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  1. We use Single Transferable Vote, so there isn't a traditional vote count per person.
  2. Politics and War presents: All Stars 18
  3. Just happened to me with https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=944022 I launched attacks approx three/four minutes after the update (three open tabs in Firefox. Attacks fired off one after the other). The game failed the attacks and gave a generic error about a redirect. The game was *crawling* when loading the page with just under 600 players logged in. Trying them again worked and the attack went through but MAPS weren't removed (attacks went through slowly at 6, 7 and 8 mins after update) I did sit on my MAPS for about 23 hours on this war
  4. I mean when the server looks like this it's a wonder it can even run the game at all
  5. As those rose petals fell, Hollywood realized they may be in trouble...
  6. Matt2004


    Moments before a murder happened...
  7. Watching the world burn.

  8. Orbis hereby welcomes the Swamp to the fallen Bloc hall of fame.
  9. The idea that you're somehow in the right here is absolutely hilarious. I'll see you on All Stars...
  10. In the great tradition of Paris is Burning - the library is about to be opened.

  11. So long TCW. Best of luck to you in future. There's always All Stars.
  12. After weeks of spying, UPN can now release actual footage of the superweapon Quack were relying on to end the conflict in testing.
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