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  1. dunno. It seems like a separate issue in that its a ponzi scheme only held up by the systemic issue of actually converting those stocks and cashing out. the cash from the original sale of the shares was embezzled on their other ventures / buying cities or whatever, or wasted it on dumb stuff like sending schrute's 1b offshore to 4 different people and paying off pirates
  2. I hope we can keep in touch. Farewell, and best of luck in life. ❤️
  3. Sorry. I know this is no-discussion, but I feel that my transparency in this would help. > I'm guessing this is the point of Borg having control of so many nations, to circumvent restrictions, otherwise why isn't Borg just operating the bank themselves? I am doing this because people want to use my bank/alliance management tools. Its very convenient to do things through discord, especially since the game doesn't natively have a way to track and verify individual nation's deposits / loans / grants. I can't operate this myself, because I AM NOT IN THOSE ALLIANCES. There is no
  4. Its banking / alliance management tools which I freely offer people in this game through locutus. These actions are triggered by respective gov members of those alliances using commands on discord. I'm confident network logs can corroborate that other ingame actions were not done on the same network. That trade is from before that account was using said tools (and thus on the same network) - so is irrelevant. Nations flagged on the same network are prevented from trading. @Alex would verifying be necessary to clear this up?
  5. we use them for our crazy alien experiments
  6. so... higher interest than most people can already get, and you need to pay collateral.
  7. Surrender? Not white peace? lmao
  8. If you go with "solutions" that were suggesting in the past, it won't change anything really. You'll still have e.g. Yarr. Or bigger alliances where shuffling funds around isn't an issue. So it'd shift a lot of wealth to whales, and make it a lot harder on micros, and all the companies/banks in Orbis.
  9. There's a large portion of the game content with pixelhugging. Hence why some recent-ish updates have been largely detrimental to piracy.
  10. Yes. Would love to see more stats and extended leaderboards. I can add a few to my bot (if it's easily doable with the api) in the meantime.
  11. I airstriked soon after he made them, see the war linked by OP. I setup alerts to link me to the airstrike page when he bought soldiers. no clue how logs will prove anything besides that I performed airstrikes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess its similar to how ppl winged during global about cheating when they got slotted immediately after leaving beige at random times game mechanic wise, if you dont want quick timing to give anyone advantage, attacks could be queued to run during turn change.
  12. Hi. I have alerts, locutus checks every 30s. I still perform the attacks myself.
  13. Arrgh! Also, your mask is covering the wrong part of your face. Don't want to get covid on top of having survey
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