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[Bloc] ESPN8: The Ocho Presents the Orbitite Dodgeball Organization of Orbis (ODOO)


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Hammer Councillor of The Lost Mines
Diety Emeritus of The Immortals, Patres Conscripti (President Emeritus) of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Lieutenant Emeritus of Black Skies, Imperator Emeritus of the Valyrian Freehold, Imperator Emeritus of the Divine Phoenix, Prefect Emeritus of Carthago, Regent Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Coal Duke (Imperator Emeritus) of The Coal Mines


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I like the 5 Ds, but I can't help but feel like one is missing... :serious:


Best of luck with your new sphere. I predict interesting things in ODOO's future.

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Federation of Knox

Enlightened of Chaos, Event Horizon

QA Team and API Team

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I officially dub this bloc as Sudowoodo. May you score many critical hits.

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Former Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs and Emperor of the New Pacific Order, Founder of the Syndicate, Current Chief Global Strategist of the Syndicate.


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30 minutes ago, Canbec said:

TKR has given notice of cancellation to its protectorates


27 minutes ago, Darth Ataxia said:

Who could have seen this coming?

I did 🦾😤 This goes out to all the haters. I know FA better.

So there ✌️😎

Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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