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Some old friends looking for new adventures together. Huzzah!

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MofFA United Purple Nations

Former Grosskomtur, FA Minister and Spitler (IA) -Teutonic Order. Former Reclusiarch (IA) - UPN.


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Good Luck!

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Minister of Love of Polaris
Patres Conscripti of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Imperator Emeritus of the Valyrian Freehold, Imperator Emeritus of the Divine Phoenix


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Just now, Alexander the Great said:

Who would you suck to be in the sphere? Huehuehue

i give a lot of sucks to people in that sphere :serious:

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21 minutes ago, tree said:

Key word being Midgard

What is the ninth realm of Norse mythology? In Marvel, they say it's  Nidavellir, but other books say Helheim. Which one is the actual ninth realm?  - Quora 
This joke is woefully undervalued for mythical accuracy.

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No truer friend, no saltier foe

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