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  1. This IP address has been banned permanently from Politics & War for: Harassment Ban ID: 1616 You should have read up on the Game Rules. Alex, you're absolutely pathetic. You send 14.88 billion to a fascist clown a leftist alliance opposed and then ban me for because I called you a clown for doing so. Grow up, boy. Lol. Fascist.
  2. Sounds like a personal problem. Have you considered just blocking messages from users you find objectionable?
  3. Hmmm yes you're right that the admin is tipping the game in your favor. Thanks for coming out with it, corncob. Bandwagon onto NPO being declared cheaters retroactively all you like. The financial records we had showed that GPWC wasn't sending even half of what they made to NPO but Alex decided once we compiled it, after demanding it, that he didn't want to even look at it. Keep circlejerking over the narrative though.
  4. Lol at you finally giving a shit about admin thumbing the scale when it's against you.
  5. You reneged on your word, you arbitrarily moved goal posts once you couldn't prove your case and now you're doubling down on a stupid decision? You are a weasel.
  6. RIP me. If the "free" slot is actually dependent on infrastructure level then some clarification needs to be issued.
  7. Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=177013 I had three projects already before yesterday's update but I do not have a 4th open slot.
  8. I have never heard of this bank, it doesn't seem reputable to me and thus I don't give a shit. Enjoy eating that loss.
  9. Glad you're giving up the slot filling gimmick.
  10. I'm going to need you to do a couple things. First: Learn how to read. Second: Recognize when you're wrong.
  11. You play the rhetorical game and yet deride us for refusing to participate in the bullshit. Our agreement with TLE was still binding, regardless of whether or not you consider the ingame treaty mechanics valid expressions of those agreements. You can tell me what the "facts" are all day, but when I know you are full of shit I couldn't care less. I believe there is a lot more at play than you may be aware of, but suffice it to say I have not felt that TKR have been engaging us in good faith for a little while now.
  12. Whoa there, partner. You're unraveling hundreds of words of bullshit Cooper spent a lot of time working on. Now he is going to need to find other micro alliances to fear monger into hitting GOONS.
  13. The Immortals informed us in diplomatic talks that they would be attacking us. Instead of allowing them to complete militarization, we struck first. Given the circumstances, I would not expect anyone else to behave any differently when informed by someone that they intend to attack you. A pre-emptive strike was the only sensible option.
  14. We understand and are empathetic to the situation your alliance was put into, and we wish you all of the best in peace going forward. Thank you for working with us to resolve this conflict amicably.
  15. I have absolutely zero patience for your revisionism and your games. Do not presume to lecture me on the events leading up to the conflict against tCW and their chuddy allies you seem so eager to buddy up to, along with your already dubious decision to double down on your relationship KETOG. If you want to consort with garbage I cannot nor do I feel obligated to stop you, but I will not fault anybody for making the choice to not do so. It's a shame you seem so intent on doubling down on a failed political path that has rendered your alliance a ruin along with your allies. If you and your friends want to keep complaining about the so-called destruction of your community, look to your own leadership failures.
  16. You're welcome to continue being wrong. It pairs well with being under my boot.
  17. Ain't looking likely from where I'm sitting, chief.
  18. The only people making peace a difficult thing to attain are the folks who repeatedly walk out of the negotiations. Being Syndicate and KETOG-Chaos. If you want the war to end, you need to return to the table. There is no alternative. And the longer you keep grasping for one, the more you'll end up hurting yourselves and anybody else you manage to drag into the conflict. While I bear no ill will toward the Immortals, an open call to folks who have gone through the effort of actually negotiating their own withdrawals to re-enter the conflict is quite naive and only serves to feed your own delusions of grandeur. You may be content to be manipulated into becoming a meatshield, as Sphinx and friends view you, but I can't imagine there are many others who would want to join you in that. You are a fool to believe that Immortals will have the leverage necessary to force any other outcome than a Coalition B and Opus Dei victory.
  19. So much for the Anti-GOONS society.
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