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Terminus Est Rises


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3 hours ago, BOYCE THE GREAT said:

Guess who's back, back again, TEst is back go tell a friend.

you are being sued for copyright

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Guest Frawley
11 minutes ago, Bartholomew Roberts said:


So do I remove them from target lists or not, I'm happy either way. 2,500 infra targets are rare these days. 

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The irony of remaking TEst to dodge a war is palpable.


Edit: The additional irony of being downvoted for this post by Shifty, who VM'd during the war and is currently in VM is the sweet ambrosia that nourishes my soul.

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Tfw 50% of TEst is ex-Camelot/Atlas/Dragonstone. 

Not gonna lie though, I started in Western Union, joined Cobra Kai Dojo and KT during Trail. So it's still on my bucket list to work with or join TEst. Stick around for mah ?

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