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  1. Look how easy it is to secure peace when your negotiators aren't both literally and metaphorically dripping with venom! Grats on peace House!
  2. So you're done slotfilling then?
  3. Baseball directly rewards committing activity and time to the game, and as Alex has stated before the majority of the community as he determined does not want it to be further nerfed or removed. It was pretty busted when Galerion and JasperFrost were making 100m+ a day from it sure, but the 1k a day game limit puts it in line with moderate trading and far below any competent level of raiding in terms of how much money you can make.
  4. DTC and I have a much dumber issue lol. We can conduct every single restricted action except Espionage against one another. He's out of my war range now, but last I checked I could still war and trade him.
  5. You don't get it. If Coalition A does it then it must be inherently good, and if Coalition B does it then it must be inherently bad.
  6. Funny enough I'm almost on the nukes eaten leaderboard, we should try to hit each other sometime.
  7. That would individually put one of the large members of Coalition A like T$, GOB, or TKR back one month. Considering the combined peacetime income of the Coalition you're probably looking at two weeks max of earning potential lost. Most of which is bank loot they wouldn't have even generated normally. Truly a crippling blow.
  8. That's what TCW is for though, and all these optimistic rebuilds from TKR, T$ and Rose. munch munch munch. After I get unzeroed of course.
  9. Idk why anybody wants the war to end, what even is there to do in this game during peace? Play very shitty sim city? Besides, it can't end until I get myself on the Soldier and Aircraft kill leaderboards, would be a shame to pause my progress for months of farming infra like some sort of weakling.
  10. You must have missed the part where I said leave the false moralizing at the door. No amount of pontification is going to make us hand you a favorable outcome on a silver platter after you lost horribly. Until Coalition A grasps that concept the war will continue.
  11. I'm in a good mood today so I'll acknowledge your cry for attention. Schrutesphere and Memesphere came to a mutual understanding and negotiated a mutually agreeable peace. This happened because both sides had something to offer the other that they wanted. Schrutesphere had a large number of members who could cause trouble for Memesphere and prevent us from keeping Coalition A firmly underfoot, and Memesphere had a a well oiled war machine with 7 months of constant fighting experience that could severely damage Schrutesphere beyond what they were willing to sacrifice for "friends" that lied to their faces while denigrating them in private. Coalition A on the other hand wants to obtain a peace that enables them to consolidate their new additions and start farming high infra builds again. And the reciprocal benefit they offer to the power that has utterly defeated them is absolutely nothing without reps. Coalition B largely run resource based mid-low infra builds that aren't nearly as affected by wartime. Coalition A wants us to sacrifice our comparative advantage over them following a war we dominated them in. To get that something needs to be offered to balance the scales and bring forth a mutual understanding. That thing is reps to both make us whole for beating you in your own aggressive war and to offset the comparative economic advantage your side would gain from peace. Leave all the false moralizing at the door and consider, if I ask you to do something that only benefits me when you have leverage over me, why would you ever do it?
  12. It isn't a defeat that's for sure. It's an undefeated streak not a winning streak.
  13. Grats on not letting yourselves be used up and thrown out. GL on the rebuild.
  14. Farksphere being nothing more than a meatshield to facilitate rebuilds in alliances TCW actually respects is pretty obvious, I just figured Farksphere was willing to accept it because "GOON man bad" or whatever their reason for being in this war is.
  15. Raid and Ordinary wars both allow the defender to do 50% of potential infrastructure damage. Your justification doesn't hold up. I guess if you didn't want your targets to lose infra it would, but that circles back to you "fighting" for their benefit.
  16. No better way to get loot then by declaring ordinary wars and intentionally losing battles.
  17. @Alex https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=588783 Mechanicus has 242,448 Soldiers, Lincolnia has 0. Despite this, Mechanicus executed an utter failure ground attack against Lincolnia. This would only be possible if Mechanicus manually entered a soldier count so low that the minuscule casualties inflicted by infra defeated them. There is absolutely no reason to do that if you actually intend to win the war and aren't attempting to occupy the war slot of a co-belligerent. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=588788 Mechanicus has 242,448 Soldiers, Azeal has 0. Despite this, Mechanicus executed two utter failure ground attacks against Azeal. This would only be possible if Mechanicus manually entered a soldier count so low that the minuscule casualties inflicted by infra defeated them. There is absolutely no reason to do that if you actually intend to win the war and aren't attempting to occupy the war slot of a co-belligerent. I'm also suspicious of these 3 wars, however it would be mechanically possible for Mechanicus to execute utter failure ground attacks in them if they are out of munitions. Given the context of the obvious slot filling in the other two wars though it's likely that Mechanicus selected those targets for plausible deniability of slot filling and not to actually defeat them. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=588786 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=588790 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=588787
  18. What's to stop me from smashing surrender on any disadvantageous war before unit damage can be done to me? There would need to be a minimum time elapsed before surrender is possible.
  19. Well Hexagon Empire said that his blockade from Igneous didn't get lifted either by my naval IT, but it's been so long since then that I just IT'd the guy again and broke the blockade.
  20. @Alex can you check if the same issue happened with this war please. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=586729
  21. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=60394 This nation is in 3 wars and under a blockade. Two wars against nations that currently have 0 naval ships who can't possibly have a blockade against it. And the third is against a nation that has had an immense triumph naval attack executed against it by another nation later than that nations most recent naval attack against Elkia. And yet Elkia is still blockaded. @Alex what gives? The blockade functionality the game claims to have for reference. The most recent naval attack by Igneous on Elkia, and the most recent naval attack on Igneous for reference.
  22. Congratulations on getting peace and having the sharpest ability for recognizing the inevitable among your coalition.
  23. Build some mines so there's more of an incentive to raid you.
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