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  1. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Take care friend.
  2. Congrats and GL to all parties involved.
  3. Hilarious af DOW. Good luck to Eclipse and co
  4. Good luck to our friends in TLE! A righteous battle.
  5. Stop stealing our side hoes!
  6. Looking forward to working with old friends again!
  7. Happy first to our friends in Cataclysm.
  8. I didn’t really know the guy but it’s apparent from all these great comments that he was a great guy. Rest In Peace 💔
  9. He’s gonna give us the stinger tonight
  10. Hopefully next time you don't blitz after asking for peace and receiving it. Surrender only took about a week or so, an L overall but a good lesson nontheless
  11. Writing this just to make sure that people understand this is a meme post and not something actually considered nor agreed on.
  12. “Why does Clock think they get to keep doing double wars.” You mean the ONE time we did it?
  13. You guys don’t need to band together against the big bad Clock like this, what with all the advantages you have against us. Just believe in yourselves!
  14. Being dragged in and joining the war on their own accord are two very different things. Refer to Jacobs post above on how it went down.
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