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  1. I need to check the forums more. And my notifications. I was wondering where that plane went.
  2. I’ve already lost track of who’s fighting who so either welcome to the fight or go to hell.
  3. Today I remembered we were allied to CTO. glhf everybody.
  4. Orange man was, is and will forever be bad.
  5. Enjoy the inevitable dogpile.
  6. You’ve let us all down.
  7. 69 days for old times sake?
  8. Just get rid of them. They’re basically loser weapons anyway.
  9. Cheers to the ones still swinging at the end
  10. I don’t care what you all say micros are the best part of orbis.
  11. Define attacks. I’m literally sitting on someone who declared on arrgh with the explicit reason of trying to be beiged, they did a token utter failure and then sat back and waited to be beiged. Is that ok to you?
  12. Look at this noob. Everyone knows Arrgh is our conspiracy theory partner of choice.
  13. Bruh it’s right in the DoW. Honey. Badger. Don’t. Care.
  14. If you’re a farmer you might want to start growing some raws.
  15. But that’s my whole schtick
  16. Do they have a particular set of skills that make them a nightmare for people like us?
  17. You thought this was a clever insult but really you’re just going to have shit stuck in your shoe.
  18. Sorry to disappoint, but I forget you exist until I hear trigger phrases. “Limited intervention”. “Delete mil”. “Winning a dogpile” etc.
  19. Did you try t$? This is right up their alley.
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