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    Pretty sure his bad English was just him trolling, but alright. I actually do recommend Grammarly. I use it on school papers and such. It's a good service. Anyways, as for the suggestion itself, it's just not necessary. There's no need to add this feature. It's just changing things up for the sake of changing things up and there's no point to that.
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    Sup. Argie here. English is my third language, yet I still put more effort into constructing proper sentences than you do. For starters, it makes it easier for others to understand what the frick you're trying to say. Secondly, it shows that you're putting at least an ounce of effort into it, rather than just shitting it out there. Thirdly, to consistently type out like this can and does lead to bad habits later on. You've got no excuses for your appalling, kindergarten-grade typing. As for the proposal itself, it's nonsense. Firstly, as others have pointed out, Pyrrhic is still a victory, and it's coded as such in the resistance damage where it deals a reduced amount but still deals some damage in that regard. Utter failures are net neutrals for resistance so there's that too. Your proposal is inconsistent with current systems. Secondly, this notion that only defenders should benefit from war morale is nonsense. Both in real life and games, war morale goes both ways, or do you seriously think that events such as the quick fall of France in World War 2 didn't have a boosting effect on the German morale and war support? Thirdly, it wouldn't even achieve what you're seeking due to material disparity, unless the guys that are gang-banging on the other guy are that incompetent or that outmatched, in which case they would still have a hard time regardless of war morale. If you're having problems with being constantly gang-banged, either join a better alliance or improve your own. Don't waste Alex's time with such worthless additions. The above took exactly 5 minutes and 13 microseconds to type out, for the record.
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    I think it would be really nifty (and make investing baseball worth it) if stadiums(the city improvement) has an affect to increase the revenue of ticket sales by 2.5% per stadium improvement, with a max cap of 52.5% (or 21 stadium improvements, or 3 stadiums in 7 cities). The weird number is because stadiums are maxed at 3 stadiums per city. Baseball is a very powerful investment, but it is very time consuming and costs a lot of money to use, deterring many players away from it and favoring more conventional methods of revenue such as trade, maxing commerce, or through Raids. By increasing the rewards with something that players can better influence, more people would actually use baseball. However, even a 52.5% increase in ticket sales isn't as much as you would think, because a match produces an average of $6000, and a 52.5% increase would mean a match would make it $9150 per match, witch isn't much unless you grind baseball with another person for an hour making well over 10K per hour. To balance this mechanic, I believe that a increase in the cost of stadiums from &100000 and 40 steel/50 aluminum to $150000 and 50 steel/50 aluminum would work.
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    As many of you are aware, Seven Kingdoms is known for it's many leaks in the past. What very few of you realize is that those leaks are a right of passage. It's March 17th 2018, It was recently revealed by none other than SK that a war was to break out. More specifically it was Squeegee behind the leaks. Brooklyn has summoned him into his court. Brooklyn: Welcome Squeegee, please take a seat. Squeegee: Before we start my lord I would like to apologize, I understand the magnitude of my royal screw up. I never intended to be the cause of such strife and turmoil within these castle walls. Please forgive me for I will do anything to regain the trust of you and our people. Brooklyn: Now now Squeegee, this is but only the beginning of a very long road ahead for you. This was the beginning of many trials to come. Squeegee: You don't intend to banish me do you? Please anything but banishment! Public humiliation, imprisonment, I would even accept becoming your personal servant but please anything that isn't banishment. Brooklyn: Ah... no banishment is not what I had in mind, quite the opposite in fact. Squeegee: Oh? Brooklyn: You are to be King my friend, leader of our great kingdoms. Squeegee: K-King...? I don't quite understand... Brooklyn: For as long as our Kingdom has existed we've had many leaders like you caught in the midst of planning something treacherous. With out even realizing it you have fulfilled our right of passage, one that starts the road to Kingship. From this point forward your reactions to those that criticize you will define whether or not you can become the next leader. If your character holds true then you are next in line to be King. Squeegee: I see... then so be it my King. I shall take this chance to prove myself to our subjects and our allies. Brooklyn: I have no doubt that you will. As of today March 1st 2019 I Squeegee, have become the King of Seven Kingdoms. Brooklyn666 has decided to step down into a lower government position feeling as though he had done his part in ensuring the success of our alliance. Everyone here in SK thanks him for his service to our alliance and are pleased he remains to help us. Our Government line up is as follows: King: Squeegee Hand of the King (IA😞 Clover Master of Coin (Econ): Stillhard Master of Whispers (fA): Mikey Grand Commander (MA): Luna Any and all inquires can be sent directly to myself or Mikey, thank you for your time!
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    Many mistrades are to buy food for 2k+ PPU from clicking on the Create Offer page and then forgetting to change the resource type. An easy fix to this would be to set the Create Offer default resource type to match the resource of the originating page. ie. if a player clicks Create Offer from a screen that was filtering on iron, then the default resource should be iron instead of food. If the originating page isn't filtering on a resource type, then just leave the default resource type to food. I think this would be as simple as appending something like "&defaultResource=iron" to the Create Offer button and updating the Create Offer page to consume that parameter. If this is too much work, then a simpler change would be to just unset the default resource type. Leave it blank, thus requiring players to select their desired resource.
