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    Congrats to all who fought in this war! It was fun breaking every record in the books! Great working with people who are normally across the aisle and to Nerdsphere (lol) for the fight they put up.
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    Well, now you know. Also You now know to never ask the forums a sincere and uninformed question. All posts must be statements, dripping with sarcasm and hate....bonus points if you quote someone else's sarcastic response and then add your own brand of acid to the mix. It helps if you hate pixels. Be sure to mention this point several times. Shields up all of the time son!
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    hmmm yes, please click "delete my nation" and go play farmville
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    Thanks for all the loot and wars. Twas fun!
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    How to get to this screen: Edit>Delete Nation>Enter Password>Click that blue button. And once you're gone, the rest of us celebrate one less pixelhugger scumball in this game.
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    The Commonwealth and Pantheon
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    Find this screen and click the blue button to avoid all wars.
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    Oh and folks. The charge here is sexism if you will remember. Where is "men are superior to women" said? Like all the last times over the excellent 4 Wives thread, it can never be pointed out where I stated that women were inferior or whatever the hell they are charging me with.
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    Admin has deemed that RP is fine, as long as you do not do it to any actual good degree. Once you start talking about having many wives and such his impotent rage starts boiling up. How dare a time period be like that. History is sexist oh noes. Oh and for those who think I'm being too harsh or whatever. This admin has called me, not the player, the person behind the nation, a racist, a sexist, and even went so far as to call me "sick". He stepped way out of line first himself and I am merely giving him a little bit back. I unlike many when it comes to themes put a lot of effort in my content. People like flavour. Not everybody can be <Ingame Colour> X. People want to be Templars, they want to be Mongols, they want to be Pirates. However if they dare mention women in their deeds... oh boy, the big tough man that is admin will protect them from seeing such things, what a hero. Note something also. There has been no rape or any such thing in the Legend of Rozalia. There is no need for it after all as the Roz is the perfect man and all women want to be with him. Closest was Lordship here, but if you can put 2 and 2 together you'd see why that situation was thought by the woman as possibly happening, so we can once again talk about there being so something not all that straight going on with Lordship.
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    It's not like we haven't been rolled before. We just didn't take forever to support our allies.
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    Like I stated before, with the individuals involved - I expected better. It was all fun and games with the back and forth ad war leading up to this conflict, but going OOC with the personal attack ad was stepping over the line. We may not like each other in the game, but it needs to stay in game.
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    I would love to see us 1v1 Rose. I think it's safe to say we would end up like a nuclear wasteland, but I'd like to see how do against a bigger alliance.
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    As amusing as this was, I'll make sure to tell my pilots to send the dongs right away Ragnar.
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    As well as giving Ships some anti air defense
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    I don't think any Mensa raided any of VEs protectorates.
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    Yeah, get with the times. That's how surrenders work now.
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    It is. Now I'm scratching my head.
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    Make Mensaco pay for it.
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    Pretty sure leadership in the alliances tied to Mensa saw this as a potential moment, especially after Prefontaine briefly talked about it in the Orbis Central area.
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    I wouldn't doubt it if they saw this and went "Oh, that's what we should do."
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    I don't know what's better. That attack or members of Vanguard doing spy ops against Soldiers.
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    Honestly, the mess started between Rose and Mensa. Mensa "fired the first shot" I suppose though.

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