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  1. congrats on entering the next step of your life , you always been a great friend to me . Good luck , the community will never be same without you
  2. Good bye and good luck , hope you do well in IRL
  3. I am sorry for this loss mate , Wishing you and your family best of luck , to get pass the loss and to all the upcoming stages of your life
  4. Hmm well best of luck for exams and i can see that you are nuking but dont worry abt it , you ill never be able to nuke deraj
  5. i have never been in directly touch with nokia but some great people are there who you usually dont meet directly but are feel connected We will miss you and P&W community is constantly suffering due to popular players leaving
  6. well i think its not a matter worth read for you , then i think it wasnt worth commenting , forum always show the topic
  7. well dont know what to say on this topic , but creates a bit of clash of my own views
  8. good bye and good luck , i didn't came across you much except on MNN but you were great
  9. This AA also have Deraj in it
  10. i think a c15 has limited war range well good luck
  11. i want war but not for my AA as war increase prices to dump but nice poem
  12. Borg seems an alien who is down to Earth . Loved to be in the Base alliance of P&W Hail to error 404 loved to be in the alliance in 2020
  13. A lot of congratulations on 1 year of the alliance When i heard it has got down of 7 spots in alliance rank i thought some error is there in the game but actually it was error 404 #nothing better came to my mind
  14. Neo Kas is actually giving a bit of weak arguments and for every post he is saying they fed Arctic false info and taith reputation is large
  15. To tell your authentication and give people autograph of greatness SMH
  16. yes me too well I am waiting for taith reply of clarification on above posts. With strong proofs i strongly need lysander to just have a bit of public comment here or any major news channel
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