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  1. Hello, BuckEye Empire recognizes hostilities with Knights Templar. I'm late to joining the CSO in RoH and I realize that micros aren't all that helpful by themselves and so I stand united with my allies in the CSO
  2. Everything peaceful comes to an end. Federation of Commerce States recognizes hostilities with GOONS and GoG. Ironclad had already declared war on GOONS and we are the last member to do so, lets set a blaze to these war starters, our neutrality in Orbis has come to an end.
  3. Federation of Commerce States was created 9/24/2019 Federation of Commerce States is declaring its existence in Orbis and though we haven’t been around for that long we still strive to grow. We focus heavily in the economy of ones nation and the alliance as a whole, and we focus on making friends with alliances who are willing, though we have had a few run ins. We are here because of Pantheon, they gave us a chance to grow and become more independent, so we have finally reached that point. We also thank Spartan Brotherhood for sticking by the States to further increasing relations to a defense pact. Federation of Commerce States is not easily provoked as we focus on given a real reason to go to war with someone and so you will never see the Federation being an aggressor towards any alliance and anyone who have ran into us knows we sue for peace before we decide to militarize. FCSMinisters of informations.
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