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  1. Huge thank you Hi-dude. Your spy ops sheets were actually what enabled us to elevate our spy game but I especially appreciate the shout-out. 🙌
  2. You literally just proved Ronnies point. Literally nobody ever has responded well to negativity. 🤔
  3. No it's actually incredibly immature. There are more than enough users that replied to him in a civil manner without calling him garbage or trash. Do yourself a favor and take the high road man, there is absolutely no need to hurl insults. Don't become part of the problem, be the solution.
  4. Congrats on 6 years! A great achievement. ❤️
  5. I highly doubt we'll ever see a repeat of GPWC, it's not exactly the most subtle of things to pull off guys.. Pretty sure we're safe this time. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Sounds like you should be pinging Alex then, and not Ana. Ana has literally 0 control over her punishment, Alex has 100% of the control. Your entire post is redundant
  7. Jokes on you, I'm a night owl. 😂
  8. They weren't talking to that Luna in the first place. They were talking about @Luna Moonfang
  9. Bro, that doesn't account for the fact all those names sucked and the creativity level is negligent. I mean you left an option for Hollywoods first ride? How uninspired are you guys over there? Do better. Actually I'll double down Changup. I dare you guys to ask a simple question there "Do we suck at naming Globals?" with an option for yes/no. I guarantee you most of the users will vote yes.
  10. Yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. It only won because the other names are absolute garbage. Yall need better creativity over there. Edit : Honestly happy none of you work for any game companies. I could just imagine what you'd call Assassin's Creed. "So guys, we decided the title on the new game, 'Killing people in the Dark' and that's the final name."
  11. Darn, I was ready for the next round too. Oh well, it was a heck of a good time. Now I can go and enjoy my summer.
  12. Sorry but I gotta ask, have you ever actually played the game or did you just create a nation, found Panth and just hit the perma VM? Because that's not exactly playing and neither is this. 🤣
  13. Sorry but as an outsider (although yes, I suppose I am allied) to TKR's issues this seems disingenuous, if you and your alliance truly believed any of that garbage you wouldn't have taken the opportunity to dogpile us when you have no connections to either Oasis or Rose. Feelings be damned, if you wanna protect other spheres sign the [email protected]#$in paper. tl;dr step up or shut up.
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