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Some pretty serious allegations regarding borg and his scripts


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Maybe my memory fails me but.
Whaling Corp + some NPO higherups were banned becuase of weird mangha distribution and tax farming bots.
NPO was dealt aniother blot after they managed to set their tax rates to like over 100% by avoiding the front end of the tax menu.
The first thing would not spawn in 150B, nor frame anyone. The second thing could spawn in 150B but the glitch had to happen trough someone with NPO tax manage perms, which borg did not have if i recall correctly. Unless he hacked into the PNW servers after a months long war to change NPO's tax rate after NPO was virtually dead already; to really kill them off one last time. But I have serious doubts about that. It feels very implausible.

All the other accusations are dishonorable at worst (if they are true which i dont know) and don't warrant moderator action.

About the morality of bots: That certainly is a discussion to have but that should happen in a diffrent thread.

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9 minutes ago, Cooper_ said:

It’s also super disrespectful to the dozens of other coders who have given hours to their alliances to create native tech.  Creating this stuff isn’t always easy nor is it quick. Shame on you tbh.  

Robbing people's house isn't quick or easy either, shame be upon wrongdoers

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25 minutes ago, Sweeeeet Ronny D said:

As far as I know this is correct, NPO wasnt taken down because of 150b

Alex will know about the 150b

NPO did state that the 150b they suddenly received came straight from borg. Shortly afterwards, NPOs entire bank was deleted and their bankers banned. So there is def a connection between NPO-Alex-Borg and the 150b and statements on the subject.

I cant know if its true or not, but the situation def existed


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Yeah, guys, seriously, do a little reading. 150b is clearly an arbitrary figure and this seems pretty clearly a joke to anyone who was actually here at the time and paying attention to goings-on.


In the announcement about NPO, they had 95b roughly in cash and resources removed from them and that was all traceable from production through the game from the new nations they brought in and the transactions they were making.


If this is pertaining more to the second NPO thing, which seems like it would be more likely to be what was being referred to than the prior situation, even if still unlikely, was an even smaller amount and only impacted one NPO nation from memory. Which is hardly a framing of NPO as a whole.


I think you should still naturally be smart about the decisions you make regarding tech and banks and your alliance's dependence on outside individuals and other alliances but taking this "claim" as anything other than the joke it was likely intended to be seems ridiculous. At least as far as the community is concerned. I can understand Alex wanting to do his due diligence but really, this seems a joke.

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It seems the 150b (129b to be more exact) were spawned and sent to Mythic bank on suggestions from Dyana (seen in this ss as Pascali), another known borg associate, who later apologized for it and directly said borg was behind it.

Got another trustworthy source saying it is known borg 100% discovered the exploit used as well as alex saying:

They're receiving a special achievement in-game for their help, as well as the player Borg who also helped debug this issue and some other site vulnerabilities recently.




so much for the whole 'no connection' thing. we now got 2 known insiders saying he did it, people in his camp + npo saying they think he was behind it. Would like to point out Dyana or Titan has been in all of borg alliances, had leadership role in e404 and was for sure close to him at the time and after. 

theres probably no way to know the truth, but there is def something here.


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As an update, after talking to a few people involved or in the know, it seems one scenario seems most likely, going by what we know so far.

Borg found the exploit, borg let Eric know about it and oversaw the whole operation. Multiple people on different sides of the whole thing seem to agree Borg was 100% the guy who brought the exploit to the table and the mastermind behind the whole scheme.

The money ends up with borg henchman Dyana in Mythic, to the surprise of Mythic staff which immediately reports the situation to Alex. Dyana apologizes for the situation and directly points fingers at Borg.

Eric (npo banker who made transfers between the different offshores) gets caught by Alex so Borg switches up and helps alex fix the exploit, Eric gets banned and points fingers directly at Borg.

Later Borg admits truth to his close circle only to delete messages, and have this surface now after disagreements in their camp.


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2 hours ago, Mars said:


Why has he been sitting on this since November? It's clear Spanky believes Borg. The only conclusion is that Spanky was willing to turn a blind eye to massive (alleged) cheating until it benefitted him not to. Pretty poor play.

Probably all a load of lies but on the chance it isn't, Spanky and whoever is in that group chat should be punished for not reporting it & using the screenshots to further their own agenda when it suited them. 

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40 minutes ago, Borg said:

this is dumb
mars, I know you hate me, and have falsely reported me/my bot in the past

i dont report you 'falsely' and this is not a report. ive reported locutus in the very beginning because i thought you making a third party script that provides unfair advantage and selling it to the player base was wrong and warranted admin action. still stand by that to this day, at least youre providing it for free now, which just makes the situation even more complicated.

as for me having others do anything, i dont even know what youre referring to, i just leaked your high gov chat  from my discord name straight to pnw main chat, didnt need or want to hide behind anything. 

also i have never brought up what made me lose respect for you in public ever, wouldnt want to tarnish that beautiful reputation of yours and tbh i doubt anyone would really care. but as ive said before, as far as the bot is concerned its not personal at all and could be anyone else, i would feel the same. i just think locutus is cancer and harmful to the game experience on multiple levels, but that is not the point of this thread.

in fact, the point of this thread is multiple people in your camp (including yourself) pointing you as the man behind the npo exploit. 

so, are you the person who found the exploit? if not, did you have any part in the whole npo transfers prior to alex knowing about it and why do we have multiple people being pretty sure it was you, one of the people directly involved in it and part of your staff (dyana) saying it was you, and why the hell did you even say that yourself in your own private chats only to delete afterwards, and no mentions of it being a 'joke' anywhere? 

