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  1. Victory in Orbis Day (VO Day)! Almost 1 year ago, on the 20th February 2020 one of the largest events to this date in Orbis happened. The great war named "NPO's Last Time" came to a long overdue close, after being ongoing for 248 days. The lead up to this event happened over 15 days, beginning on the 5th February. Two major events took place on this day, the first of which being the Game Admin, Alex, announcing that the NPO had been in "violation of the Game Rules on Real-World Transactions for In-Game Materials". He goes into length about the events and how he was dealing with t
  2. I've loved being able to call you a friend, Tarroc. Even through the ups and downs, I've always been able to call you my closest friend within the game. I seriously appreciate everything that you have done for me in the past, and I'll always be by your side in the future. It takes a lot of courage to admit your mistakes from the past, and I highly respect you for bringing them up. Its been an honour serving with you (in tCW) and building a small group of close friends with you. I know that you've enjoyed your time in t$, and I'm happy that you did. Take care and remember to look a
  3. It was great working with you Atlan, Go ahead and enjoy the much deserved retirement. Here's to Poppa and TLE.
  4. Lets break this down @Marzipan. "People with zero nominations" - Alliances also were (and always have been) allowed to nominate people, this was explained in the first post. The public nominations are not the only way to get nominated, As you can see here, on the first post Adri explained how it works; but I will explain again. "Yet im not on the list." - It was after the nominations that shortlisting happened, to cut it down to 5 people per award (more if there was a tie at the bottom end). Adri also explained this early on within the first post. "being bia
  5. Once Again, Dreamworks SKG Presents..... A Swamp - TCW Production: Back in Duloc: Farquaad had gone on vacation as soon as the enemies started militarizing. During his absence, a war had broken out and the “Princess” that went by the name of “Putmir” took over command of Duloc. She sat on Farquaad’s throne as his minions spoke to her. “Quack has surrendered, Ma’am” Right Honorable said with power, “Yui has received her brand new giraffe and the men are on their way home”. “Perfect” responded the princess. “Get me a messenger for my friend Atlan, from the Swamp, I must talk
  6. Was fun fighting you all, best of luck on the rebuild
  7. Thats already a guaranteed category though...
  8. This isn't a thread for nominating people, it is a thread for nominating the extra categories
  9. I have a few ideas as to who it could be, but here is my main idea. Vacaid. This makes sense in my head because of a few reasons. The first being that he wanted Sphinx out of office (the masked guy achieved that rather quickly). Vacaid was also a member of Mythic for a brief time, see: 10/31 06:39 pm - BlackBeard removed Vacaid from the alliance Mythic. 10/25 11:51 pm - Universal States Republic applied to join the alliance Mythic. As for why he had a "Sunsteel" blade, I'm not sure, but from looking at things, in my head Vacaid makes the most sense. (
  10. Firstly, you have to remember that Sphinx, believe it or not, is in-fact human and does also have a personal life I can assure you that Sphinx has no intention of returning to the game at the current moment. Sphinx left all the discord servers he was in bar 3 (that number is off the top of my head from when he was talking to me when he left) and those servers are all related to his friendships with people outside of PW. He may have re-joined some servers, and I am not entirely sure whether he has or hasn't. Sphinx does still log into discord, but it is for reasons unrelated to PW such as
  11. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North, Zygon Stark By the old gods and the new down with the tyranny of the Squeegee with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all
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