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  1. what is a radio show? And most importantly who is Alex? I only know sheeeepy! the sheep! Arrrghhhhh
  2. ewwwwwwww.KT no good if KT have Kratos
  3. Marriages! I love marriages! Lots of food lots of rum!!! Can I call in a few boys?
  4. Too much text, someone explain me what happend
  5. And now it is time for you to merge to them Error 404
  6. Im all for new ideas let the man say what he has to say
  7. Arrgh and Eclipse should merge to 404
  8. god damm it guys just leave the man alone. If he is mad let him express it. We all make mistakes....
  9. Daily reminder to leave your allinace and join Error 404
  10. excuse me, there is a gif of me... I demand credit, or what ever that I can buy rum with! Arrghhhh me and the boys paying our respects. Good luck to you all!
  11. This is not about stopping to cheat, its to force Alex to really punish the cheaters
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