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  1. Hello Orbis! I'm proud to announce that Aiyr Bank ☁️ Is Open For Business Investors! We have public shares selling for 1000ppu, now is your chance to get them! Convenient savings account, with 1.5%-2.75% Intrest Other forms of investment such as bonds will also be rolling out soon! Alliance Leaders! We offer larger and more specialized alliance-wide loans Nation Leaders! You can open convenient checking accounts to safely store your money with no restrictions on withdraws We also offer loans to create a better place for your citizens! (Or you could just build aiyrplanes that's cool too..) all this and many more services to come! Let us help you make banking a breeze! Links Discord | Charter Dino Joe Scratchy ReFlex
  2. Scratchy

    Take a l

    Thanos tried and failed to do that
  3. Who is HP, we got everyone else but this HP fellow Is it Hope?
  4. Let me call up GOONS so we can rig it brb.
  5. pls nerf brain too op
  6. I will buy for $1B I will pay $1 everyday for 1 billion days. Essentially 1 billion easy installment of $1.
  7. I have talked to this member for months now, they have just recently adopted the name "God Father" but I can assure you that based on my interactions with them, this person is not a multi.
  8. This has not aged well.. especially the A Bond For Eternity part
  9. Doesn't accept JSON api? Haha must have been annoying
  10. This looks awesome!! Nice job! Edit: At first I thought the platform was built from the ground up and I was like damn.
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