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  1. Been waiting for this to happen. Can I get my orange cape now? ❤️
  2. not seriously posting = quitting the game. Okay.
  3. Sigh.. This is why I don't normally engage. Even when valid points are brought forth the most prominent people will just gaslight their own involvement or just simply not acknowledge their own shortcomings and/or hypocrisy. You just danced around my point of you doing the exact same thing that you pinged me into your own channel for. It's not worth me responding past that either so whatever buddy, this will be the last time I ever seriously post on these forums or ever bother giving a crap about what's going on in PnW again. I have better things to do with my life frankly and I'm tired of putting in to get nothing back either. 🤷‍♂️ We all know the actual gameplay in this game is boring[and broken in so many ways], so when there's nothing around to keep players engaged it's inevitable for players to eventually just lose complete interest.
  4. I'm eagerly awaiting the announcement for SRD radio.👍
  5. How do you figure? tBR ain't safe from anyone, literally. That's why everyone says we're irrelevant. 🤔
  6. I actually really like the Bloc name. Good job to the person who thought it up.
  7. Not at all. I'm upset because the one player I looked up to has been acting more and more immature with his posting recently and I simply had enough of it and said something. I already know that I cave to my own immaturity so it's disillusioning to see it coming from the player I saw as a role model. You should know I overreact in most of my posts by now lol.😅
  8. So pinging me in your public news server was easier than just sending a DM my way? It would have been just as easy so that's pretty disingenuous at best. I have every reason to believe that you wished to publicly embarrass me. Secondly it was on topic of the conversation at hand within the given thread, perhaps a sub-topic of the actual topic at hand but it was in no way derailing towards the thread at hand. Given that I do have reason to believe that there was at least a bit of a personal stake in it. Given you & probably most of the users in DNN have no idea who I am and vice versa there's ample reason to believe you wished to pull me into a situation which would be uncomfortable for myself. Secondly, I brought this up because of posts like this By this point in the thread the only person working at RON that posted was Monti, and he didn't say anything worthy of making this comment, so please elaborate on why you've been taking these kinds of potshots at RON every other post you make when RON literally has nothing to do with any of the subject matter in at the very least that thread there. Unless for some reason your associating myself with RON since I was more or less the only one as you would say 'instigating' in that thread, so anyone in CTO = RON? Now I'm not saying you haven't tried in respects but your also guilty of what you've said about me, your content in this post added absolutely nothing in an alliance affairs thread that had nothing to do with RON and was completely off-topic. Which is odd since you'll ping me over when you think we're derailing a thread that wasn't really all that off topic then jump into another one and do exactly that? Do you see why I decided to engage now? Now that all being said I'll agree with you on a few points, firstly I absolutely despise news servers. But I'm also forced to participate if I wish to be an active member of the PnW community. Your also correct about not engaging in the first place and walking away as well but if I just did that then you wouldn't see anything wrong with your own behavior since nobody else will ever tell you otherwise. The real difference between us, your respected and known throughout the community, since I've joined I have always found myself or the alliance I'm in being shit on by the community at large.. The other difference being as we can see clearly in the screenshot posted by KindaEpic, my writing skills are simply not on the level of those of other alliance leaders or players of influence [Skill issue?] while on the other hand yours are. You are in a position to set the example while I am not. So it's disappointing seeing you flip-flop on this. I do apologize for the 'Clique' comment though, but the fact is your friends are more than happy to step in and defend you as evidenced here, and those screens KindaEpic dropped for us all to read, even though you clearly don't need it.
  9. Luckily I had a reasonable explanation, but the intention was the point. 🤷‍♂️ Either way why not just post on the forums where the conversation itself was going on in the first place, what other reason would there be?
  10. Screw it, fine I'll bite. How is this entirely RON's fault? Really please explain how your news server is any different than RON? I'm in both and the way I see it the same garbage goes on in both servers. And your hypocritical ass contributes to it just as much. Remember this post? Instead of continuing the discussion you went out of your way to ping me in DNN just so you could have your whole clique jump on me along with yourself instead of just continuing the public discussion in public. Give your head a shake hidude, how you can point the finger and not realize your also part of the problem IS THE EXACT PROBLEM WITH THIS GAME. Read that again, but slowly before you reply.🤷‍♂️ Edit : Just for clarities sake your damn right I'm also part of that issue, I simply matched the energy that's given out everywhere I look. It's a shame but the other option is to be a nameless player that never contributes at all, which might be the better choice frankly.
  11. I dunno. I didn't really think that through to be honest. I'm prepared to eat the mass downvote, it's probably a bad idea. @Prefontaine yeah your right. Probably one of my worst ideas. please ignore my foolishness lol
  12. Alternatively how would you guys feel about a 12 turn timer, IT's will work but no superiorities until after a full 12 turns has passed? Or perhaps 6 instead. Might be worth considering.
  13. So that last sentence is about facts and not you going "I won't forget this!" a few months after you maneuvered yourself into an easy war against Celestial who had unmilitarized after signing an MDP with HW? Cope more buddy.
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