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  1. Arrgh! Also, your mask is covering the wrong part of your face. Don't want to get covid on top of having survey
  2. @Phoenix I mean, people do that, yes, but 10m isn't much and you can make a lot more from raiding. (You can also use the market without being on beige). Milking beige and avoiding wars isn't what most would consider a good playstyle, since you're missing a large portion of the game.
  3. Your spies destroyed 1 nuclear weapon. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $25,000.00 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed.
  4. different opinions eh. lol fair. Though I thought blocs usually tried to have a shared FA vision. And yeah, I think it was mentioned t$ turned down e.g. Fark. can't remember the others, but wsa this done because they were incompetent, or because you were worried about becoming e.g. 4x (instead of only 3x) larger than hedge? I will say that I don't have it out for t$. though tbf your size has been problematic in the past when e.g. our prot was an IQ beachhead or some such and you countered counters. Or rolling over color issues. Or Aurora threatening to counter counters on occasion,
  5. lol. besides the propaganda about the HM plot, are cooper and parti actually on the same page? cause it sounds like parti started this war to preserve t$ sphere's position rather than as a tool to negotiate a more balanced orbis. anywho, love the war regardless, peace is boring, but i'm not sure why this is war is necessary to bring swamp to the table about possible downsizing. hasn't the idea of TKR/t$ split been brought up countless times before?
  6. Using the list of alliances on CTOwned, and filtering out inactives, I get this (quack is blue)
  7. I'm not worried about 404, I just think it'd be a shame if new players didn't have the same opportunities I had when I started playing this game. Spice up the alliance join confirmation page, and emphasize aspects like player activity, and recent war losses RELATIVE to other alliances.
  8. idc. but i'm not the one asking for ridiculous changes to the game
  9. My first alliance was NPO. I left a few weeks later to make a shitty micro with friends. We often didn't know what we were doing but it was a good learning experience, and more importantly, it was fun. Seems a bit contradictory to say you want to give new players freedom, but then only suggest mechanics that do the opposite. This would serve to funnel players to alliances with strict membership requirements. I get that alliance hopping is annoying but that doesn't mean we need mechanics added to prevent players leaving. Do better vetting, roll them a few times, or be less careless
  10. You made multiple trade offers. Your offer at a lower price sold, your offer at a higher price didn't.
  11. The credit for the blitz goes to sketchy and the other the hard working milcom heads who organized it.
  12. Can we have reserve cities too?
  13. It would have taken more API requests than I had available at the time to update it. I'll be adding the new projects and radiation later.
  14. 1. The Syndicate: 2,145,097,383.41 2. Rose: 2,088,901,915.57 3. The Knights Radiant: 1,900,747,937.17 4. The Commonwealth: 1,777,955,284.91 5. Grumpy Old Bastards: 1,449,774,520.83 6. The Fighting Pacifists: 1,092,004,016.78 7. Camelot: 1,064,777,124.37 8. The Immortals: 1,049,438,396.11 9. Guardian: 807,499,466.18 10. Carthago: 669,508,387.84 11. Seven Kingdoms: 657,774,301.48 12. Schrute Farms: 642,343,542.02 13. Farkistan: 631,429,933.83 14. Children of the Light: 613,830,702.54 15. World Task Force: 612,781,656.26 16. Error 404: 564,685,375.51 17. Knights Templar: 548,355,994.72 18. Termin
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