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  1. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/682584390890815508/877755927154012200/InShot_20210819_062337138.mp4
  2. warning: flashing lights Watch it :3 you wont regret it. https://youtu.be/b6qYRifmaQs MemeNewsNetwork is leveling up to it's epic stage. Expect to watch funny meme reports, fun shows and bruh so much more just watch the video so I don't have to be a boomer writing 8 long paragraphs about how you should consider joining the best meme network in the game. Keep memein.
  3. As long as Minesome is my friend idc what others may say about me
  4. Hello! This is Xaria that decided to disappear for 3/4 months after Krampus crowned himself 1st place at the Journalism Prize. Orbis Crowned News is giving away Nitros! After we have gave away some cash to our readers... I am announcing that OCN is now giving away Nitro to whoever participates in our recent Giveaway (ending in 1 day) In our upcoming game event and in our upcoming FIRST Talk show on Saturday! In one of our game events there will be a prize and that prize will be nitro! So stay around for that. For our talk show, at the end... a random audience member will be picked to get nitro... So you! Yes you! Can get nitro just by eating crisps/chips and listening to an old person talk with a guest. Sounds interesting? Then join lol. https://discord.gg/p8Jswrx4KC
  5. Hello everyone! This is to help someone in need, the person is one of us, a PnW player that goes by the name of Lenny. A good pal to some of us, definitely a good pal to me. He is going through a lot, he is going through a difficult financial situation and his dad passed away... His dad is responsible for paying on all the bills for his family. Please donate to this gofound me, 1 dollar could help! Donate here and help Lenny. I am not asking for upvotes or downvotes, I am asking you to donate, whether you're a hater or a follower... Please donate to @Lenny if you can. He might lose his house and I am trying my best with other people to share this gofund me around to prevent that scenario. Please, nobody like Lenny deserves this, Help my friend, he's one of us. Please... If you have money to spare. Like I said, donate, it will help him a bunch. https://gofund.me/5cd97581 https://gofund.me/5cd97581 https://gofund.me/5cd97581 https://gofund.me/5cd97581 Thank you.
  6. Will miss ya bro... The 1 thing that got me deep into the community was your Memes News Network... Me being a reporter there showed me fun and I wanted to explore deeper in this community... I'll never forget you as the one and the only one who was capable of giving Krampus a big meme battle. Farewell, my friend. Goodluck with life.
  7. Bro if I were you I would love commenting these on every post Xaria launches because you can easily just get upvotes and it is pretty much pog
  8. You guys are doing a mistake. I am the innocent peaceful weeb, I am ok no worries bro... The one who is not ok tho is the man, the myth, the legend, the psychopath... Nokia Pukeia
  9. You must be stopped at all cost, no peace and no ceasefires. This is a civil war... Get ready to get absolutely destroyed with what you have created IN ORBIS! CHANGE THE NAMES TO WHAT IT USED TO BE, THIS IS YOUR FINAL CHANCE. Stop, no... Nonono. No. N O It has always been milcom It iss gonna be milcom and it will be milcom. Tell your leader he is forced to change and if he don't then Alex will steal his account and credit card.
  10. Today I sneaked in a new rising alliance and found myself in the gov vc channel... But then I realized... They were referring Milcom... As SOMETHING... I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! AND NOW THEY ARE CHangING THE OTHER DEPARTMENT NAMES! AND I KNOW IN FACT WHO IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS @Nokia Rokia you disgusting man... I feel bad for the milfs... Whether they are in anime or real life. So yeah me and Nokia screamed at each other for 10 minutes straight and I learned that Nokia is evil and he must retire again as soon as possible before he reaches other alliances. Micros if you are reading this... Beware and stay away from this man.
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