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  1. I can't express how saddened I was when I red this, this great man lived in a rough world but was strong, helped others when they needed help. He cherished his friends that played the same game as he did. Even though he died, a part of me is a little happy, one thing for sure he's resting in a good place, a place where someone like him belongs in. To whom are friends with Redarmy I want you to stay strong and never forget this person, this person was a real angel and will always be in your hearts for being this kind. Rest easy RedArmy.
  2. I agree but guess what ... It'll keep happening lmao, I remember posting my introduction post in the forums and some dude hopped on me saying that "Xaria is homophobic" the whole Anti-Xaria squad then jumped in like my introduction post was a trampoline playground. We are forced to take copium and deal with it.
  3. Bro I can't wait to militarise again.
  4. Part two will be today again at 8 PM EST! Epi and Jax's redemption
  5. Update: it's 8 PM EST now not 9.
  6. Orbis Crowned News represents... Who Wants to be A Millionaire? Micro Edition I have set up a Game Show for you to watch! and it took me almost a month to plan so enjoy! But first let me give you details on how it is set up! We will be having 5 contestants and each one of them will have a one on one voice chat with the host until they fail, walk out or win! and of course you would be there to listen in! But how how do they play? They will have a question and 4 answers but only one is the correct answer! The person will have 20 seconds to pick one of the answers and if they fail to pick an answer or pick the wrong answer then he/she is disqualified! But if they pick the right answer of the question correctly then the person moves onto the second round where they do it again. Now of a course the questions are PnW-Related. The contestant will have 3 options to help him/her to answer the question that is found hard. The options are only used once and they are: "Poll" a Poll will be created and the most voted answer will be picked for you. "50/50" there will only be 2 answers, the other 2 will be the false answers eliminated. "Host's Answer" the Host will give you the answer... But is it the right one ;););)? Every Question answered correct you will climb up the tiers and the previous prize will add up to the current prize! But if you reach "40Million" dollars that's when you'll have the choice to walk away with 100 Million Dollars that are added up or continue up the ladder but nothing will be adding up! You'll be climbing to receive a higher prize! You'll not be allowed to walk out with the money until you reach the 160M prize or 250M, these 2 tiers are where you will be asked if you will be continuing or walk out, taking the current tier's money with you to your alliance. Tiers: 10Million 20Million 30Million 40Million --- 130Million 160Million 180Million 200Million 250Million 350Million + A Credit Date, Time, Host and Contestants: April 30th at 8 PM EST Host: @Thalmor Contestants: 1. @Mutsu leader of (United Ummah) 2. @JaxTeller leader of (The Dead Rabbits) 3. @hidude45454 representative for (Oblivion) 4. Epimetheus leader of (Camelot) 5. Drekkza leader of (Unforgiven Legion) https://discord.gg/KGmhEhZ58j
  7. Wait who r u ? I don't remember that dude There's only one king, noob and it is king in the north.
  8. Video Link Link to Video: https://usaupload.com/6gaj/InShot_20220330_220114998.mp4 Sorry brother... sister... The cringe must unfold. The arrgh inside of me must be unleashed
  9. Also I can't understand a word you're saying bro, are you speaking Chinese?
  10. @Vexz I want you to realize that this is nothing compared to what people can do, people online, specifically people in this game do not care how you feel or how well you treat people or how nice you are. They want revenge, reaction and a laugh. If you fall, cry people talk and laugh about it. If you make it clear that your intentions are only to spread kindness and love they will stay silent. It is simple, people that hate you will never admit the good side of you but will speak about the bad stuff that you did long time ago or the little stuff they dig to make you look bad. The best thing to do is try to stay silent. It is hard but try to ignore it because they want to mess with you and laugh at your reaction. This post was a bad idea... Now people are going to make fun of you. That is the truth, deal with it, just have fun with friends and ignore whatever people are throwing at you lol.
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