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  1. The smell of charred earth rises to our nostrils as we overlook the landscape. We’re standing on a hill, overlooking vast plains of nothingness. A truly nightmarish sight. To think the last war could possibly result in such a cataclysmic event. “Base! Rebel!” a young Dream calls as he rushes towards us. “Yes?” “They’ve arrived!” As Rebel and I turn to face the newcomers, a smile forces its way through my stony expression. “Leftbehind...good to see you as always.” “Likewise. Is everything ready?” “We were merely awaiting your party’s arrival.” We’re all gathered here following the collapse of both our civilizations. Despite our many differences, the devastation caused by the last war has proven all too clearly that our strength would serve us better if combined. A Prophet of the Light had proclaimed the end of time and the Children of The Light had taken his words to heart but my own people and I only saw folly. What use is this Light in the face of our technology? Looking back now, I wish we had combined our strength sooner. As the final member of our triumvirate joins us on the hill, we begin the final preparations to finally unite. No longer will we be known as a cult and it’s virus friends. No...after this, we will be known as Cataclysm in honour of those we lost along the way. In remembrance of the truth of this world. One cannot survive alone... Tl;dr: Error 404 and Children of the Light merge into one as Cataclysm. Alliance link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7452
  2. You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to break pnw, not discord.
  3. Congratulations JadenStar! Your pun is officially the worst one I've read on this thread. We have received your request to wire your prize directly to the Black Skies Bank. However, you've forgotten one thing... Today is April's first. SO, Instead of one billion cash, we have only wired nine hundred ninety nine million dollars to the Black Skies Bank! Happy April's Fools day! (you better be laughing right now because this prank took me an entire week to come up with)
  4. One year ago, Titan (Mountain Dew), Sri Lanka, borg, Waldo and I came together with the intention of founding a great alliance. Armed with nothing but our ambition (and locutus and Blitzers' 6B bank), we managed to accomplish just that. It wasn't perfect. We made ALOT of mistakes, and lost many friends along the way. But no matter what obstacles came our way, we always managed to get on our feet and overcome them. Always striving to get better. Within our one year of our existence, we managed to accomplish what many others took years to achieve, and others not at all. Some of our achievements include: entering the top 50 within two weeks. becoming a top 15 alliance within our first few weeks of existence. almost consistently topped the alliance raiding leaderboards, often beating even Arrgh. had the highest net damage during Duck Hunt. flexed on them pixel huggers in Orbis for one whole year, hopefully many more to come. In celebration of our first birthday, we are going to host a BAD PUN CONTEST. Right here, right on this forum post. Make sure you comment your WORST politics and war related pun for a chance to win one billion cash! We'll pick a winner at the end of the day, ask them for their nation link on discord and send them their cash reward directly to their nation. PS: Mountain Dew made this video for us in celebration of our first birthday. Thanks Mountain Dew!
  5. I'm late as hell, but congrats on the merge. I'm sure you guys will hit the top 50s in no time
  6. I knew it. the Indian names were a dead giveaway
  7. Should've just merged into Error 404 smfh
  8. Yes. How dare he build up to 44 cities while I'm sitting here at only 25? That is completely unacceptable. He should build me up to 44 cities too to make things fair
  9. Not a single member from Blitzers went to Arrgh. Every single government member in the Blitzers got a government position in Error 404, which randomly created and entered the top 50s within five days of it's existence. I still don't understand how nobody managed to connect the dots
  10. Error 404 GET file:///E:/alliances/7413/index.html Charter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LNFrCCxrw2qMdGGoztOYuuXVk-3V0x6lewBPp_nVUzg/edit Discord server: https://discord.gg/tPunAb2 Treaties: Daemon processes: EmpError: Basebond , Danzek Trojan: Potator , Dyana , Waldo the Greater Task Manager: Ian Barry , Elder Rachael Footer: Apply to Error 404 right now Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. Process exited with code 0. Press the any key to continue...
  11. In a time of peace and prosperity, there existed in the vast forests of Camelot a Dryad. That Dryad was not like other Dryads, for she wanted to become rich. When the infamous Global War 14 started, the Dryad saw an opportunity to make a name for itself. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she gathered a group of renegades and cutthroats to sail the seven seas with. The Dryad went from ship to ship, leaving nothing but death and destruction in it's wake. Many kings tried to stop the Dryad, but none were successful. Their weapons were useless against the Dryad and it's crew, for they possessed the most powerful weapon of all. Immortality. Eventually, the seas ran dry of loot, so the Dryad took to the ground. She was no longer a pirate. She became a raider. So she raided, pillaged and plundered. Her name was known and feared by all. None dared to look the Dryad or it's crew in the eye. The loot they gathered was sufficient to make them all kings and queens, but no. They lusted for more gold. More blood. More glory; so they raided, pillaged and plundered some more. But one day, the Dryad noticed something. She had looted from every nation on earth, but there was one place she did not yet conquer. That is the land of the Vacation Mode. Determined to bring the whole world to it's knees, the Dryad prepared for what will prove to be her greatest challenge yet. Conquer the land of the Vacation Mode. It was a suicide mission, that much was certain; but the mad Dryad did not fear death, for she was deathless. "Take us with you!" said her first mate. "No" answered the Dryad. "I have to do this on my own". And just like that, she dissappeared into the land of the Vacation Mode, never to be seen or heard of again. Legend says that one day, the Dryad will return from the land of Vacation Mode to terrorize the land, skies and seas once again. When that day arrives, none will be safe. RIP DRYAD 2019 - 2020
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