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  1. Best of luck and congratulations! 🌹
  2. Happy to be working with you guys! 😄
  3. Hey Dream. Its sad to see you leave the game, but some things have to be done. I've spoken to you a bit in dms about it all and, well, you know my position. We've had alot of fun together, and you've really cheered me up at times, so thankyou for everything. I wish you the best of luck with your IRL and I hope that someday you return to the game.
  4. Happy to be working with you guys!
  5. Good luck and have fun
  6. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Victory in Orbis Day (VO Day)! Almost 1 year ago, on the 20th February 2020 one of the largest events to this date in Orbis happened. The great war named "NPO's Last Time" came to a long overdue close, after being ongoing for 248 days. The lead up to this event happened over 15 days, beginning on the 5th February. Two major events took place on this day, the first of which being the Game Admin, Alex, announcing that the NPO had been in "violation of the Game Rules on Real-World Transactions for In-Game Materials". He goes into length about the events and how he was dealing with them, but we wont bore you. You can read up on that yourself if you want here. The second event was that The $yndicate withdrew from any ongoing peace negotiations. These two aforementioned events were the beginning of "The Roqpocalypse". Over the next week, many Coalition B alliances either disbanded or exited the war under a white peace. Notable alliances that disbanded include the Black Knights (Under LeoTheGreat) and Guardians of the Galaxy. Also within this time period, Knights Templar offered a blanket White Peace to all alliances left in Coalition B. On the 12th February, the NPO head of Training was banned for yet again using another exploit, however this time using tax brackets. As above, you can read up further on this yourself here. In response to this, a large portion of the NPO left with around 70% of their membership deleting on this day. In response to this ban, and the above rule violation accusations, the "NPOwned" stat page was closed down. In celebrating this event, the staff at Royal Orbis News invite all members of the community to a large giveaway, to take place on February 20th. The total prize will be 500M and will be split down accordingly: 7 Names will be drawn using a bot. The first of these names will receive 100M, the second will receive 90M, the third 80M, the fourth, 70M, the fifth 60M and finally, the sixth and seventh will receive 50M each. In addition to this, we will be creating a channel in the server for people to give their favourite moments from the beginning of NPO's Last Time (formerly the Dial Up War) to the present day. We have dubbed this day, the 20th February, to be "Victory in Orbis Day" or "VO Day" for short. This is to celebrate the end of the war, and those who fought in the war. It is also to remind us all of how far the game has come in the past year. We hope that you all decide to come and join us in celebration of this day. TL;DR Royal Orbis News invites you and all alliances to a giveaway to celebrate it being a year since the end of NPOLT Note: This is in alliance affairs due to us inviting ALL players and alliances to join in You can join in the celebrations here: https://discord.gg/nsKQWD7.
  8. I've loved being able to call you a friend, Tarroc. Even through the ups and downs, I've always been able to call you my closest friend within the game. I seriously appreciate everything that you have done for me in the past, and I'll always be by your side in the future. It takes a lot of courage to admit your mistakes from the past, and I highly respect you for bringing them up. Its been an honour serving with you (in tCW) and building a small group of close friends with you. I know that you've enjoyed your time in t$, and I'm happy that you did. Take care and remember to look after yourself and your family; You know how to contact me if you ever need to. I've already spoken to you about this, but I wish you and your family the best of luck and I'll say it again, I am always just a message away.
  9. It was great working with you Atlan, Go ahead and enjoy the much deserved retirement. Here's to Poppa and TLE.
  10. Lets break this down @Marzipan. "People with zero nominations" - Alliances also were (and always have been) allowed to nominate people, this was explained in the first post. The public nominations are not the only way to get nominated, As you can see here, on the first post Adri explained how it works; but I will explain again. "Yet im not on the list." - It was after the nominations that shortlisting happened, to cut it down to 5 people per award (more if there was a tie at the bottom end). Adri also explained this early on within the first post. "being biased" - These awards are not biased. If you took the time out of your day to read up on them, and how they are done this would be clear. Please read this post for more information and hopefully this has cleared things up.
  11. Once Again, Dreamworks SKG Presents..... A Swamp - TCW Production: Back in Duloc: Farquaad had gone on vacation as soon as the enemies started militarizing. During his absence, a war had broken out and the “Princess” that went by the name of “Putmir” took over command of Duloc. She sat on Farquaad’s throne as his minions spoke to her. “Quack has surrendered, Ma’am” Right Honorable said with power, “Yui has received her brand new giraffe and the men are on their way home”. “Perfect” responded the princess. “Get me a messenger for my friend Atlan, from the Swamp, I must talk to him. With haste, Minion!” Haris scuttled away and returned with a messenger, it was Jeric, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Duloc. The princess spoke, with her cabinet listening closely. “Schedule a meeting with Atlan and tell him to bring his friends to a meeting point in the forest due north, I shall embark with Yui to meet them tomorrow at dawn.” As the princess turned towards Yui, Jeric left the room and headed for the swamp. Yui spoke up - “Shall we get ready then?”. At the Meeting Point: Jeric had organised the meeting point within a secluded forest, away from any possible espionage, or worse; leaks. The Princess poured herself a drink, “Would you like some, Yui?”, Yui shook her head, “Swamp will be here soon! You shouldn’t be drinking!” Suddenly, the silence of the forest was broken by the sound of a carriage. “This must be them” expressed the princess. Atlan emerged from the carriage. Behind him, there were more characters, and they slowly emerged, first Alexio, then Scott, then Kitschie,and finally DarVolt revealed himself, closing the door behind him. Atlan spoke up. “Your highness, I am privileged to finally meet you in person. This meeting was called very suddenly, is everything okay in Duloc?”. “Other than Farquaad going on vacation, all is well. However, I will cut the small-talk and get on with this meeting” Putmir responded. They all gathered around the fire that had been made, and began to talk. After the meeting: They passed around a parchment, each signing it. First the representatives from Duloc, and then the ones from Swamp. Scott, being the last one to sign stood up and cleared his throat, before segueing into reading the parchment. TL;DR The Swamp welcome The Commonwealth into their party
  12. Was fun fighting you all, best of luck on the rebuild
  13. Thats already a guaranteed category though...
  14. This isn't a thread for nominating people, it is a thread for nominating the extra categories
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