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  1. You're just claiming that because you don't want to get banned.
  2. It's not obvious.
  3. Yeah but alex can see that the bot is wrong.
  4. Yes since I know the VPNs their using, their activity and such since I have access to the tools.
  5. Yes I know the people and can get data easily from them. And I can see their usage history.
  6. That is a discord bot which can be scripted to give out fake results.
  7. There were no illegal wars. here is screenshots of me reffering players to the game. The unique id's are 13bc2cbf24277afa270dcba8, 68cd2b786ae82f396880fd7a, da3d2182ba55e94611204c23, 9d73c43908d64fe148d0820c, ae27ce03ccaa162104c5b5bd, fad81a3f9056e10f67c0feba, 5a3e0714c888b4a5f6a2551f, 5a3e0714c888b4a5f6a2551f, 133a0516a3975305b3e25eea etc. Can you explain that?
  8. There is no evidence against my alliance having alts.
  9. The reason is that many of the original players deleted their accounts.
  10. I referred my friends which I talked on discord plus Minesome did my discord so you should talk to him. Plus Having similar activity patterns don't prove anything. Sometimes people play together.
  11. What do you mean same address?
  12. Do you have evidence that it's not my friends?
  13. Hey, The owner here. Just want to explain what your seeing is the members that I refereed to the game which I posted in discord. The reason your seeing the same UUID is because all the members use VPNs the one I'm using has 43 other people on there. So are they multi's? I can show you my discord where I reffered my friends. The reason they all have the similar patterns is because we ussally play around the same time and play together.
  14. We have decided to dleclare our peace! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mwoLGp5cCn4BDsFyxNhiW95mxcIUfFXscDd6z3Seg-Y/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Its okay if we are more than allies by association.
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