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  1. Poor ass not worth my time. 😢 You successfully gathered intelligence about United Republic of Japan. Your spies discovered that United Republic of Japan has 60 spies, $2,714,885.08, 0.00 coal, 187.75 oil, 1,264.13 uranium, 0.00 lead, 0.42 iron, 0.00 bauxite, 49.02 gasoline, 25.77 munitions, 127.00 steel, 75.20 aluminum, and 365,507.53 food. Your agents were caught and identified by United Republic of Japan's counter-intelligence forces. The operation cost you $14,549.23 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed.
  2. I always appreciate how much work hidudes puts into these sheets. Thanks Hidude.
  3. if we're going down that rabbit hole then weather effects such as Tornados, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Locust swarms and the like could fall under the same umbrella. The problem would be what kind of effects the first 3 would take as in real life those would cause infrastructure damages and that's not someone anyone would particularly enjoy. Locust swarms would fall under a famine thing would could be used to either A) lower food production in a nation producing it, or B ) cause a nations daily food consumption to increase which might work quite well.
  4. Ataxia posted a reply to the ROH, I debated his points. Your hyper focusing on 2 sentences of the middle of my post and making this discussion into an OOC thing. That was not even close to the main part of my post. Also despite Daveth sharing an image showing WE approached THEM about getting HS econ involved less then a few minute's later your publicly lying to everyone that reads this thread that it was somehow the other way around. Edit: this no longer applies as darkblade corrected himself with his own edit. Also if I wanted a parrot I'd buy one and teach it to mimic myself in a much more amusing manner, not that this isn't amusing. Since clearly you have no intention to actually contribute to the discussion and are more interested in tarnishing myself with accusations of OOC I don't believe there's any reason to engage any further. I didn't say those things about taking a break to be condescending nor was it meant to be insulting, I was giving genuine advice as it's obvious those 2 sentences you've taken issue with hit a nerve which clearly was not my intention as I was never replying to you in the first place. Finally as I mentioned before I decided to engage to make things more interesting and because I don't believe in HS's CB but I think there's good discussion to be had. Telling me I'm malding because I decided to engage on the forums and help bring some life to the game is just not correct. And since you started replying I've only defended myself from your frankly disgusting claims. I'd also point out that you just agreed with Daveth after about crossing a line and now your back peddling with me a post later? You know what, keep going please I suppose this is one way of entertainment for the forums too although I won't be engaging any further unless you can keep it IC.
  5. I think you've had enough internet for one day. This is not even close to emotional manipulation. Leave it to a gen Z SJW to go full well SJW. I told you that I was pointing out a double standard, which is true. The focus on that part of the post was moreso asking why at the creation of said bank there wasn't an active participant from HS and OWR present or if there even was one at some point. You went full emotional posting accusing me of emotional manipulation and attacking my ability to read after I accused you of not fully reading my own post(contextually different), which at this point you've still failed to comprehend the point of what I brought up. I think it's better for you if you go take a break before replying again when your in a more calm place in your mind. I would be much happier to engage you in meaningful discussion on the rest of my post rather than you trying to take the focus off of the actual in game points I made.
  6. If that's the only point in the entire post you can dispute go ahead and move along as it's not indictive to the good forum discussions we've been having here. I'm simply helping to provide orbis with the entertainment that players keep pointing out is lacking. "You should be ashamed of yourself" for discouraging this kind of constructive discussion.
  7. It's hilarious the point went completely over your head. Ataxia said in the same post that Krampus' education wasn't a good enough excuse and then proceeded to say he was busy with his own IRL stuff. I was pointing out hypocrisy of him saying it isn't okay when Krampus does it but it's okay for him. Maybe read the full post before replying with this type of nonsense lmao.
  8. That's not entirely true at all. We have offered you the proper amount, you rejected that offer and while I understand where your frustration stems it's clear you jumped the gun and weren't interested in getting the full story as of the most recent discussions. The problem here is Krampus didn't take the time to do the math and his communication with you was somewhat poor that's definitely the biggest issue here. What he should have told you is that he may not have the time currently to look over the documents and to please get back to him after his Exam season was done. I'd also point out that it's frustrating your not understanding of how important education is and the value that these students pay large sums of money to be in school so they can get a good job or in a field they'll enjoy working in. We should all be on the same page when it comes to prioritizing aspects of real life. Let's also not forget that you conveniently forgot about this bank for 3 months after Nexus disbanded and I'd also question how, what and why the bank became what it was in the first place. From my understanding OWR, HS, and CTO all contributed to opening this exclusively for their own members so my question here is why was the CEO position not a joint venture and everything left in Krampus' hands. I find it somewhat irresponsible of you to not have had your own representative as part of the venture to help keep track of these documents as well, Krampus does bear some blame but so do you and this response after 11 months from you is like your trying to say your blameless. As Roberts said 'disjointed attempts at collection/resolution' You bear at least 50% of the responsibility as communication is a 2-way street. It's true that Krampus should have been more forthright with giving you the necessary info assuming your telling the truth and this isn't just another attempt of you covering up your lack of communication from your end as well so I'll give you that but this also leads back into my second point above. Again why was there no HS/OWR representatives as part of said joint venture with access to said documents. I feel like it's only right for 3 parties with 30% ownership to have someone with a hand in what's going on instead of relying entirely on Krampus and then putting 100% of the blame on him. I really don't understand why you believe someone that runs RON, this bank, is high gov in CTO and goes to university has the time to do everything everyday like this, there's a finite amount of time within a day and splitting the load only makes sense. This is all 3 alliances fault for placing everything on the shoulders of 1 player. This entire statement reeks of "We want our 2.6B and we want half of OWR's money as well" I don't need to say anything else about it as this entire statement reeks of greed. That's interesting. So it's okay when real life obstructs you but not okay when it does Krampus. Do I really need to point out how hypocritical that is? Congrats on the baby though but if it's not a good enough excuse for Krampus neither should it be for you by your own admission and needless to say that's disappointing going by your logic. The bottom line is it's disingenuous of you to put all of the blame on CTO for this 11 month slog where 1. You forgot about it after Nexus broke up for a full 3 months. 2. Both sides clearly communicated within those next 8 months poorly. 3. Refused the 2.6B payment and left us on read because you didn't like that it wasn't the initial 8B which was a gross miscalculation & again poor communication from both sides. 4. From the creation of said 'bank' you didn't have anyone from your alliance involved with documentation. Very irresponsible of you frankly. 5. Decided not to bother ever bringing this to Piggies attention and just assumed she knew everything about the on goings of this private venture between HS-CTO-OWR. And before you say "we were told to talk to Krampus/Jax" your an independent leader of an independent alliance, stop acting like a puppet listening to what A and B say if nothing is happening and actually try option C first. 6. The constant flip-flopping for 8 months between interest and disinterest. You had enough interest that you wanted your money but not enough to be apart of it sounds pretty sus from where I'm standing. Also demanding part of OWR's share when you didn't put any of the work in from your end? No, your not entitled to OWR's shares at all. Imagine having a job, not showing up for a week and expecting to get paid for the work you didn't do.
  9. I love how HS can't accept that human error exists when it comes to math and instead of attempting to reciprocate when informed of said human error they draw the line at the shiny 8B error figure instead then make a power point presentation of 90ish 'points' which insists they exhausted all options.. except actually talking to the current leader of CTO.🙄
  10. Heinous acts like this should be frowned upon to the highest degree. Orbis should roll you as a whole but everyone else is too busy playing D4 to pay attention. Heinous and brilliant. Good show. 😭
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