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  1. You may not bear affiliation but we do , not to you but Waffle House.
  2. They leaked election form to RON , go check it. They have betrayed us by voilating the 6 month NAP and not paying the rest of 500m and i have now taken over this allaince and it is now mine. I have restored Waffle House by abolishing the rigged system of Democracy which has never worked. This allaince is now enslaved by me 😂 . I have taken my revenge of the betrayal by capturing the allaince.
  3. Even if it is 1 day , or 1 year , it doesn't matter , betrayal is betrayal. Time has no role when the revenge is taken.
  4. Waffle House had always mistreated it's Real Brotherhood counterparts and they were never treated equally. Llojsa and Lovin Boi tried thier best but greedy traitors like @Kode @Changeup and @Jacob Apple considered Waffle House as their hereditary allaince despite Waffle House being a democratic allaince. I , as former FA head of Waffle House , can confirm them rigging the Allaince elections and when i protested , i was silenced. They kicked Lovin Boi and Llojsa , but they were so dear to some members that they had to be brought back. However , they were jealous and didn't wanted Llojsa in the allaince and he was kicked for the 2nd time. This time , there was a war between TRB and WH in which Waffle House wasn't able to make them surrender but instead ended up paying reps of 1b (They paid only 500m) and the leaders of both sides agreed to mutual apology. And a 6 month NAP was settled And the 6 months NAP wasn't also kept by them. TRB changed it's name and had rebranded to Spartans by then. This is the proof of mistreatment they have done. Today , Lovin Boi and Butter have captured Waffle House and it is today now under thier feet and It will soon be converted into a memorial in the great memory of @Llojsa Of Llojslands. Waffle House has been enslaved By Noble Kshatriyas and Butter now rules it. I and Lovin Boi , Declare the existence of the sovereign Waffle House. It feels very nice to have added one more enslaved allaince to the list. From now on , Waffle House will no more be democratic and it is now my hereditary right to rule it and i OWN Waffle House. The banner Of Waffle House has been restored by Noble Kshatriyas and has been made part of the territory. Evils like Democracy ,taxes,communism have been reduced to dust. This is very great moment for Waffle House as traitors such as Kode , Changeup , Jacob have been eliminated and a new Waffle House has been made under a noble banner. I request the community to realise that you all are getting fooled by Changeup and Larz. The Waffle House will be accepting anyone regardless of relations. May the memory of Llojsa Stay Alive Forever! Jai Shri Ram!!!
  5. If you didnt come close to daddy, the daddy will come to you. Why are you so worried , sons?
  6. This was a random war. So the most appropriate name is "Random War"
  7. It's all fun and games until a real candidate comes to take part in the election. Then , we will know how much democratic you are. People really need excuses to make forum posts to grab attention.
  8. Which allaince's 'one of the best' pirate was scared by tfp?
  9. Hello! I said some gore stuff to a girl while in some arguments and i spoke very harshly. I was just typing and wasnt giving a thought about why i typed and said some terrible stuff . I am very sorry for this act done by me and i apologize to SweetButPsycho!
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