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  1. "Declaring war on a nation without the intention of fighting them is punishable by a nation strike" The rules say declaring on nations without the desire to fight is slot filling and thats what you guys are doing and this takes a slot of the nation which is attacked and it means the nation cannot be attacked by anyone and declaring war does nothing if you dont fight. So, it just reduces war slot of the opponent and benefits the opponent.
  2. YOU GUYS DISBANDED!? Its clearly because there was no Butter as topping.
  3. Butter


    yesterday, this screenshot was posted in OCN with a guy claiming to have multi. I searched his nation. His nation is https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=267216 The nation he says is his multi is https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=455355 He also mentions that he has many other multis and i think he is using vpn probably. He has suspicoous trade activity as well. I suppose the blank space is beacuse the nation was deleted. So, he deleted his multi after sending 100m in money.
  4. Post got less response, if it would have been by a RON 'revolutionary'. It would have gotten about 6 pages of convo. Only some people like roberts who care for the community have replied . Alex thinks 'our community' ends with his rose/tkr/guardian/grumpy moderator minions.
  5. Constantinople but PnW verison
  6. Down with the admin alliance!!!
  7. everyone likes money so city building gives more money so everyone builds cities . no reason for not building cities and not being a whale. define reputation. reputation is just supporting some influential players and saying "yes" to thier every deed or you dont know how to play the game and r a noob. this is what i have observed in "most" scenarios and i have been playing the game for years.
  8. Did i talked about a particular AA? I only said about those AA which uses locutus as thier "lifeline" . Dpe dosent exsist lol. Well, lets wait what for what alex says Keep getting rolled noob.
  9. Many allainces have benefited greatly from borg and its bot and no one allaince would want to lose a person and a bot which is the lifeline of their allaince so it pretty obvious people will call this "bullshit" and defend borg. Borg has contributed to the community to a lot but this shouldnt be used to cover borg's or anyone's wrongdoings.
  10. Yup. I have idea what i am trying to say and i also have idea of the situation. You are just saying cuz you hold a grudge with me. Aslo,you seem blind to read this this screenshot Mars posted which clearly says borg is behind it.
  11. This thing cleary says borg is behind it . If borg has helped to fix the game, it dosent means you wont hear our evidence against him. After all, he is a player too and we are one too.
  12. He deleted the entire conversation as far i have heard? Why is it so? Deleting a joke is ok but he wiped only that specific portion
  13. He deleted the messages later. Borg wouldn't have done it if he was joking. This clearly shows it has something to do with borg
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