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  1. I like some of the ideas presented here, like the buff to fortress that rewards actively switching to it rather than passively sitting on the policy during peacetime, but I think that some of the proposed achievements are a bit too gimmicky, like most of the domestic policy ones. I actually think that it'd be better for these policies to be more of a grind to reach for, rather than easy to do things, because we really need more long term content in this game besides building cities. I also don't think the buff to blitzkrieg would fix the war policy. While I don't think the effect of blitzkrieg should be changed to starting with 7 MAPS in offensive wars (because that's ridiculously overpowered), I think that the downside should be changed so it's not super penalizing to use. Maybe something like units using 2x resource consumption in all battles during the 24 hour period.
  2. Baseball would be better if each game gave you more money, took 10 minutes instead of 1 second, and a little simulation of the game between the two teams played out so you can shout at your AI players to play better as they fumble the ball. Also the ability to trade players sounds cool, but then it might be useful to add more depth to players like perks that randomly spawn (or whatever makes sense, idk I don't play FIFA).
  3. At the moment there is only one form of gambling within Politics and War: Keno. Keno has been shit since Elijah Mikaleson ruined it for everyone else, and while I'm glad to have it back in the game, the cap should be raised or removed since we can now clearly see that it can't be exploited like old Keno (at least I believe so) and it results in a net loss for most people, which is what gambling should aim to do. I can't imagine it'd be too difficult to copy a Blackjack or Slot Machine AI from open source games, and it'd add more for people to do during peace time besides log in once a week and comment on the forums about how the forums are dead. Not to mention that we literally had a second form of gambling that got removed along with Keno and it was called Dice. I don't remember what it was like because frankly no one played it since there was a $100k cap on how much you could bet but I think that it could make for a fun alternative if the cap was removed. You can argue that baseball is like gambling but baseball sucks and I'd rather do my coursework at that point. I'd argue this is more important than all of the war changes and would be implemented faster since the dev team wouldn't need to endlessly debate on whether the mechanic would favor whales too much or not. 1 upvote = 1 less city for some poor sap who got unlucky while gambling
  4. This is not an issue because of city score, this is an issue because of military/infra score. Time and time again people have emphasized that the amount of score military gives is ridiculously low and has been too low since Alex changed them on a whim back in 2020, but we haven't seen any changes to military score in years. Please, at the very least, make an emergency fix to increase military score back to pre-May 2020 levels instead of changing city score back to 100. Changing city score back to 100 does not fix or even begin to address why downdeclares are so problematic.
  5. Mfw the long awaited and universally loved commodities feature is finally getting released
  6. Do more, I want you to for some reason
  7. Dunno, I like this meme thread better since it's in alliance affairs and OP posted actual memes instead of trying to stir drama
  8. Nobody deserves this. I see Roberts thinks that TKR deserves this
  9. Carthago try not to get rolled in 2022 challenge (impossible difficulty)
  10. If this is true of talking about any alliance you've just beaten, Rose would have enough collective real estate in GGO's heads to cover the entirety of Asia Hell, Rose has enough free real estate in Hidude's head alone to put Elon Musk to shame
  11. GG to Guardian and Oblivion for showing that even when you're outgunned you can put up a solid fight. Oh well to GOB. I hear SRD says that good fighting is all about showing up, so I'd recommend applying yourself more.
  12. City 15 seems like a very arbitrary number, no? What made you decide to cap it off at that point?
  13. Does a IT naval attack from one war decrease Air Superiority across all wars?
  14. Tfw Ronny fell off so hard he's using Firwof comments as evidence You hate to see it
  15. Rose was supposed to be demilitarized when we hit them? Someone should've told that to all of the Rose nations I was fighting smh
  16. The conversation: The "clique" that jumped on you: *conversation ends* I get the need to improve forum activity, but not every comment requires a forum post.
  17. When we allied HoF Unreal levels of permanent mental damage
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