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  1. I think I have to agree.
  2. Well this took an interesting twist, good luck with your "unoriginal management".
  3. We are micros, so doesn't matter when we formed, and our existence isn't important to you.
  4. August 9th - The Coal Mines and The Socialist League officially recognize white peace with House Arryn and officially agree to a NAP*. August 12th - The Coal Mines and The Socialist League officially admit defeat to KERCHTOGG**. Following the admission of defeat the following terms have been accepted: -Complete and unconditional surrender -No other terms will be pressed The Coal Mines The Coal King ~ Nokia Rokia The Coal Prince ~ Evernt The Socialist League The Supreme Leader - Justin The Great(Deadsec) Bolsheviks ~ Abdul razk, Allend. Annotations: *NAP - Non Aggression Pact ( A term for not declaring war on each other for set duration, and is a lovely time for pixel huggers) **KERCHTOGG - Knights Templar, Empyrea, Rose, CHaos, The Golden Hoard, Oblivion, Guardian, and Grumpy Old Bastards. (Otherwise known as the aggressor coalition in "Dial UP***") ***Dial Up - The War that started with way too much lag. P.S. And All that say Nobody cares can go hug the nearest tree cause this post doesn't give a shabblenak. And we are gracious enough to add this for the select few apathetic people out there. Edit: A comma was placed in between Rose and Empyrea.
  5. You cared enough to message, so you.
  6. Thinks for this advice.
  7. 1.) The Brave and The Beautiful War 2.) Blitz Lag 3.) Lag Wars
  8. Uriah I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.
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