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  1. Galerion

    Baseball buff

    This has always been the main issue with baseball and the push for embargoes was dodging the real problem, Alex is opposed to making changes to baseball so it would take a big push from players to ever get this addressed.
  2. Galerion

    Inappropriate name

    That would be incitement to commit a crime.
  3. Galerion

    Inappropriate name

    The reason for the report of this name is the attention it could bring, in some countries the hentai with this title is consider child porn. So the question here is; is Alex comfortable with the possible attention from authorities or from groups of people who are into that kind of thing? If your not going to take action what are the rules exactly? Anti-semites=bad, Islamist extremist=bad but Paedophiles=okay?
  4. Galerion

    Inappropriate name

    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=41088 Name(s) in question: Boku no Pico Is the name(s) for leader, nation, or city? Nation
  5. Galerion

    New city timer

  6. Galerion

    City Manager top scroll bar bugged

    Nice to see this got fixed today, thanks @Alex . Shouldn't I get a bug bounty for this?
  7. Galerion

    City Manager top scroll bar bugged

    If you have a bit of extra time while you're doing that; it would make it easier to read if you made the first column with the row labels a fixed image and not part of the scrolled info.
  8. In the City Manager the top scroll bar will only scroll across to the 20th city, so if you have more than 20 you have to use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll across to the rest of the cities. This is a pain if you are trying to follow a line by eye in the top half, here is a zoomed out pic to demonstrate. https://gyazo.com/a0e525c0f2e51eb4efae0a238d223d76
  9. Galerion

    Baseball Needs Some Tweaking

    Yeah you're correct I did the math wrong, max 10k a game or a bit less should even things out. Max for hosting is currently around 25k.
  10. Galerion

    Baseball Needs Some Tweaking

    Sponsorship revenue: paid only to the team playing away, $1 for every 0.01 of team rating. This encourages 100 rated teams to spam aways and lower rated to host.
  11. Galerion

    Improve Baseball please Alex

    Some balancing is needed, the person doing the away games is responsible for the rate of games being played and should be fairly compensated. So either the above or something else but the away compensation is the main issue to need a fix.
  12. From observation; I reckon in the time it takes for a 100 rated team hosting to gain 10mil, a 100 rated away team will generally make 1mil. To address this disparity I suggest simply scaling winnings according to team rating; with 100 rated teams getting x10 more than they currently do now.

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