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  1. Happy birthday fellow space alliance! Aurora > Gallente Federation! 💝
  2. One year ago today, the Amarr Empire was created by 3 friends. We have been through much, and lost a few friends, yet the Empire remains. Every day I am amazed that all of you stand with me, for you are what make this alliance so great. To that end: Al-hadid - Did you know that I think you live the most fabulous lifestyle. I want in on that! Allahu Akbar - I wish I could see the world through your eyes. Aupua - You always make me laugh when you finally have time to spend with us Baldwin - Another of my quiet Children. I picture you as a stargazer. Ben Shapiro - Sweet, quiet, and who readily agrees to be a tax farm 😂 Caddymundo - My other Welsh warrior! I love watching the banter between my Welshmen. Godzwaffle - You love waffles! I love waffles! Need I say more? IAmNotGod - One of my greatest warriors. Ask and you shall receive. IAmPoor - We’ll get you on to the path of financial stability. I promise you that! Inven - We should take group music lessons in our discord. Might be interesting! Iwboy - My Welsh warrior. I need to bottle your energy! JJ - I’m sorry that we have the same sense of humor. Jack - The man who so desperately wants nukes, but has yet to attain them. Jarrett - My Jarrbear. I’m glad you came back to us. 💗 Kru - Maybe we can figure out how to make Amarr Empire your forever home. Llama - My forever studious one. You need to play more! Life - I wish I could hug you and make it all go away. Life915 - I really think of you as a goldfish! And stop trying to get a treaty with everyone, we aren’t that friendly! 🤨 😂 Maiara - Do you know you’ve been with me the longest my beloved Spartan? MLKZ - alrite MSPaint Artist - My Borat - please don’t ever leave me. Mubee - Sweet, kind Mubee. I worry you will burn yourself out and become jaded. Nam Viet - You joined us and went VM. T-T Parapluie - KaPow! Your parents will come around. Parrish - Most industrious man in Orbis (who, for some reason, I think may be super cute irl?) Plant - Spend more time with us! And let me come up with a fun pfp for you! RainbowThing - You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Ry - Please believe in yourself. You gave up your life’s dream to take care of family. You are amazing. SAP - My fellow Gen X’er! Some day we shall meet at Compound Park and drive tanks! Shaners - My baseball loving Child. Who knew someone so young could be so war thirsty. 🤺 Sokol - Did you know that I googled your nation leader name - and your nation comes up as the first hit. lolololol Squoop - The apple of my heart, the shine in my eye, the hop in my step. Tenji - You’ve survived several slaughters at my bequest - and you still stick with us. Vander - Always by my side and carried in my heart. From Vander to Sweetstorm- lives worlds apart but still in my heart. Wittgenstein - You’re future's so bright, in Amarr Empire, we need to wear sunglasses. To our allies - House Stark, Zygon & my beloved Ataxia - I have no idea why you decided to protect us, but I’m glad you did. We would not be here, a year later, if you hadn’t. It has been wonderful getting to know you. I will forever be grateful for the time spent with you (and all of Sarabit's Bear pics!) Rohirrim - Jax, Will, Benzia - I adore our DnD nights and my bad trade deals. Ha ha ha! Jax we’ve certainly had an interesting journey through Orbis together. Strickland Propane - I can’t believe it took so long to find you - the wiser, older, funnier version of Amarr Empire. The ying to our yang. Love you guys lots. Daily reminder that MackyG pooped himself to death. 🤣 (never gonna get old Mack) Golden Dawn - Chute mi and Shota - You Weebs are fun. I’m glad you own it. It’s been an interesting trip watching you grow. I hope we never part ways. Special Antarctic Alliance - Marshall & Kiet - my kids have grown up and wanted to start their own alliance - nothing is better than that. We shall do our best to help you, the way House Stark helped us.
  3. Happy Birthday OWR! Sval I'm glad you're back!
  4. The Children of Amarr are looking forward to a long and lasting friendship with the Rohirrim. I finally get to stand with Jax, Will, and MrGross 💖
  5. Best part is they declared on our most inactive player. Whose brother is in t$. ggnr
  6. House Stark and Amarr Empire are getting married! House Stark & Amarr Empire's eyes meet, as they share a kiss. The cherry blossom petals fall around them- Oh, sorry! For years to come, Amarr Empire will protect House Stark, and House Stark will protect Amarr Empire. They will care for each other, love each other, cook for each other, watch Star Wars endlessly, etc. The Prenup: Article I: Sovereignty and Loyalty Both House Stark and Amarr Empire agree: 1. That they are separate entities, united by their love and marriage. 2. To not hurt each other, and that any disagreements shall be discussed privately. 3. To be loyal to each other and to respect their marriage. Article II: Intelligence Both HS and AE agree to share all information related to their well-being, so they'll be able to look out for each other and help out. Article III: Defense If one was to be attacked, the other shall protect their loved one within 72 hours, with all of their military capacity. Article IV: Optional Aggression If either HS or AE wants to get extra spicy and go out to attack a third party, their loved one could join in the fun if they want. Article V: Divorce (Cancellation) Let's hope this never happens, but if it (sadly) does, they shall tell their loved one 72 hours before ending their marriage. Basically, Amarr Empire and House Stark will sign an MDoAP. Yay!!! Signed on behalf of House Stark: King in the North: Zygon Hand of the King: Darth Ataxia Archmaester: Sojourner (IA) Master of Coin: Engine (Econ) Wisdom of Alchemist: Stock Hunter (Tech) Lord of Ravens: Samani (FA) Maester: Mexifornia (IA) Maester: Joe Anderson (IA) Lord of Coin: WetPatootie (Econ) Signed on behalf of Amarr Empire: Kador Family: Jet WHites//Vaner Lord Kor-Azor Family (FA): Hideri :3, The Eternal Snake Tash-Murkon Family (EA): Freegamersonline Sarum Family (MA): , Marshall Khanid Family (Raiders): JJ, Ardishapur Family (IA):Parrish, Jarrett 🇸🇷 , Ry, Big Bear TL;DR - House Stark and Amarr Empire sign an MDoAP https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pv7SzbpEwdqJLnZPez7CtCOmPCS-VG-m-8SA-MxD4Cs/edit?usp=sharing
  7. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North, Zygon Stark By the old gods and the new down with the tyranny of the Squeegee with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all
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