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  1. Was getting worried this wasnt gonna happen
  2. am i the only one laughing that every single upvote benfro has are tkr members
  3. I know its bad, but think of it this way you are a peacefull pixeldestroyer, a random pixxelhugger comes and blocks your nuke and missiles, you lose your daily nuke and missiles and you lose money with it. I suggest we have a chance of destroying iron dome and vital defense system by spying. I know a lot of peacefull pixeldestroyers will agree with me. Have a good day Also how did you enjoy that nuke i sent your way 15 mins ago 😋
  4. I mean that's a great lost of good free raiding targets, and yes i obv don't randomly love TLE now 😝 don't have anything with the current leader aka putmir, but some other members can't keep the salt mines closed
  5. We like to believe that to jaja
  6. If anyone accepts cam... can we agree to roll them?
  7. Most of the time people shut off arguments isn't because of OOC talking about politics??? There was even a specified channel done in RON about politics and if it were OOC they wouldn't allow it. OOC most of the time is shut off when it starts getting personal and personal insults start being thrown around, not when political views are being thrown around, It's when the political views reach a personal level. Politics is talked everywhere in a bunch of servers in the game. It seems you can't differentiate normal politics talks from when it starts getting personal and reaches the OOC level and that seems like a you problem. also as an edit OOC straight up meaning isnt what we rly use to describe our type of OOC
  8. il enjoy the war prices thank you very much
  9. lol pretty late doe, anyway i like you guys keep it up!
  10. good doe, though lets see if this makes yall a bit more competent lel
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