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  1. No reason for us to complain when the taxes are being put to such efficient and robust use by the lower tier. We have too much resources as it is because you guys have no idea how to git gud!
  2. The name of this game is still Politics & War. The goal is to git gud at both! Politics: The greatest advantage you can get in politics is your relationships. Relationships is basically everything, so making a decision to sacrifice that relationship is a huge step. In carrying out these spying operations, certain alliances have taken such a step publicly. There's no going back from this, to punish them in any way (for something within the rules) is to screw them politically. War: The secret to winning a war is leveraging the best available advantage, whether it be a surprise attack, luring the enemy into a trap, or overwhelming them with force. In a game like this, when you are fighting a much larger enemy, you can either surprise them or outsmart them using game mechanics. To punish someone then for using the available (to everyone) game mechanics it to basically screw them from a war standpoint. Putting this all together then, to change anything in response to this situation will be to screw one side in both aspects of the game (Politics and War). The game mechanics were available to everyone to use. Some people decided to take a huge political step and a smart military step using the game available game mechanics. That's smart play and they should not be punished in any way for that.
  3. I have no problem with the change in the mechanic. I've always believed the Treasures were useless in as much as their goal was fostering war. The problem I see however is the timing as everyone has mentioned. It is unfair to decide to do this 3 days after respawn and give only a 10 day warning. It is negatively punishing those who played the game best. The bigger problem though is how the change was made. You mention you spoke with players you trust before making your decision. Did you speak with any of the players who had fairly exploited the game mechanics to their benefits? Doing this will have produced a result which was more fairly balanced for everyone involved. All I can really take from this is that your decision making process is extremely poor (at best), or you are actively trying to punish a certain group of players (at worse). Both are bad for someone who is suppose to be neutral and focused on improving the game. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I'm experiencing something similar, and it is having negative effects.
  5. Congratulations Pantheon on a great job handling yourself! Your selfless act shall not be forgotten. NO NO NO! The historical ass whooping still belongs to Alpha!
  6. The threat is not that you'll turn un-natural. The threat is that you end up controlling the economy of Orbis. Given enough time and left undisturbed, you'll grow enough to hold significant market power. Almost monopoly power really. With such power even without getting involved in the game militarily, you can cause enough headache for other alliances economically. It's better to arrest your economic power right now than to do it later when you already have control.
  7. I enjoyed reading that log! o/ The Chola
  8. Damn! Quite the surrender. o/ Roz Wei
  9. This here is pathetic, devoid of all analytical reasoning and any basis in reality.
  10. We admire your courage Cornerstone! We are even happier that Dio has opened your eyes.
  11. o/ TC Welcome, and may Dio's blessings be with you all!
  12. o/ TEst Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne!
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