and integrity that the rules be enforced.
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    12/19 12:35 pm - Lin Kuei declared war on The conquered empire for the reason of "Potato Potato I used ur mom's arsehol". https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=153532 Pretty self explanatory.
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