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  1. Sad to see you go man but best of luck in whatever you do!
  2. Good luck and congrats on the new sphere!
  3. You’re really trying to convince everyone outside your sphere about this whole total nations crap and it’s just not working. First of all, I don’t know where you’re getting your numbers cause my numbers show a completely different story. HW vs Rose is a dogpile on Rose to any logical person with eyes and half a brain. Let’s take your mark that HW vs Rose is 1.3:1 idk who you include in your numbers or who you’re excluding but even with that number you’re including tier 1-5 where Rose has about 150-200 more nations than HW. Whereas HW wins everywhere past city 10. Congrats, it’s a really fair w
  4. It seems you have forgotten what actually happened? You were our prot, we declared on TCM, then as we were at war with them you made a forum post saying you’re signing them without us having any prior knowledge except minutes before the post. So you got dropped by us and HS and rolled by us a month later, looks like CHB is dead due to your bad management. Should learn from your experience not try to justify bad FA
  5. Wasn’t it 3:1 when it was HW v Rose? The salt and hypocrisy is overflowing, try to limit it.
  6. You’re right, how could we handle an alliance that puts a person who’s AFK in their bank to get looted
  7. We should slot you just for this post..
  8. Not a bad blitz by the one and only true IRON. Revenge must be feeling really good right now for my friends in IRON.
  9. I’m rather disappointed that not a single Aurorian was put down for the worst alliance.
  10. You guys have been great allies, it’s been fun. Good luck where ever you guys go.
  11. GG Quack and best of luck to you guys.
  12. BS couldn’t take TO last time and now all of a sudden think they can?
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