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  1. Congrats on picking up the most useless trash that was lying around.
  2. But it did. Checkmate, atheists.
  3. God damn it, I forgot to say this on the first page: Finally Rose and Camelot are reunited!
  4. Anyone who thought Ro$e was bad is in for nasty surprise.
  5. The CB was PENIS, I believe we were clear about that.
  6. The real question is, why would you ever care about any of those things?
  7. Guess this will be the 71 (and counting) day war.
  8. Horsecock


    Our Sheepy, who art in Mountania, hallowed be thy game; thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Orbis as it is in Discord. Give us this day our daily login bonus, and forgive us our nation strikes, as we forgive those who reported us; and lead us not into VM, but deliver us from the bugs. Amen.
  9. "And the burden of the Lord shall ye mention no more, for every man’s word shall be his burden, for ye have perverted the words of the living God" - Jeremiah 23:36 It’s been a while since The Knights Radiant had their military truly tested. A group who believe they’re morally superior to the rest of Orbis and are leagues above the competition in being dynamic. However, they’ve become accustomed to using their bloc size to their advantage; hiding behind their allies in EMC and previously Quack. We haven’t had an opportunity to see how they’d perform without others and show their true potential. After the recent disbandment of their sphere, they now find themselves forming a new home. While we applaud the split of EMC, this is the perfect opportunity for a housewarming party. We are here not only to silence the words of a group who loves to hear themselves preach, but to give them the challenge they have been deserving of. Wizel’s rule has only seen the easy rollings of Blackwater and Celestial with barely any resistance, and is overdue a real test. Therefore, it’s only right that we humble the Orange Man again and bring them back to reality. The Hand of Fate would like to formally invite our ancestral enemy to our pixel bonfire this fateful night. No need to RSVP. tldr: TKR
  10. Great to have Keshav back.
  11. NPO/IQ weren't the ones slot filling in NPOLT. Coalition A was, and they were doing it intentionally. Thankfully I already left that shit before they did it, but I saw them talking about it and whoever has the Coalition A server (Keegoz) could easily prove it. Does anyone remember if people got banned for that? Because they absolutely should have been.
  12. I think the discussion is getting to a more productive state now. So, should the rule only be enforced when the intent was to fill someone's slots specifically for their benefit? The obvious glaring problem with trying to do it that way is that it would realistically be impossible for the admin (or whoever reports it, since the admins likely wouldn't put any effort into investigating it) to prove intent, so it would be easy to abuse.
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