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  1. I'm not worried about 404, I just think it'd be a shame if new players didn't have the same opportunities I had when I started playing this game. Spice up the alliance join confirmation page, and emphasize aspects like player activity, and recent war losses RELATIVE to other alliances.
  2. idc. but i'm not the one asking for ridiculous changes to the game
  3. My first alliance was NPO. I left a few weeks later to make a shitty micro with friends. We often didn't know what we were doing but it was a good learning experience, and more importantly, it was fun. Seems a bit contradictory to say you want to give new players freedom, but then only suggest mechanics that do the opposite. This would serve to funnel players to alliances with strict membership requirements. I get that alliance hopping is annoying but that doesn't mean we need mechanics added to prevent players leaving. Do better vetting, roll them a few times, or be less careless about throwing money around. Preventing people from creating their own alliances just because t$ have a recruitment problem? Improving the tutorial would be great. Maybe we could also try to encourage people onto the pnw discord and have more dedicated help channels there (for various aspects of the game). Also some PNW server index which showcase communities (like news servers, banks, or ones dedicated to helping noobs)
  4. You made multiple trade offers. Your offer at a lower price sold, your offer at a higher price didn't.
  5. The credit for the blitz goes to sketchy and the other the hard working milcom heads who organized it.
  6. Can we have reserve cities too?
  7. It would have taken more API requests than I had available at the time to update it. I'll be adding the new projects and radiation later.
  8. 1. The Syndicate: 2,145,097,383.41 2. Rose: 2,088,901,915.57 3. The Knights Radiant: 1,900,747,937.17 4. The Commonwealth: 1,777,955,284.91 5. Grumpy Old Bastards: 1,449,774,520.83 6. The Fighting Pacifists: 1,092,004,016.78 7. Camelot: 1,064,777,124.37 8. The Immortals: 1,049,438,396.11 9. Guardian: 807,499,466.18 10. Carthago: 669,508,387.84 11. Seven Kingdoms: 657,774,301.48 12. Schrute Farms: 642,343,542.02 13. Farkistan: 631,429,933.83 14. Children of the Light: 613,830,702.54 15. World Task Force: 612,781,656.26 16. Error 404: 564,685,375.51 17. Knights Templar: 548,355,994.72 18. Terminus Est: 546,062,650.28 19. The Ampersand: 541,932,450.49 20. Alpha: 541,642,922.06 21. Eclipse: 540,880,370.16 22. The Lost Empire: 520,541,342.55 23. Horsemen: 509,520,164.35 24. Black Knights: 500,631,371.32 25. Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics: 489,286,342.66 26. The Enterprise: 488,248,148.01 27. House Stark: 473,358,258.09 28. Yarr: 466,824,641.72 29. The Hanseatic League: 425,999,087.77 30. Church Of Atom: 417,527,003.34 31. Dark Brotherhood: 397,082,876.64 32. The Federation: 391,090,427.65 33. Polaris: 343,437,561.72 34. Order of the White Rose: 337,502,729.97 35. Weebunism: 333,191,643.67 36. Morningstar: 329,895,823.17 37. United Purple Nations: 300,693,087.52 38. The Wei: 289,096,540.77 39. Respublica Romana: 281,077,606.35 40. Aurora: 268,400,824.66 41. Acadia: 268,287,385.02 42. Pantheon: 260,318,822.21 43. United Socialist Nations: 233,348,932.00 44. The Lost Legion: 220,866,488.64 45. Solar Knights: 208,215,318.12 46. Rothschild Family: 200,841,875.25 47. Soldiers of Liberty: 191,591,533.64 48. Oblivion: 190,094,066.60 49. The Imperium: 187,160,360.85 50. Oceania: 185,058,879.10 Added it as a command to my bot, if anyone wants to run it for various resources (please don't spam it or I'll have to disable it) `!FindProducers *` to get the combined total of all resources (and money)
  9. I'm not sure how the unit cost + consumption changes will help the losing side in a war. Wouldn't it just makes it cheaper to hold someone down, and thus cheaper to have longer wars? Maybe consider increasing the upkeep cost of active military units (while at war), as to give a penalty to long wars. Also, if there isn't a delay between moving units between reserve and active, that seems like a broken mechanic.
  10. I like the idea, but I agree that the risk of aiding your enemy is too high. In terms of balance, maybe a better solution would be to have some smuggling cap which increases every turn you are blockaded (and decreases every turn you aren't). That way blockades are initially very successful, but become less so the longer a nation is being held down. And justify this as being "realistic" (not that this game is realistic otherwise) as smugglers learning the schedules and such of the blockaders and thus how to bypass them. Like how initially alcohol prohibition was somewhat effective, and then wasn't. (drugs are a bad substitute for weapons, but it's the first thing I could find) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rum-running
  11. Borg

    War Slot Filling

    Nah, my point there was just questioning Goober's broken logic that sound economic / raiding practices explain it. Making dumb mistakes is a much better justification. If that's the only requirement of slot filling, then yeah, I agree. My thoughts when reporting were that I didn't think it was allowed to attack your own members.
  12. Borg

    War Slot Filling

    I'm guessing that's why IronFist "raided" with turtle? Getting an extra ~77M worth of loot by switching is hardly worth the effort? Though I would think it's easier removing a member to raid them than it is to have two members leave and rejoin.
  13. Borg

    War Slot Filling

    Opros had low military from three defensive wars and wasn't in HL attacking another member of (basically) the same alliance. I reported it when I saw it, as is my obligation. (since I thought it constituted war slot filling), and things resolved relatively peacefully, which was presumably in both our interests. I guess, but... https://politicsandwar.com/city/improvements/bulk-import/ is easy enough. A single day's rebuy is enough to justify the barracks. 10 ground attacks lasts 2 days (and thus two rebuys), so therefore it should always be worth it. As a raider, I max soldiers and don't skimp on my barracks. Can't say that I've done much max tank no soldier raiding. Or no tank, 1 barracks raiding. Anywho, for Bharat country, this boils down to whether alliances should be able to attack their own inactive members without removing them first.
  14. Borg

    War Slot Filling

    Bharat country attacked Opros after attacking florence, and I was under the assumption that you authorized the latter (since that's what I was told by tHL leader). Given that they left and rejoined the alliance in the span of minutes, I assumed it was coordinated in the same breath. Though by your own screenshot, you both were there helping Ironfirst with his attacks, so we've established that you were involved in coordinating the "filling of slots" anyway. Question is just whether it constitutes war slot filling. If I misunderstood the rules, that's my bad. Not sure how you get there. "Moderation as a Weapon is threatening to report another player to an Administrator or Moderator unless they comply with your request or demands." I never threatened to report you, or made any demands. I just saw what I thought to be slot filling, and reported it on the forums. (up to alex if it actually is) tHC is basically an extension of tCW, so it's attacking your own member. If you wanted to raid Florence, why was the declaration message "wake up bud"? Don't you get more loot from ground attacks with soldiers than you do from having those slots be e.g. farms? It was like 1 barracks (with a double rebuy). Who raids at c25 with only 1 barracks???. You make loot from ground attacks, using soldiers, more so than you would having those slots being used for e.g. farms. So someone with the goal of maximizing profit would have maxed barracks instead of the bare minimum for an immense triumph. You definitely don't need to max ships and tanks against someone who has none, I agree. because if the goal is to keep the money in the alliance, letting pirates raid Florence is the opposite of that??
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