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  1. I am always in favor of more options. I am wondering how often it will be used though.
  2. I second this, both because it would solve my (linked) problem and because people should be able to minimize descriptions with one click if they want to. it's like a two in one combo deal. Great stuff.
  3. I'd agree. We need that button too (it is very usefull). Misunderstood you, thanks!
  4. This is not the issue I am having here. The issue is that this scroll bar (see attachement of origin's nation) exists. I enabled the option you said and it is still there on my nation. Morever i really just dont want a scroll bar anywhere. A simple show / hide nation description button would be the life, if that's not possible just show them all.
  5. I would be completly fine with giving people the choice if that is a technical possibility. If it is impossible to give people the choice though, please revert to how it was before. (this patch made my little doggo cry). don't mind me not actually having a dog.
  6. So a few months ago we had the pleasure of getting nation description boxes, most people did in fact not like them, i still despise them suckers. But they were gone. Untill yesterday, when the fire nation attacked and they are back (without notice i think?). Can we please: Not have boxes with a scroll bar on our nation page. (so like they were untill like two days ago). OR Have the option to remove them in our personal settings. I am perpetually scrolling on nations but not going down because I am going down in nation descriptions instead. I am extremely This is a stupid subject which I am far too opinionated about, please remove them again. I beg you Alex. Thanks in advance.
  7. I like this idea actually. (like a lot a lot) I think it would be interesting for these buildings to have a high upkeep (so it really costs to keep and huge nations cant just mindlessly build them without second thought). I'm not sure if this is a good idea but might be interesting to make cost infra / land dependent (bigger cities are harder to defend after all). Added to that I would also like to a see a moderately long wind up time (let's say 10 - 15 days or something), during this time they incrementally come closer to "peak efficiency". This once again to reinforce the idea that you actually have to make a choice, and can't just mil up a day before the war and have monster defenses.
  8. just please make us able to rebuy as soon as DC passes. Double buys are scuffed. this over any other fix or balance.
  9. Homie just listed the three quickest ways to make bank at your tier and said "not those ones"
  10. This one is fairly simple. When you get money from the alliance you get a notification like this: To check the reason in game you have to go to your bank history, i think it would be nice if it came with the notification.
  11. Caboose mate, it's been a long time since we were alliance mates in Rose. But some days i still think back of that day. All the best with your alliance homie.
  12. There is a reason we have it, it has something to do with spy bot nations with 1 score or some stupid shit during NPOLT.
  13. This is a small thing that has bugged me is when the game shows you can not declare war on someone. Let's say i want to declare war on a very big (or small) nation, from the moment i press the declare war button it will bring me to this screen: This makes sense. But let's say I want to declare on the leader of my alliance (grumbles in taxes), it will first let me fill in a captcha before it will take me to this screen: Now let's assume I want to declare war on my good friend @Kuuhaku. Now Kuuhaku is in the enemy coalition, and already full slotted. So first I will have to fill a captcha, and then after i press the war button it will take me to this screen: Now what i propose is: Check if you can declare war on someone from the moment you press the button for the first time. Problem: in busy times like these you might click that button when he has slots open, and hell be full sloted by the time you did the captcha. Solution: Just check twice. In most cases it would solve a lot of time without causing a lot of issues.
  14. I think all the point you listed are really interesting. In general i think all your proposed rules are quite good, i do think it's important to doctor a bit more with the duration of bans, and the possibility of getting an account back.
  15. Hey @Alex I think you missed this one, could you provide some clarity on this please? Thanks
  16. From what i have heard you are seriously underestimating the price of this game. The walls told me Alex payed his college tuition with this game, so a 16000 dollar estimation seems like royally lowballing it. + ofcourse we don't know the sentimental value of this game to him.
  17. Wouldn't solve that situation though. I do agree homophobia should probably be in there, but they will still be rampant whereever. Alex made it quite clear that he would not moderate stuff like that in other's peoples discord from the document i just read. (Although it would ofcourse help on the forums, in game and the official discord).
  18. Maybe but you'd also have to ban a lot of catalan flags, and scot flags who are very much not fashist.
  19. I cant comment on the confederate flag because i know too little of the nuances, i do know them of kekistan tho that is why i commented on that specific one. I prefer the safety of not banning innocent people. I'd say rules against homophobia are indeed in place too.
  20. I wish to note a very sizable minority (or even small majority) who used the kekistani flag were not nazis at all. And the problem with crypto fashist is that without actually talking to them it's hard to discern them. Let's keep caution and ban too few over too many people.
  21. How long would these bans last for? Would they be permanent (i personally believe that is a bit harsh, a lot of young people play this game, change happens a lot) or would it depend on the expiration of the points you have? Personally I would prefer the second option (or another non permanent solution). Assuming bans are not permanent, is there a way to "ban" people without deleting their nation so they can come back once they had time to think about their actions and it's consequences?
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