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    Grammer Nazi aside, there is something we can build off of this abut lacking proposal. The basic idea of morale is basically this: (people are happy) = (buffs in war) So let's work with this. Morale can be based off of how many victories in a war, or based off of your government approval rating. So how about when a war is imitated, both sides have a base morale of 10, with 1 morale added per 20% of your government approval rating, so you can start with a max of 15 or a min of 10. Morale will go up or down depending on victories or defeats. So what will morale boost? The 3 options are either increase in casualties, increase of attack/defense rolls, a tiny boost in resistance damage, or any combination of the 3. Obviously resistance wouldn't be increased for nukes or missiles. Also I think morale shouldn't be a boost that is dependent on how much government rating or war victories you have, and instead boost you by a flat rate if you have more morale than your opponent. This way weak nations with low government ratings because of war loss won't take more than usual damage from their next opponent. its a unique idea and having morale based on government rating would make people actually care about controlling their pollution, disease, and crime even more than just a cap for their troops. Also I think the propaganda project should increase your morale by 1 as well.
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    lAzY I'm gonna be honest, i dont know much about firearms because I'm a dirty liberal but I dont see why this would be restricted. Funny enough - eventhough far left politicans does target these bigger weapons, and try to paint them worse than handguns but I looked up a study one of them quoted from and found large data they didnt post which would of contradicted their position which showed handguns were far more used in assaults and robberies due to the ability to conceal them #TheFarLeftIsRuingingTheLiberalName I know it seems I'm supporting conservative points, but last I checked, liberalism is about personal freedoms and that's why I consider myself a liberal, personal freedoms should never be infringed, and guns go in line of personal freedoms.
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    Well, they do; awful and marginal victories cause considerable attrition on the aggressor's force numbers, and perhaps more importantly waste MAPs, preventing them from making otherwise gainful actions. All this without requiring the defender to spend their own action points. Action points are a resource, don't waste them needlessly
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    > we should mask military on nation page > has 9 farms in a 5 day old nation Listen to my son above for starters, after that repeat what he said and do it over and over
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    You've played the game for 5 days -.-' get to know the game mechanics first and come back to this.....
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    Lmao it isnt that hard to use decent grammar. I use mobile and still can create functional sentences. #NoExcuse
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    You'll probably have the most fun if you join Kev's Hobo Express
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    okay, see, it doesn't actually take that much more time to type properly. Not everyone can be a speedy typist, but it took me under a minute to write this. Do better.
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    It’s not grammar nazism. I go back on my statement I made on one of your other barely legible posts. You are playing an English speaking game, with the majority of its players speaking English. If you don’t learn how to speak basic English then I’m sorry we can’t do anything with your ideas (tbh they were all pretty bad anyway).
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    The nuke already includes aluminum and gasoline, which accounts for the delivery vehicle. What's really weird is that missiles apparently carry a payload of lead bullets; they're basically a gigantic shotgun shell apparently.
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    I'm not even going to try deconstruct this post. Just, no. Could we get a delete on this one, admins? THIS IS NOT HOW A MISSILE WORKS, AND NOT HOW IT IS RIGHT NOW.
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    The decision to ban terrorist and Nazi themes is purely a business move on the game developer's part. Politics and War is a business and having terrorist-themed nations or Nazi-themed nations would drive away advertisements. This is because advertisers don't want people to connect their produce with platforms that 'promote' terrorism or Nazism. In the West, communism isn't viewed in the same negative light that Nazism or Islamic radicals in the Muslim world are. Go to your local Wal-Mart and wave the Nazi flag and you'll be made fun of, ridiculed, and you picture will make it to social media. Go to your local Wal-Mart and wave the flag of the USSR and you can very well be ignored because nobody will care. We can discuss rather or not all this is fair, or if communism is worse than Nazism. However, at the end of the day Politics and War is still a business and the game developer has to consider his bottom line... and that's just kinda that.
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    It's almost impossible for invocations of Nazism or terrorism to not be bigoted. This isn't to excuse what communists did - tens of millions of people died as a result of the actions of communist regimes and hundreds of millions were deprived of human rights by those regimes - but communism never incorporated the focused, bigoted, often-violent brands of social traditionalism that Nazis or terrorists base their ideologies on. This makes communism much harder to translate into harassment online, and it makes Nazism or bad readings of the Quran appealing to people who are likely to post the type of poisonous stuff that moderation is most concerned with.
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    It's been an honor to be chosen for this role! I am excited for the future and looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!
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    could you p[rose a more refined idea, thats hwy i post this stuff
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    you can repost my stuff after runnign it thourh your gammar nazi stuff. That would have to be determeing by ALex, as i still do not know the exact numbers for the mechanics interaxction. Maybe it could increase/decrease your roll effectivness? It is just a base idea
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    !@#$s i was brn in us, all yall ovr hr thnking im a immgrnat....... i sav tim by not being a grmmr nazi and sll chck, if it dont make snese i correct ti l8r
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    So here is how it would go you can launch a missle wihtout a warhead, (so same as rn) you can only launcha nuclear warhead if you have a missle, so you need 1 missile per nuek to launch a nuclear missile would ake it more expensive to nuke other nations, and would instead rpomote glorious honorbale murder in trenches
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    WOuld eb another factor in war. It would give defenders a buff, especally if they are gangbanged So defender starts with 10 WM, while attacker starts with 0 WM if attacker gets a phyrric victory, or a utter faliure, then the defender gets a boost in WM, while attacker looses it if defnder gets any victory then WM goes up the exact effect of WM x can eb determned later. but is the idea good overall?
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    Sometimes life doesn't give you easy choices. Other times, you'd be stupid to choose otherwise. Anything but free graphic design? As IF. https://discord.gg/8qhJPk Please Note: Labor intensive projects or projects requiring special tools will be rejected.

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