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  1. Playing with the simulator, 400 ships vs 50 would net you 2-3 ships more than your losses, so if the limit had not applied it would be feasible.
  2. Does limit on ships set by the number drydock apply or could this take a person over that limit? if so for how long? until the generals death?
  3. https://www.grammarly.com/
  4. Could we please have projects required resources list in the same order as the bank withdrawal panel. So for example Spy Satellite currently is: 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 This would become: 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 Also the bank deposit and withdrawal panels does not currenly match the nation resource bar order, with food being out of place.
  5. To add to this; a pure food build doesn't use Recycling Centers so Recycling Initiative would serve no purpose other than for this requirement, you only need Recycling Initiative if you are doing other resources so it is out of place here.
  6. Turn off adblock and anything like disconnect that blocks cookies.
  7. Add tax records as an API endpoint with mostly the same parameters as the V2 Bank records API endpoint
  8. This also needs applying to in game calculators as commas currently mess them up.
  9. I wouldn't say he was botting for sure but he was a prolific away spammer collecting a lot in tips and the people who I have noticed getting banned for botting have been prolific away spammers. There are obvious reasons they chose to use it for aways, one of which is avoiding alex's accusasions which evidently works. If you seriously want to make that accusation (as you have done so in threads a few time now) dm me on discord to disccuss it, I won't dm you because last time I did on this topic you ignored me.
  10. If you have a ad blocker or something like Disconnect that blocks tracking then it won't work.
  11. Fairly simple just add a additional section for the alliance bank to directly buy and sell to it's members.
  12. 03/07 01:14 am - United Canarie Islands declared war on Opros 03/07 07:57 pm - United Canarie Islands left the alliance I Need To Get Sleep. 03/07 07:58 pm - United Canarie Islands created the alliance Its In My Count 03/09/2020 03:07 am Opros won the war ^ this why, the alliance he was on when the war started no longer exists so can't be looted.
  13. Just because me and "Who Me" have large amounts of pc time to throw at games like this is no reason to jump to the conclusion of bot use, as I have stated before the only aid I have in playing baseball is a mouse that has forward and back buttons. In order to play a lot of home games there has to be someone doing even more away game, there were 2 people in particular that did the majority of all away games for long time pre-nerf and one of which you have since banned for using bots. That said if a person is logged in with 2+ different web browsers it is easy enough to crank out away games at speed, as you can hit away in succession on all of them and they will all go through cutting down the waiting time for the pages to load.
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