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  1. Galerion

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    So we have the above and then you come out with this band-aid fix without including the accompanying wonder, then Prefontaine floats the discount wonder and you float Increasing the Daily Login Bonus all in a attempt to push this through. No didn't miss the part about it being easy and quick to implement. It looks though like your trying to put off your 6 projects that "will suck up a ton of resources", to instead give us this slapdash city cost increase to give yourself a easier time and placate peoples woes about the market in the mean time. You yourself say this is a band-aid fix but what people want is a considered real fix. If you must have a band-aid fix then roll back the resource percentage increases we had and then reintroduce them when you have a more long term resource sink developed, that should remove the time pressure from you.
  2. Galerion

    Is Baseball worth it?

    Quality Level and Seating Level will have the most affect on your home games and once done they don't need to be done again. Player levels affect attendance so both your team and the team playing yours have a affect on revenue, it is always better to have a person with a high level team doing the away games. When levelling players pitching and batting come first as they have no growth from games, speed and awareness will increase from playing games but you have to do lots to level them before they retire.
  3. Galerion

    Alliance market options

    Well there are alliances that have 100% taxes so restrictive policy already have there place in PnW, this just adds some optional play styles to the game.
  4. Galerion

    Alliance market options

    So that members only use shared/alliance market, you might want this as a temporary or permanent measure to control where money and resources go.
  5. Galerion

    Alliance market options

    1. Add a option to disable/enable global market 2. Make shared market separate from alliance market 3. Add a option to disable/enable alliance market The above changes would allow alliances to more easily run enforceable introvert trading policies if they so wish.
  6. Galerion

    Baseball buff

    Alex is clear here about his thoughts on baseball and unfortunately he is rigid to his original vision on how baseball will be played. He totally ignores the reality of only a handful of people repeatedly hosting for his grand vision of 60 or more different nations repeatedly hosting, so we are stuck with the way it is because @Alex isn't being objective on this topic.
  7. Galerion

    Baseball buff

    This has always been the main issue with baseball and the push for embargoes was dodging the real problem, Alex is opposed to making changes to baseball so it would take a big push from players to ever get this addressed.
  8. Galerion

    Inappropriate name

    That would be incitement to commit a crime.
  9. Galerion

    Inappropriate name

    The reason for the report of this name is the attention it could bring, in some countries the hentai with this title is consider child porn. So the question here is; is Alex comfortable with the possible attention from authorities or from groups of people who are into that kind of thing? If your not going to take action what are the rules exactly? Anti-semites=bad, Islamist extremist=bad but Paedophiles=okay?
  10. Galerion

    Inappropriate name

    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=41088 Name(s) in question: Boku no Pico Is the name(s) for leader, nation, or city? Nation
  11. Galerion

    New city timer

  12. Galerion

    City Manager top scroll bar bugged

    Nice to see this got fixed today, thanks @Alex . Shouldn't I get a bug bounty for this?
  13. Galerion

    City Manager top scroll bar bugged

    If you have a bit of extra time while you're doing that; it would make it easier to read if you made the first column with the row labels a fixed image and not part of the scrolled info.
  14. In the City Manager the top scroll bar will only scroll across to the 20th city, so if you have more than 20 you have to use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll across to the rest of the cities. This is a pain if you are trying to follow a line by eye in the top half, here is a zoomed out pic to demonstrate. https://gyazo.com/a0e525c0f2e51eb4efae0a238d223d76
  15. Galerion

    Baseball Needs Some Tweaking

    Yeah you're correct I did the math wrong, max 10k a game or a bit less should even things out. Max for hosting is currently around 25k.

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