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  1. Who wipes his mouth with toilet paper because it's difficult to tell which end is which?
  2. The great fire of the server room OR Server fire #18
  3. Actually it is possible to beige someone when you're completely pinned down. Of course the method might be just a little complicated for you to understand. And no, it isn't letting Diane Abbot do the resistance calculations.
  4. They didn't get the memo about the charity what-field running event which lasts for two whole months. So disrespectful
  5. People are moaning - quick hide the nukes. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216800987002699787/427794098490179585/gpTrident.mp4
  6. Well we could have turned around and attacked Rose, but that would make us basically as bad as them We could have sat it out and done nothing like chickens - or legged it through fields of wheat Or we could pick a target in the war that is somewhat related.
  7. His mere existance is enough. Not obsessed. *picks up binoculars from the approved legal distance*
  8. It’s time to be honest, because Something Big is happening Our friends in Acadia were left needing stiches after an attack by the Roses –our patience had been running low. It seems your minds were lost in Japan – and you’ve gained a bad reputation. So Rose, we’ll show you what friends look like. We’re not going to sit idly by and watch our allies turn to ruin. There’s nothing holding’ us back from defending our friends. It’s in our blood to treat Acadia better instead of repeating empty words. UPN’s allies well never be alone. Things can only get better from now on. UPN cancels our ODP with Rose – taking effect immediately. In addition to this, UPN declares war on The Knights Templar. Why? Because hitting Rose after an instant cancellation would make us as bad as them.
  9. Why don't you save the money from that car and buy a rainforest instead, before burning it to the ground.
  10. Sounds like a cat getting strangled, but still better than Swift.
  11. 0/10 - Taylor Swift ruins everything. Must counter with arch rival. Swish Swish Bish.
  12. Erm, I think you'll find it's me running the alliance now. Older government have been moving out. Theme change has partially happened, name and flag is the same - government structure and charter themes have been substantially changed twice. UPN got out early because we were unhappy with the way we were approached information which became clear within the war and to move away from a direction we wanted to change, hence cancelling on no. Old opinion on UPN should be firmly separated from now onwards. We're a whole new AA under my Strong and Stable Leadership in the alliance interest. Working for the many not the few.
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