Would like to say ive only provided facts and my own interpration of them, have not lied or made up a single thing, and used words like allegedly where they were needed, so i dont think ive been unfair in my presentation, if at all, just because i dont want my own feelings on the matter to get in the way of a good expose.

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I don't know about Borg being involved, however Dyana definitely deposited 150B into Mythic's bank, but that already got reported and presumably handled back then.

Look up to the sky above~

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4 hours ago, zevfer said:

I find it interesting that none have put up the 8 month log that spanky uploaded to RON. 

Attached is the log that he provided, if opened in a browser will show the logs in standard discord formatting.

Take what's in it how you will, I am just the messenger. 

Direct_Messages_-_Group_-_SpAnKy_MinesomeMC_TheRiddler_Canyon_borg_Codename_V_899276733436555304.html 3.17 MB · 1 download

Thanks! Quite a few interesting tid-bits in here.

I'm not sure where people keep getting this idea that one can exert authority and influence over multiple alliances (who will inevitably have conflicting interests down the line) and not have it blow up in their faces. If you have a problem with the direction the alliance you founded is going, be there to actually fix it instead of yanking away collateral after the guys you left in charge did something different. 🤨

EDIT: But I guess that's not what this thread is specifically about. :P 

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6 hours ago, Mars said:



this is a pizza pie

Borg skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him bot and code.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on bot API screen..He needs to check-up....Roquentin FPL Cheater with Streaming.....I think Roquentin still cheating... Borg using game deficit on PRO scene ,ON BIG Events.Maybe everyone dont knows him trick.He incredible....I want to ask his where is the comming of your skill's

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reached out to NPO for comment and they were kind enough to provide us with their perspective on this from the time it happened.

this is a direct dump of their council channels from the day before and day after the exploit

the yellow rectangle is about the time eric got banned



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14 hours ago, Sweeeeet Ronny D said:

As far as I know this is correct, NPO wasnt taken down because of 150b, they were taken down for creating a giant 1000 man alliance, with offers of free stuff outside the game.  I read the document with all the evidence against NPO before it was presented to Sheeps, and I dont remember seeing anything in there about 150b.

If he does have the ability to hack the game like that, I would agree that is an issue.

That being said, technology bad, damn kids and your bots.


Yeah, I remember the dollar amount of cash and resources accrued by NPO via the guinea pigs to be significantly more (vastly more) than $150 billion.


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On 2/9/2022 at 10:14 AM, Mars said:


It appears both his alliance discord server AND his alliance funds are being held hostage at this moment. This casts a dark shadow over the good faith and motivations of the accused and should raise some concerns with those using Locutus services.

You didn’t mention that Spanky is leader ingame, nor did you share these screenshots that beg to make your narrative questionable. Also, why is everyone ignoring the guy saying that Borg didn’t exploit, that he was hitting super rich targets?




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1 hour ago, His Holy Decagon said:

You didn’t mention that Spanky is leader ingame, nor did you share these screenshots that beg to make your narrative questionable.

Firstly, i cant share things i dont have. i see those screenshots just now. Not only they are not even related to the borg exploit issue even remotely, they dont even really address spankys issues with his discord server/bank or really show anything spanky hasnt already shared or said in RON radio show.

Secondly, my 'narrative' is me posting the different information that surfaced and screenshots. I used words like 'alleged' 'accusations' 'it seems like' etc. What are you suggesting exactly? See what i think is suspicious and not say anything? Hopefully borg has nothing to worry about anyway and all of this is just a giant misunderstanding.

For what its worth ive dmed borg a while ago to hear his side from him directly but he doesnt seem interested in interacting with me and hasnt responded as of yet, up to him really.

Would also like to point out and maybe focus on this : I didnt even say 'borg exploited' anywhere, in fact *get ready*: BORG said that and DYANA said that and NPO said that, so maybe talk to them about why they said what they said. 

Also dude, what is up with your last screenshot? What you did is take a bigger screenshot of an evolving conversation, cut out the beginning part where NPO didnt really understand what was happening and say 'here they didnt even say it was an exploit'

let me make it super easy for you, if you keep reading towards then end this happens:


I mean really, the whole screenshot is right there for everyone to see, i think you just missed the last part.

So if youre trying to make an arguement npo didnt say borg exploited... it says right there 'borg did the exploit'

To go over it again so its super clear:

Do i know if anyone is lying or not? borg, dyana, npo? No, i obviously dont. Do i think its suspicious as hell? Yes i do. Have i ever said 'borg exploited'? No, i have not.

Has borg said he exploited? Yes. Has dyana said borg exploited? Yes. Has NPO said borg exploited? Yes. 

Do these screenshots exist? Yes, they are in this very thread.

Should they be hidden because borg is beyond suspicion? Not really.

Should i not say everything if i know of possible evidence towards an exploit happening in the game? That would be against the rules and dishonorable.

Unless something new comes up this is my last post on this matter. Good luck to alex borg spanky si and whoever else.


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On 2/9/2022 at 9:26 AM, Kevanovia said:

It's easy to frame anything to make it look like something it isn't

speaking from experience 😉  😉 



 I personally voice my own thought processes based on own desires of informational curiosity as well love for discussion based on questions & statements I made rather just trusting info like a collective hivemind

Onlookers whom hop aboard the brainless bandwagon refusing inter-articulation based on assumed feelings, go give yo balls a tug ya tit fugger         

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