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  1. Krystel was going to stay as a 0ns nation anyway to serve as offshore for his friends, so it only made sense for us to make the most of it by running a bank. Alex approved this offshore when Krystel reached out to him in-game, and we have screenshots that could serve as evidence for that. With that said, you might as well stop using your own offshore and use Titanium Bank *wink* I mean investors always got their money back. Even when Krystel was dead set on quitting the game he was still determined to repay his investors. Coupled up with the fact that even RBA was looted not long ago, wouldn't you prefer to have your money in a place that would guarantee it being repaid to you incase things did go south?
  2. It's technically not unraidable. If you really wanted to, you could reroll, drop to 0 score and then declare war on said nation Not that you'll be able to get any cash or resources that way either, since we'll just do a regular offshore switch then. lol
  3. Welcome to Titanium Bank, from the managers of Alpha Bank, Orbispay and the Royal Bank of Asgardia! We offer a variety of services that would be of great help to both farmers and pirates. Our services include: - LOANS: we provide loans at very low interest rates. Our rates are unmatched - RESOURCE SELLING: Ever had too many resources stacked up in your bank that you never got around to selling? You're in luck! Our team of experienced traders will sell your resources as high as possible and send you the cash. - OFFSHORE AND VAULT SERVICES: Our bank is impossible to raid, We use a 0 score nation to store our stuffs. We will store your resources for you, and you will be able to withdraw them whenever you want! - FAST TRANSACTIONS: Unlike some other banks, our employees are focused solely on banking, thus we guarantee you the fastest transactions. Even other banks in Orbis use us for managing transactions NOW SELLING SHARES! https://discord.gg/nZcBbEC
  4. noooo this war was so profitable pls bring back war
  5. If you lose $1B worth of infra that means that post war you'll either have spent one billion on rebuilding infrastructure. The alternative is to just sit there with less infrastructure than you started with kek
  6. Basebond


    That was a threat?
  7. Basebond

    Really NPO

    One of history's lessons is that quantity always beats quality in the long term. That's was Napoleon was defeated, Germany lost both world wars and KERCHTOG's planes are decreasing by the minute
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