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Thank You and Goodbye


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3 minutes ago, MinesomeMC said:

I’d say good bye and good luck but you didn’t say anything about me so no good bye for you :P

Thats not true, you're in RON Staff 😅. You're the one who's gonna ban changeup for me right? 😊

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40 minutes ago, MYC said:

Thats not true, you're in RON Staff 😅. You're the one who's gonna ban changeup for me right? 😊

Ye obviously 

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Bye Bye Dream ❤️☹️😞 good luck for your future! You helped me a lot in my job as reporter! Thank you!

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Legal Disclaimer:

My opinions do not necessarily reflect of the opinions of my alliance, allies, enemies or neutrals.


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Hey Dream. Its sad to see you leave the game, but some things have to be done. I've spoken to you a bit in dms about it all and, well, you know my position. We've had alot of fun together, and you've really cheered me up at times, so thankyou for everything.

I wish you the best of luck with your IRL and I hope that someday you return to the game. 

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F man. It was so fun knowing you and learning from you. Imo one of the best Milcoms in the game ever. Good luck in the future💙

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Life can be paradise but we all got to accept the harsh realities at some points. Pick through the pieces of failure/negativity work towards success/positivity. Use negativity as a place to work from but never be stuck in while positivity as a place to be. Be thankful for what we got, for the road ain't never easy. Being able to dream towards the wholesomeness in this life with family, friend, and acquaintanced support. We are never truly alone as long as we work from a dream.

Edited by Firwof Kromwell
GNW is opened for one and all. Also... The correct term is simp pimpin, get it right mf
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                   I am a very reasonable & compassionate human being if one understands me. 

  What you assume/judge about me is your opinion & Im not entitled to be pushed around by it.


Get on my nerves (or for the hell of it) may God have mercy on your soul. Flavored salt is coming!

Sincerely, The Nether KIng of Orbis, Grand Apostle of the 11, Elvish Tiefling Ranger, Mercenary of Hell, Orbis Sorcerer Supreme, & Multi-Dimensional Salt Lord; Firwof the Devilman

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I'm sad to see you go Dream, I enjoyed all the piano music you shared with me~

I hope things get better for you and maybe then you might feel comfortable to return to the community

Farewell :c

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Look up to the sky above~

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5 hours ago, MYC said:

I did not want to leave this game so early, but that time has come. Most people know me as Dream.

Honestly, I never thought a browser game could ever be so engaging and fun but I enjoyed it. My time here has been better than most, I did not get to see high levels of toxicity (which I am glad about) and the community here is awesome, I hope it keeps growing. Due to a series of unfortunate events irl, I think it is best for me depart from the game. This is my final thanks and goodbye to Orbis. Before I leave I have a few apologies to make

To the former DS gov and membership : I apologize for my behaviour with the government. I also apologize to the membership for I left them when they needed me the most. I really                                                                        am sorry, hope you are all doing well.
To Epimetheus/Pyrrha : To you I am most sorry, you've only ever been kind to me and I shouldn't have called you off the way I did for something that didn't concern me. I don't even                                               have an excuse for it, sorry.

I have also made some great friends, and I want to thank them for helping me out ❤️

  • @Putmir - You've been my best friend in the game. We had so much fun together, you're super nice and a great friend to have. Thank you :)
  • @Evernt - I had fun VCing with you Evy, keep the bugcat culture alive XD
  • @Basebond - You have been my friend since I joined this game. Thank you for teaching me the game basics and for all the government opportunities. I know how troublesome I can turn out to be :P 
  • @Firwof Kromwell - Despite what others say about you, I think you're a good person. But man, you gotta stop simping so much XD. jk jk love you man, thanks for all the fun times we had in GNW.
  • @sweetstorm @Vander Lord @Jet Whites - I know that you've retired but thank you guys. You're the best leader trio ever, hope you're doing alright :lol:
  • @Cas - I had a lot of fun working with you in the gw. You've been very kind to me; you're to win the next global war for me :awesome:
  • Error 404 gov and membership - Key, C4, Deca, Rebel, Kev, Jamie, Waldo, Ari, Jova, Gamers and everyone else; I had a good time while being a gov in E404. #Rebelnomics forever :P
  • RON Staff - Who knew I'd end up in RON lmao. You guys are very different from what people say. I had fun reporting and meming with everyone, although it sucks that I didn't get to ban Changeup, someone else gotta do it for me ;)
  • Aiya, Menhera - You two are the nicest people I have ever met, keep the great Weebolution going! :D
  • @stringbean.47, Matshaa and @ToxicPepper- You guys are super fun friends to have, I wish you all well ❤️
  • @Grabacr & David Sarif - Special shoutout to my sons! You gotta look out for yourselves now. Good luck guys :) 
  • Last but not the least @Alex- Thank you for replying to my messages for my reports even when you're so busy. You're a great game developer, thank you so much. 
  • I had many more friends in the game - Crunch, Vexz, Speedy, Gerry, Rainbow, Morf and many more, I don't want to post a big wall of text here XD Thank you and good luck!

My friends know how to reach me. Thank you everyone!

Goodbye, hopefully whatever is going on IRL gets better and you can return :) 

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It's sad to see a fellow mate I used to work with leave the game. 😢 Good luck with your endeavors and hope you come back.

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~"The social object of skilled investment should be to defeat the dark forces of time and ignorance which envelop our future"~


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